Top White Hat Techniques Of SEO Which Every Blogger Should Use

white hat techniques
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

My previous article was about Black hat Seo in which I shared some of its techniques through which people can rank well in Google in very short period of time which is not possible according to the actual guidelines set by different search engines but in the end they spoil their whole work. These techniques may cause destruction of their blogging career. Now a days search engines are easily detect black hat activities through its powerful algorithms. So, everyone should avoid these cheap ways of temporary success because it all depends on illegal ways and on cheating. Your main focus should be white hat techniques which impacts the long lasting effects on your blog optimization.

white hat techniques

What Is White Hat Seo Basically

As the colour white represents the purity so it is mostly use for the peace purposes. To take this colour white hat seo created genuine guidelines which are set by all major search engines through which the professionals can rank their websites or blogs in SERPs. These guidelines are known as white hat techniques. These are totally depend on fair, legal and authentic ways which have slow but long lasting success in the end. There is no doubt of cheating and danger of any loss or destruction in it. So, all bloggers feel happy to join white hat and are satisfied to work with it.  Some of white hat techniques are Link building strategies, Avoid spamming, Promotion on different social media websites and Write quality as well as unique content these are some ways through which you can easily rank your website because those websites are in good book of search engines who work according white hat and avoid black hat techs.

There are too many white hat techniques but in this article I’ll share only few of them.

Content Writing

There is a well known phrase in blogging that content is the king. As you all know that the king is one who is powerful, graceful and has unique qualities so same like for content. Content writing plays as a vital dose of your blog or website. It should be very well written, with relevant keywords, proper sense, without grammatical or spell mistakes, actionable and has fresh and unique information. Your text should be visible for all visitors and has the same content for visitors as well as search engine crawlers. This is the very basic tech of white hat techniques.

Avoid Article Spinning

Also avoid article spinning. For catching visitors attention your article should be plenty of words with detail information regarding niche. No matters what the length of article just focus that it should not be copied from anywhere else. The content should be 100 % original not plagiarism. Always try to cover one topic in each post as this will boost up your traffic from natural ways and helpful for up ranking in SERPs. As well as these tips are helpful to save your content from being destroyed.

Choose Right Template

The third important technique among white hat techniques is to choose such template which is easy to optimize by search engine. Such templates which are Seo friendly are easily available on internet you can get these free or paid from very well known and reliable websites. Also you have to focused that whether the using template have complete features regarding your blog or blogs demand i.e. its heading and structure because such templates invites the search engine robots to crawl and index the website swiftly. So, by doing this you can easily increase your Google Ranking.

Create Quality Backlinks

This is the most demanding element of white hat techniques which plays significant role for getting high Page rank in Google as well as Alexa Traffic Rank. Try to create more and more links with high PR websites through this you can also increase the domain authority of your blog but it is only possible if your link building strategies are with high Pr websites. If you treat the whole matter unwisely then you surprisingly see the down fall of your website or blog in search engine ranking. There are many ways through which you can get these links easily in which blog commenting is the most popular way. Some blogs give you dofollow back links and some give no follow. I suggest you to find out the high Pr dofollow blog list in Google because it enforces the search crawlers to quickly index your website pages. Forum posting, Directory submission, Article submission on article directories, Using Social Media, commentluv enabled blog list with high Pr are also beneficial in this scenario.

Importance of Keywords

Before adding some keywords on your blog the first thing you need to do is proper keyword research. In this manner I recommend you the best tool which is free to use i.e Google keyword planner. Try to find out long tail keywords with less competition and high search volume. The another most important thing in white hat techniques is that it should be relevant to your niche. The next step is to choose quantity of keywords according to your content then add them in the most right and suitable places i.e. in your main title, Subheadings, Paragraphs and Meta description as well as Meta keywords. Don’t forget to add “Alt” tag to optimize your images with your focus keyword.

Keyword Stuffing

As you all know that access of everything may cause harmful. Same like the repetition of keywords in your blog or website annoy your visitors and create irritation for them. They can’t understand what the real content is about because the stuffing create confusion for users so you should avoid stuffing. Most of the newbies don’t have any idea about the use of white hat techniques they just add a huge list in meta keywords. Although for a little while the search engines consider it very good for ranking but this stuffing comes in black hat technique and soon you will detect by the smart algorithms of Google you will be banned and no one recovers your blog or help you to appear again in SERP. So you can use it in balance way otherwise your whole effort goes in vain. You keyword density should be 2% in 100 words. This is the safe way to go through your blog success.

Social Media

As we all know that social media presence is essential for the popularity of your blog or website. This popularity plays a significant role in up ranking of your blog because algorithms admire the social signals. There are numbers of well known social media platforms through which you can promote your content i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+,, Linkedin etc. This is one of the most prominent method of white hat techniques through which you can get awesome results within few months.


White hat is an excellent and positive way to boost up the ranking of your blog. The main thing which requires is patient because although it takes time but have fully sure long term success without any doubt as this is the most secure way. There are many white hat techniques you can use them and get beneficial result. So, if you are using these techniques kindly share with us your experiences as feedback.

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  • Very nice post on white hat techniques. Thanks & as you mentioned about choosing good templates for search optimization. Can you suggest few templates which are in general good for SEO , as you were good at choosing them.

  • Hey, bro…! 🙂 That was a really nice article about SEO.

    Well, I found that a lot SEO marketers are focusing on gray hat. The included some of black hat techniques, but they tried to hide those from search engines.

    I love what you mentioned about writing quality content. Actually, it is the most important for SEO. the high-quality content give indirect benefits of SE.

    Please imagine that if you have lots of quality content those educated your readers or other bloggers of such experience to improve their business or personal development. I believe that you will enjoy in link that back, and share it to their friends.

    Anyway, the keywords stuffing is gone for long times ago. You know..? No need to place many keywords rapidly but just a few of them. To remember, keep your keyword density between 0.5 to 2 percent of your whole article…

    That was awesome tips, bro..

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