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Step By Step Tutorials Of Inpage Urdu With Videos

inpage urdu
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

As we all know that every country has its own national language which is considered to be the identity of that particular nation.  So, today the topic which I have selected to pen down is an incredible software called inpage urdu which is the ultimate solution for creating documents in urdu language.

inpage urdu

What Is Urdu Inpage

As we all know that Microsoft word is a word processing application which is used for creating English documents same like that inpage urdu is a word processing application for creating Urdu documents. It was first developed in 1994 with the mutual cooperation of Pakistani and Indian software developers.

Video Course Outline

Well I have created a complete video course of inpage urdu through which you can easily understand how it works and how to use this tool for particular documentation.

In these video tutorials I have tried to cover each and every aspect regarding this software. By following these video guidelines you are able to use it professionally.

You can make important settings according to your requirements. Means you can change the layouts, set your appropriate keyboard. And it allows you to write several other languages like Punjabi, sindhi, Arabic and much more.

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Different Between Urdu Inpage 2009 And New Versions

If you use inpage 2009, the earlier or even new versions you will see that they are all same regarding their features with the exception of logo which changes on annual basis. Once going through this version you would be able to go through rest of all the versions.

Being a Pakistani, urdu is our national language we start learning it through our childhood and early schooling. Infact it is the most compulsory part of our communication or conversations in schools, colleges and universities.

There are numerous indigenous languages in Pakistan but urdu is the ultimate language which is understandable to a common lay man.

Although English is an International language which is universally acceptable all over the world still every country has converted different software in their own language for their convenience.

Inpage urdu is spectacular software which is very much fundamental to create lots of documents necessary to fulfill the requirements of official and legal conditions.

Benefits of Urdu Inpage Software

Now a days it becomes the necessity of Pakistani print media. Urdu newspapers, advertisements, novels, magazines, columns are the products of this software.

Urdu letters, Applications, agreements, school papers, invitations, visiting cards, brouchers, penaflex, stickers, banners, To let boards, packaging, wedding cards and different other official documents and commercial designs are prepared by using inpage urdu in addition to this software we can enhance the above mentioned documents as well as designs by using different graphics software’s like Coreldraw and Photoshop.


I have created HD video course of inpage 2009 based on 18 video tutorials through which one can easily understand what to do and how to do. This course is quite comprehensive which can fulfill your official and legal documentation demand.

Hope you’ll appreciate this piece of effort and will share with your friends through social media.

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  • Hi Mairaj,

    What an awesome post of videos you put together for us to learn how the software inpage urdu works. This took a lot of time to put together and I’ve never seen anything like it. How on earth did you come up with such a great idea?

    It’s easy to follow using the steps required to go onto each video.

    Thank you for sharing, Mairaj and you have a wonderful weekend!


    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks a lot for constantly sharing your valuable feedback, and appreciating my blog as well. Yes you are right that this course took a lot of time to put together. But i have always tried to share some thing informative and useful.

      Once again thanks for dropping such a lovely comment Linda, Hope to see your again 🙂


  • Assalam o alaekum Mairaj bhai,

    Nice blog packed with quality info. I am also blogging and am now trying to build up relations with bloggers in same field. You being a tech/Internet blogger are in the same niche and are also associated being Pakistani. Would love to be friends with you.

    I am bookmarking your blog and will be visiting frequently.


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