10 Essential WordPress Comment Plugins for Bloggers

WordPress Comment Plugins
Written by Tracey Jones

Interactivity is one of the crucial aspects for any WordPress site or blog. Any website with excellent interactivity has chances to grow higher than other sites. That’s why almost every website owner gives importance to the comment section.

A comment section in a website and blog helps in engaging its readers quickly and effectively. Although, WordPress inbuilt commenting system offers some handful features and functions, but still if you want more powerful commenting system, then you can go for WordPress comment Plugins.

WordPress Comment Plugins

There are plenty of WordPress Comment Plugins on the web market that can help you make your commenting section more attractive and effective. With the help of this, you can allow your visitors to interact, comment and ask queries directly from you.

So in this blog post, we have gathered the list of 10 most essential WordPress Comment Plugins that will let you transform your site into a robust commenting site.

Here Is The List Of Ten Best WordPress Comment Plugins 

Comments Leaderboard

Comments Leaderboard

  • The Comments Leaderboard is also in the list of great comment plugins for WordPress that allows you to insert a new twist with an objective to reward the topmost commentators on your blog.
  • This plugin is designed for those website owners who want to give a more attractive and soothing comment experience to their readers and visitors.
  • The Comments Leaderboard plugins picks out the 5 most active commentators from your blog and rank them according to their performances.
  • In fact, it is an easy to install plugin, and you only need to drag the widget into place, write a title, description and text, choose perfect color combination and your WordPress blog is ready for robust commenting section.



  • It is one of the most popular Commenting plugins for WordPress, allowing your readers to subscribe your site by e-mail when they leave a comment.
  • In simple terms, the Postmatic plugin has taken the commenting to the next level by enabling visitors to reply to comments without even leaving their mailbox.
  • It means you can reply to a comment via your email and your comment will be appeared live on the website’s page.
  • With the use of this plugin, you can easily convert your potential visitors into subscribers.
  • Subsequent comments and replies will land on your visitor’s inbox just like with Jetpack, or mail poet. And now your visitors can comment back and continue their conversation just by hitting a reply button right from their mailbox.

WP Ajaxify Comments

WP Ajaxify Comments

  • The WP Ajaxify Comments is an excellent WordPress plugin that is fixed into any WP theme and inserts AJAX functionality to the Comment form.
  • When the user/visitor submits his comment, the WP Ajaxify comments plugin sends the data to the WP back end, without even loading an entire page.
  • And if there is an error, then the plugin will show an error message so that the user can easily correct his comment without even navigating back to the previous page.
  • If the comment has been posted successfully, then the plugin will add that new comment to the existing comment list and showcase an information overlay.

Disqus Comment System 

Disqus Comment System

  • Another robust WordPress plugin designed especially for web comments and discussions.
  • With the use of Disqus (pronunciation “discuss”), you can give a powerful and attractive commenting system to your visitors.
  • It allows you to integrate social media into your site. This means you can share the topmost comments and reactions on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
  • It also allows you to add engaging and interactive content like images, videos and much more.
  • To an addition, Disqus also offers user analytics that can help you increase traffic and boost your productivity.

Commentator WordPress Plugin

Commentator WordPress Plugin

  • The Commentator is an incredible WordPress plugin designed to boost the commenting system of a WordPress site or blog.
  • It is a complete ajaxified commenting system that allows you to easily gear up your interactive section and discussions.
  • Plus, your users can rate the comments with a Youtube such up-voting and down-voting system.



  • The wpDiscuz is one of the leading, Ajax enabled WordPress plugin that offers some of the impressive front end and backend functions to the Website owners.
  • It is designed to jazz-up the WordPress native comments.
  • If you want to store your comments in your database, then this is an ideal plugin for you.
  • It also enables comment voting along with positive and negative ratings.
  • Integrated with multilevel nested comment threads.
  • This plugin also offers inbuilt anti-spam protection system and comes with post sharing options.

