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Benefits Of Using Coreldraw X7 For Designing Purpose

Coreldraw X7
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Today I am going to share with you a new topic which is about graphic designing i.e. Coreldraw x7. In this article I am trying to disclose all about its significance that what actually it is and what is its key role in the world of graphics where as there are numerous other options that can also be useful in this scenario.

Coreldraw X7

What Is Coreldraw – X7

Coreldraw x7 is a kind of software that allow you to draw shapes and different type of objects you can easily modify them with the help of this legendary tool you can colorize your project and apply several kinds of special effects in it. Basically this is a vector base tool. It was first release in 1989 till now it is still in the list of well known software’s which is used for the purpose of creating eye catching designs for graphics.

If I say that coreldraw x7 is an excellent tool and considered to be the soul of graphics than I am not wrong. Through this graphic suite you take maximum benefits for vector illustrations and page layouts. It includes bitmap image editor for modifying images and makes imperative changes in it. i.e. Corel Photopaint and several other programs that could also be accommodating to enhance the look of your designs.

Origin Of Corel Draw Graphics

Coreldraw being released in 1989, at the time of its first release till now Corel Corporation released many versions and the last version which is Coreldraw x7 released in March 27, 2014. Due to the day and night effort of Corel corporation they have lucratively accomplished the journey to give us a powerful tool for graphic designing, which has ability to retouching photographs and produce high quality designs.

Most of the professionals share their experience that as compare to the previous versions Coreldraw x7 is quicker and smarter and it comes up with improved and powerful interface with Variety of new features which provide more ease to its users to create professional designs in less time.

Before using Coreldraw x7, you must have basic knowledge of its complete tools, although it may not seems simple to everyone in beginning. But when you become familiar to it then nobody stops you. After getting necessary knowledge and knowing its interface and its tools you can easily create these,

Using Coreldrawx7

Ways To Make Extra Money With Your Designs

Well there are plenty of ways through which you can make money online. If you have an excellence to deal with its tools than you can join different online platforms that encourages the professionals where they express and show their talent in good manner.

The freelancing platforms are the sources from where you can choose the right category relevant to your experience and skills e.g if you are graphic designer then you can see a lot more jobs. Pick up one according to your interest and start posting gig. And the other way is to join some sought of advertising agency as a designer.

Coreldraw Essentials For Appropriate Printing Sizes

In this article I come up with different printing sizes that can assist you in your field of interest. Most of the newbies don’t aware the actual printing sizes of different things. All these sizes are professionally used in regular printing. So let’s get started.

Visiting card

3.5 inches          by        2 inches

Letter head

8.5 inches          by        11 inches


8 ½ inches         by        11 inches


9 inches             by        12 inches

11 ½ inches        by        9 inches


8.5 inches          by        11 inches

8.5 inches          by        14 inches

11 inches           by        25.5 inches

Passport size Picture

2 inches             by        2 inches


24 inches           by        36 inches

18 inches           by        24 inches

11 inches           by        17 inches

8.5 inches          by        11 inches


6 inch                 by        4 ¼ inch

7 inch                 by        5 inch

Cd Cover

4.75 inches         by        4.75 inches


Coreldraw x7 is the remarkable source for designing seekers. In this article I am trying to highlight its magnitude for the ones who love to play with colors and designs. And have tried to raise the zeal of newbie’s. Waiting for your comments because your comments will trigger my mind to search new gaps and to fill them in future.

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  • Muhammad, thanks for sharing..! I have some basic knowledge about Coreldraw but I never working with that since I am not a good designer.

    You know..? I went I have some small project with graphic, I always use Photoshop because I think that it is better for me. And I am more convenience with that.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing some value feature about Coreldraw 7. I really love those.

    • Thanks Kimsea,

      For dropping such a nice comment on my blog. No doubt Photoshop played a very vital role in the world of graphics, but nobody neglect the significance of Coreldraw in graphic designing. Because it is the best solution to deal with vector illustration.


      Muhammad Mairaj

  • Hi Muhammad Mairaj,
    Coreldraw x7 plays an important role in graphic designing. All the points which you have mentioned above are truly informative.
    Thanks for wonderful sharing.

  • Hello Muhammad Mairaj,

    This is yet another awesome post and I guess you have shared the dimensions of all the thing which we use commonly.


    • Hi Samantha,

      First of all a warm welcome on my blog. I am happy because you are showing your great interest on my blog and admiring my work. No doubt your that kind of behavior helps me to write something unique. Hope you always visit and share your valuable feedbacks.

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