Killer Factors Through Which Your Content Is Being Destroyed

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Written by Muhammad Mairaj

In my articles I always try to convey something different and unique. In my previous effort I shared the Excellent Article Writing Tips with you. Now I am going to tell you that how you ruin your whole effort by silly little mistakes. Mostly newbies are protesting that they put their whole effort in content writing but having any significance of SEO. For the queries of such peoples I researched and reached on such conclusion that few mentioned below points are the main cause of the devastation facts of your content. Try to avoid such factors and got fruitful results of your effort.

your content

Your Effort Should Be Shattered Through Title

Title infact the main aspect of your content and it should be well finishing means if you bake a cake and present it without garnishing then no one wants to taste. So, like same title matters a lot. It is the main thing through which the visitors understand what is in. Many peoples write quality content but can’t succeed to bring traffic because they ignore its more important element i.e title and just write a few words on the name of title. Visitors always impressed by eye catching title so your title should be fetching and appealing.

Copying Content From Other’s Blogs

Want to earn money but haven’t time for thinking this is the main issue now a days. So, mostly newbies just fill their blogs with copy content. They didn’t spent time on research just copy any one’s idea make little changes and then publish. By doing this they will earn money only for a few time but this will create trouble for them. Google algorithm will detect them sooner or later and will penalized. So, try to write your own creative and original content by this your content will surely get awesome results.

Repetition Of Content

As the modern era is going and every one is in hurry no one has time to read again and again repeated contents. This is totally infuriating for your readers because everyone wants to the point and factual descriptions. So, avoid your content from being repeated sentences. Always use new phrases as well as sentences because if you are repeating one thing again and again your readers should be uninterested and tire. They will soon left your blog and select any other alternative. Always try to add new things as well as share your personal experiences in the most familiar and interesting way to boost up your content.

Size Of Content

As you have read in above para that every one wants to explore new things. So, try to write standard content which fully convey the information about the topic. Your content length should be from 800 to 1000 words. This is an ideal length of an article. Don’t try to write short articles because such articles cannot clear your visitor’s mind about what you are conveying. So, visitors always want those articles who have complete and detailed information.


The main thing which totally ruin your content is its formatting. Mostly content writers protest that they wrote a complete detailed article with ideal length but haven’t got any response. Actually they forgot the most important element i.e formatting. Remember there should be clearly difference between a newspaper article and a blog content. Use headings as well as eye catching images for your readers attraction.

Unawareness Of Spelling & Grammatical Mistakes

Knowledge is the key that opens the door of million opportunities. Another great factor that spoil your whole effort is unawareness from spelling and grammar rules. It is very crucial because your minor spell mistakes totally change the meaning of the sentence and the reader can’t fully understand what your are saying. So, he immediately leave your blog without wasting a single second. So, be careful about grammar and spell mistakes.

Ignorant Of Keywords

Another devastating factor of your article is unawareness from the proper utilization of keywords. Mostly newbies put huge list of keywords in a single article. This is totally reprehensible for Google. Because it considers it as keywords stuffing and by doing this it will be penalized your blog. Always choose right quantity of keywords which are relevant and about the length of Your content.

Dishonest With Content writing

As you have heard that honesty is the best policy and it always rewarded. So, be honest with your loyal readers because they depend on your content. Don’t try to size up your blog with foolish and copyright contents. Also avoid affiliated links by doing this you have some traffic for your blog for a few time but sooner they left your post without completely visit. Don’t deceive your readers. Always try to give quality content which should be unique and informative by all senses.


Remember that some time a little step will take you at the height of success and some time by the same step you fall in the depth of collapse. So, try to avoid little mistakes always right valuable content with full of knowledge about their factors. If you like my effort kindly share it on all social media websites. So, that our newbies get benefits form it and overcome their shortcomings.

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