WordPress Comment Rating Plugin

WordPress Comment Rating Plugin

  • The WordPress Comment Rating Plugin enables you to add ratings on your commenting section.
  • It adds an up and down voting button so that your visitors can rate the comments.
  • This plugin also let you resort comments as per their ratings.
  • You can also track your users so that they cannot be able to rate comments more than one time. For this, you need to active IP- or Cookie-Tracking, or both.
  • It offers some of the exciting features such as custom retina FontAsesome Icons, Custom icon size, Custom icon colors, Custom CSS, IP-Address detection and much more.

Disable Comments

Disable Comments

  • The disable comments enables administrators to globally disable comments on any posts, pages, attachments, etc.
  • It is also used to remove all comment-related fields from edit and quick-edit screens.
  • After installing the plugin, you can choose to disable comments for particular post types.
  • If you want permanent changes, then you need to choose the “persistent mode” option before clicking the save button.

Simple Ajax Insert Comments Lite

Simple Ajax Insert Comments Lite

  • Simple Ajax Insert Comments Lite is a simple, lightweight yet robust comment plugin for WordPress that enables you to add and get comments quickly and easily.
  • It utilizes PHP, Ajax, and jQuery to embed comments, without even reloading a page.
  • You can easily customize this plugin and also insert a captcha for adding more security in the forms.
  • The Simple Ajax Insert Comments plugin comes with icons that can help you add images, links and videos with ease.
  • You also can rate the comments with like and dislike buttons.

Hotspots With CommentsHotspots with Comments

  • This is comparatively a new WordPress plugin which is developed by DeEindbaas.
  • Hotspots with comments plugin allows you to create hotspots on images.
  • Your site’s visitors can build hotspots on images and leave a comment.
  • You can also create custom hotspots and build tool-tips or annotations.
  • With this plugin, you can easily customize colors, styles and Customize icons, colors and styles.


The commenting section into your WordPress site or blog enhances the interactivity between you and your visitors. With the help of WordPress Comment Plugins (mentioned in this blog post) will help you turn your visitors into subscribers.

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  • Hi Tracey,
    It’s a great list. I have only used the default WordPress commenting system, Disqus and CommentLuv. So, In future If I will get a chance, i will use the others too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks robin ans arup for sharing your comments on this article. Robin If you use another plugin in future then I will suggest you commentator WordPress plugin. It is also one the best plugin most of my friends are using it but it’s my personal opinion otherwise you can choose any of them, all are so useful and great enough for your WP blog or site.

  • Hi Tracey,
    Good to see on the pages of Mairaj,
    Nice to read about these comment options or platforms.
    This is really amazing and a bit confusing to me, since I am using the free version of CommentLuv comment option, Confusing I said, because there are different options with different features, but since I am presently using commentLuv and suppose i want to shift it to Disqus comment option, now my doubt is that if i change it to that what will happen to all my existing comments i received? will those comment get deleted and only the new one will show on the pages? If that happen no one will shift it. I am not a technical guy thus this doubt raised. hope the author will clear my doubt
    Nice to be back here again Mairaj on your page.
    Keep writing
    Keep informed
    Wish you both a wonderful week ahead and Season’s Greetings to both of you.
    ~ Philip

  • Hi Tracey Jones,

    I myself using Disqus Commenting System on my blog, The list you have shared with us are pretty awesome. I’ll definitely try these plugin in future.

    Keep sharing 🙂


  • Hey Tracey and Mairaj,

    The plugins you have mentioned here are great. Bloggers should try them. There are few plugins which are quite fascinating in their use.

    Tracey has added Disqus and some more famous plugins. Depending upon the choice, the bloggers can use the plugins.

    Glad to read the post.
    Hope you both are enjoying your day.

  • Am using Disqus, it’s ok but lots of spam comments i will receive of course i filter them before i approve the comment. some plugins i don’t know.

  • Wonderful post dude, I just know disqus and commentluv are the popular comment plugins seems like I’m gonna have to try these too.


  • Really great article. The way you describes the whole thing is really appreciable. Thanks for sharing such an informative article. Looking for same type of great articles in near future. Great Job 🙂

  • I usually use the default commenting system on my blogs but on my niche affiliate sites, I disable comments globally.

    Although I have noticed, blogs with Comments-Luv plugin receive above average comments.

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