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How You Can Use Commentluv Plugin To Make Your Blog Worthy

Now a days every blogger is struggling and exploring new ways through which they can run their blog and take part in blogging marathon. In this race it is very important that your athlete is strong enough to chase the target (Best ranking). Your blog is your athlete. So, in this scenario you should work hard for your blog and find out such ways through which you can get some high Pr Backlinks to your website otherwise you’ll never win this race. Now without wasting your precious time I am going to disclose the secret that how you can get top rank in blogging. The secret is that you can get it by commentluv plugin.

Every blogger faces the challenge that how he/she drives some decent traffic on their blog. So, in this manner they have a suitable option in shape of well known plugin called commentluv plugin. Experienced and worldly wise have opinion that users take more interest on that blogs who enable this feature because whenever anyone comments on the blog where it is enabled they get the benefit in form of valuable backlink  that is for your comment as well as it directly picks the link of your newest post.

What Is Commentluv And What Is Its Significance

As I have mentioned above that it is a wordpress plugin which is created by Andy Bailey who is the administrator of comluv.com. It is mostly used by the Pro bloggers and they recommend it for newbies also because through this plugin you can easily boost up the conversation of your blog in every post. With the help of this one you can interact with other bloggers, make your identity vast and make strong relations in the world of blogging. You can buy premium or use free of cost as commentluv plugin.  Actually it is the honour to your work or comments through which you give rise to the traffic of your blog. As you know comments play vital role for upbringing your blog also its a compensation of your writing skills means it makes your post worthy, admirable and reputable. Such comments increase the beauty of your blog. But mostly bloggers beat their head when they saw that after hard work on their blogs they can’t get its fully reward means there is no appreciation in form of comments. So, there isn’t any need to beat the bush instead install commentluv plugin because through this you can build backlinks of your blog which are very helpful for getting more and more visitors for your blog.

How To Install Comment Luv

To install free commentluv plugin is not a big deal. The main thing is that everything should be very cleared in your mind and you follow the method step by step.

First of all login to your wordpress dashboard then go to plugins

Click on Add New

Write the plugin name and select the option install. After the whole process the next step is to activate your plugin. After doing this the activation is completed now you can fully use it.

Top CommentLuv Enabled Blogs List

As I am a regular commenter so sometimes I feel too much difficulty to find such blogs who enable the commentluv plugin. In the start of my career I mostly found such ways which didn’t take my too much time for this purpose. I simply searched the given lists of blogs who enabled such plugin through different articles. But I mostly found that most of them which mentioned as an enabled plugin haven’t any such feature on their blogs. So, in this scenario I researched very diligently and find such blogs which have surely enabled such plugin.
































I hope you can find this article very informative and helpful because through commentluv plugin you can not only increase your organic traffic, make free backlinks but it is also used as auto filter spam, as well as auto notification of comments and replies it helps in your SEO also. I’ll never put stress that just rely on commentluv plugin and left other strategies of linkbuilding. You can follow this one with your other methods to get best result of your blog ranking. If you like this article then shares it with your friends and don’t forget to share your opinion in comment section.

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  • Great Article mairaj Sir Awesome Your Blog And Thanks For Shareing me Your POst Keep It Up

  • Awesome post Sir. I have read your article completely. I m a new reader and happy to have found you. I’m impressed by your blogging. Thank you for discussing all the steps so nicely that helped me a lot. and I look forward to reading more posts in the future.

    Jagbir Sandhu

  • I agree with you bro.. commentluv is a nice plugin that increase blog's conversations between the readers and the site admin. It also gives readers the opportunity to build links back to their blogs.. Though most people happened to abuse this great opportunity by spamming all over. Anyways, thanks for sharing and do have a nice weeks ahead :D

    • Thanks Victor Noah i am totally agree with your opinion about commentluv plugin. Thanks again for sharing such valuable comment.

  • Hi Muhammad ,
    I think every blogger should install commentLUV.
    I know many reject even commenting on blogs without it.
    I have it and I think it is necessary and good .
    Thank you

    • Hi Erika,

      First of all a warm welcome to you at etutorialblog. I am glad you liked the post and sharing your nice feedback in shape of such a lovely comment. Well Commentluv enabled blog are the quick solution for creating backlinks and getting valuable comments.

      Thanks for dropping such a nice comment, Hope to see you again :)

  • I love comment love blogs because by help of blog commenting we can make relationship and if you put your comment LUV blog then you will get backlink for your website which is helpful for site search visibility.