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Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Now a days trend of blogging is increasing rapidly. Our young generation is adopting it as a profession, very new and talented newbies are coming in blogging world and showing their best potential in it. Everyone knows very well how to improve their blogs for best ranking. For this purpose they work hard day and night for the best Search engine optimization in this scenario they also work and work in tough routine. By this they sometimes fed up so they want some super reward for their work which will re-encourage them in the shape of appreciating blog comments from other blog fellows which again enhance their potential and fresh up them.

blog comments

It mostly happened that our new bloggers worked very well according to the rules and regulation of blogging i.e. they write quality content, having good knowledge about linkbuilding through different ways, worked properly on all the effective strategies and avoids all kind of illegal ways which surely destroyed their whole effort but didn’t quite get the reward as expected. So, soon they dishearten and left their blogging journey and sometimes we are deprived from a perceptive and profound bloggers. For those guys I decided to write an article that how they get the reward of their effort in shape of encouraging blog comments which will surely persuade them and obviously show their blog’s best reputation.

Remarks or footnotes are like the blood of your blog if you have quality feedbacks then no doubt your blog nourishes very well. Follow below mentioned tips to get some worthwhile and caliber feedbacks for your blog.

Excellent Content Creation

Blog comments are basically the reward of your hardwork which is in the form of quality content. It always matters a lot to attract the readers more and more. So, you have the best command on the entire excellent article writing tips with it always explore the new and the most demanding topics, don’t forget the interlinking as well as write detailed post which covers all the aspects and points in simple understanding way. Always share your good as well as bad experiences and take opinion from others about such situation through this they will be glad to share their experiences with you.

Leave The Query Is The Best Blog Commenting Strategy

Always try to write detailed and comprehensive post but remember left a question for your loyal readers at the end of your article to help them what they should to do and how they share their views and personal experiences about the related niche. Try to motivate your readers for sharing their views by your nice sophisticated words. Engage them by asking suggestions, requesting ideas and general questions through this they feel no hesitation to put their heartening blog comments. Just remember people love to those posts in which writers give them preference.

How To Get Blog Comments With Early Response

There is a famous quote that If you want respect first give then take. Same rule applies in this matter that if you want the deluge of feedbacks on your posts you first have to visit others websites and share your thoughts and views over there as soon as possible. For this purpose you have to show extra sharpness and you have to update with the blogging field. Whenever anyone publish his post try to be the top commentator on that post. in this manner you will leave the Url link of yours and surely the traffic of that site who will come to visit or comment after you will also come on yours and left some Inspiring blog comments over there. Try to be more social and be friendly with other bloggers.

Use Gravatar For Blog Post Comment

The great way to get the more blog comments is the use of gravatar. Oh! confuse about it, what is it ok let me explain. It is infact a tool through which you can use your picture with your email address whenever you comment on anyone’s post. And whenever or wherever you use that email everyone starts to recognize you, it helps you to create and enhance your social relations. Everybody starts to get you notice. Keep in mind one thing always use the same photo which you have used at your blogging and for social engagement here you get the chance of getting more and more feedbacks from not only your friends but also from the circle of your friends.

Show Courtesy To Your Blog Commenter

Always show respect and politeness to your commentators. Give them heartening welcome especially if they are new on your post or have a comeback after a long time. Never forget to appreciate the efforts of commentator which he/she has done in form of new idea or post at their own blog. This will let your readers feel that they are also very important for you and you often visit their blogs. Never reply or degrade your commentators’ thoughts with negative remarks always thanks them. Address them with their first name and by loving way through this they feel free and no hesitation to come again on your blog to share their ideas and thoughts with you.

Useful Plugins For Blog Commenting

If you are using WordPress then another good way to get more and more blog comments is to install the commentluv plugin on your website. You can get it as a Premium or use free of cost. It has many more benefits. Through this you have a link for your commentator which is about his/her latest post just below their comment. When they saw the latest post of any commentator then most of others also like to share their views to get do-follow backlinks (not all but mostly give). No doubt it is also the great source to generate massive traffic. Another great plugins are to use Anti Spam Bee and Akismet which are the best spam filters for your blog’s comment as well as you can also use Comment Reply Notification to give response to your commentators because they are waiting for the response of their feedbacks.

Show Your Best Contribution On Different Platforms

Join different platforms which are related to your niche or you can also create list of your favourite Pro bloggers as well as some newbies try to built nice relationships with them. Add it in your habit to visit there regularly and be a good reader as well as active contributor. For this purpose you can also join different blog directories or you can simply search form Google with the help of different keywords in this case you will become popular among different online communities. And the other members will surely like to visit your website or blog share their own thoughts and also like to share your content to others.

Promotion On Different Social Media

As I have mentioned in above para that join different platforms matters a lot,  it is also important that show your best presence on different Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter & G+ etc. Share your every single post on these social websites. Always thanks to those how like your post, leave a  welcomed comment for them over there also mention that you are waiting their views on your latest post. If you got any pro blogger’s feedback don’t forget to share it on these social media websites this will surely encourage others to share also their thoughts with you. Avoid criticism policy try to be very caring, honest and also kind with your loyal readers whether they comment on you or don’t.


