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How To Use Google Keyword Planner (Video Tutorial)

Google Keyword Planner
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Today I come up with an excellent tutorial in which I am going to explain you that  how to use Google Keyword planner for keyword research. As we are aware of the fact that every person is pretty much conscious about his health same like that an SEO professional will not take any risk about choosing the keyword for his website or blog. Because he knows its significance that how important they are and how search engines deal with these phrases. If I would say that Seo is heart and keywords are its heartbeat then it wouldn’t be wrong.

Google Keyword Planner

Useful Keywords Tools

Before you start doing keyword research the very first step is that which tool you are using for finding some suitable phrases that has an ability to quickly rank your website in search engines. There are numerous programs that will assist you for choosing right keyword for your website or blog. No body deny the role of keywords in Search engine optimization apart from that professionals are using it according to their needs. In which some are free and some are paid like Long Tail Pro.

This step by step tutorial is very easy to understand and every one can easily use Google keyword planner after reading this post and can find valuable words or phrases that value your content in SERPs for batter ranking of your website or blog. I have also created a video tutorial of using Google keyword planner which will definitely helpful for beginners that how to use it and get some quality keywords.

How To Use Google Keyword Planner Video Tutorial by etutorialblog

Google keyword planner is free tool for webmasters where they can easily find targeted keywords which are relevant to there niche. In 2013 Google replaces its old keyword tool and launched new tool for the same purpose i.e Google keyword planner. The beauty of this tool is that you can easily find some magical phrases which are helpful for the betterment of your Seo practice. It provides you the complete detail of your targeted keywords in its report along with the average monthly searches and the  last 12 month searches report of these particular phrases through this you can easily get the idea of people interest.

Well the very first step is login to your Google keyword planner account, you’ll see 4 different options over there but you have to select the first one i.e. “Search For New Keyword And Ad Group Ideas” and write single or multiple phrases including comas for keyword ideas.

Your Landing Page

You can put any landing page either home page or the page on which you like to stay while searching for specific keyword. Most of the time people are use to of keeping it blank but me my self is suggesting your to put being the world largest search engine.

Your Product Category

Now select your desire category which is relevant to your niche or product when you click on it you’ll see a drop down list of several categories and sub categories you need to select one otherwise select All Categories.


In targeting option you can specify any location from where you want to get traffic for your website you can simply edit All Location and write the name of any country or state and then click on it, it will automatically add in it then go for the next one for adding other location.

And if you want to remove locations which you added manually you can remove these one by one or at once by clicking on Remove All. Always set your targeting option on All locations.


Set the Language in which you want to see the results.

Negative Keywords

This option helps you to put any phrases that you don’t want to see in the result of your keyword research.

Customize Your Search

This option provide you an ease by which you can filter the results of keywords by your own will, as average monthly searches as well as its competition. Here you can select any option among High, Medium and Low.

Being the last option “keywords to include” it is used for the specificity of keywords for which you are looking for.

When we are in need to search for multiple keywords we click on Get ideas. By default it shows you the result of “Ad group ideas” but as we are in search of specific phrases for your website or blog. For this purpose you just click on “Keyword Ideas”.


Hope so this would be a helpful post for using Google keyword planner tool. Looking forward that you will earn an awful information for this article. Please do share your innovative ideas in comment section. And don’t forget to share with others.

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Muhammad Mairaj

Hello! My name is Muhammad Mairaj from Abbottabad, Pakistan. Founder of etutorialblog. An ardent blogger and Seo expert. Here I talk about Blogging, SEO, Affiliate marketing, Wordpress & Graphics. Find me on Facebook | Twitter | G+


  • Bro, you have done an awesome job here..!

    Actually, keywords researching is really important for SEO optimization. You know..? Some bloggers failed not because they are not able to compete with other bloggers, but the failed because they chose the wrong target keywords. For reason, they lacked of competitive advantage and not able to get present on listing.

    Thanks for sharing, this above are detail and love tips about Keyword Planner.

    • Thanks Kimsea,

      For dropping such nice comment on my blog. No doubt keywords matter a lot that’s why every one should wisely choose the keywords, because it directly impacts the performance of your website in search engines. So, always select the right keyword for little research.

  • Hello Mairaj,

    Absolutely nice post about how to use Google Keyword Planner properly. Most of us only take a look at how many search take place with a keyword and what sort of competition exist for that keyword. We really ignore this feature of collecting keywords using a landing page or selecting product category. Thanks for letting us know about these features as well.

    Ovais Mirza

  • Hey Mairaj,

    Nice Video tutorial is indeed on your blog 🙂 Actually Video method is better then a lengthy article . sometime because of Length of article people feel lazy that’s why you have done nice work..

    Great !

    ~Sanu Siddharth

  • Hi,Miraj

    Thanks a lot for this article its a really nice article and very useful for newbie like me who just steped in to the blogging field

  • Hey Mairaj,
    Nice tutorial buddy, Its easy to grab a concept via video tutorials than from long-long articles. Your post helped me.
    Thanks for sharing this tutorial 🙂

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