Blogging is really a tough and protracted job which requires a lot of hardwork. So, when any blogger will do it by its real means then he/she will get its fruitful reward in the form of worthy remarks. Precious feedbacks always show the reputation and the popularity of your website. Here I mentioned only few ways through which you can see the nice flow of blog comments. If you have some more information or helping ideas regarding such topic don’t forget to share with us.

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Muhammad Mairaj

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  • These are practical ways to get the flood of worthwhile blog comments.

    I think, if you have a high quality content that have value and relevancy, content curation would be an awesome way to receive many comments. Give and take, I must comment and is one of the best content curation sites that I will recommend.

    “Useful Plugins For Blog Commenting” and “Show Your Best Contribution On Different Platforms” subtitle that I want to put forward.

    CommentLuv is known for its uniqueness and usefulness in commenting, while being active and be a good contributor on different platforms would create a good outcome.

    • HI Mitz,
      Its really pleasure to see your detailed and informative comment on my post. The website ( which you have mentioned is no doubt a best way to promote your post and get a great flow of encouraging comments on your blog which will surely increase the beauty of your post. Through this platform you can get a wide range of popularity and have massive traffic on your blog. Once again thanks for showing your great interest in my blog.

  • Dear Muhammed, blogging is actually a tough job and requires a lot of hardwork just as you have said. This applies mostly to newbbies like me who just ventured into blogging. This tip of yours will go a long way in aiding young bloggers in their blogging career.
    Thanks for sharing such great content. Keep the good work going

  • Hi Mairaj,

    You know you may get many visitors at your blog but the real value is how many comments you get at your blog posts?

    Bloggers try to drive more and more people to their blog but does it really work? I mean they need to create the content which can attract readers. Having quality content at your blog is the best way to get more comments.

    There are many commenting system to use but I like CommentLuv.

    One thing I like the most that you have suggested to add Gravatar because it’s the only thing from which you can make people aware about you as who are you?

    Thanks for sharing with us.:)

    Enjoy your rest of the week.:)


    • Thanks Ravi to visit my blog and read it thoroughly. All the points that you have discussed in your comment is really very significant and fruitful for getting more comments.
      Thanks for your nice feedback.

  • Hey Mairaj,

    Indeed an informative post you have written.

    You are very true that now a days Blogging is increasing day by day. We all blogger want to get too many comment on our post. Comments helps to encourage us to be more active in Blogging.

    But it is not so easy, we have to work hard to get comments. Quality Post is the main factor to get comment on your blog. Social Media Campaign also helps to boost your traffic, as a result comment also comes to your post.

    I use “Comment Luv” plugin because it helps to promote your readers latest post on your Blog. Not only that,you can also provide do follow link with the help of it.

    Apart from all the points which you have mentioned here, are also relevant.

    Thanks for writing this wonderful article.

    Have a nice day.


    • Hi Swanpnadip,
      Its very encouraging to see you on my blog. Its really a fact that comments play very significant role for the encouragement of any blogger. Social Media is one of the best way to bring number of visitors on your blog. Apart from this commentluv plugin is also very beneficial in this scenario.

  • Hi Muhammad,
    There are many factors why some blogs will not attract huge amount of comments, personally i don’t comment on blog that wants me to sign in, blogs that uses disqus, blogs that does not respond to comments. So these and many other factors must be well address if a blog must attract huge amount of comments.

    Anyway, this is my foolish and humble opinion!

    • Thanks Emebu Yes I am totally agree with your comment all the reasons that you mentioned in your feedback is absolutely right. These factors may stop your comments on your post. So, everyone should avoid such silly mistakes.

  • You said that right bhai.
    Only excellent content Will attract comments. Communtluv, can I install on blogger?
    Thanks for making my Sunday.
    Have a nice day.
    Vashishtha kapoor

    • Hi Vashishtha Kapoor,

      🙂 Thanks a lot dude you are unforgettable for me because you made 5 comments on your 2nd visit at etutorialblog. I am so thankful to you for your regular visiting my blog and sharing your great feedback as well.Now come to your question can i install commentluv on blogger?

      Ans Yes you can

      Hope to see you again.

  • Hi Muhammad Mairaj,

    First visit on your blog may be!
    Really it is worth to use commentluv pluging to get more blog traffic for our blog also!
    I see many blogs has commentluv plugin and getting huge comments. I think it’s the power of commentluv pluging.
    And Using Gravatar For blog comment is alos a good idea to get attention!

    However, well written article. Keep it up bro!

    Would love to see your great comment on my blog too! Will you Miraj vhai?

    Have a nice day!

    • Hi M-Minhaj,

      Well commentluv plugin is an excellent commenting system which helps you out to get more and more comments on your blog. but first you work hard to make relationship with other bloggers as well. Do comments on their blog. This technique help you to get maximum comments on your blog.
      Thanks for your great words. Hope to see you again.

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