Top Pakistani Youtubers And Their Mind Blowing Earnings

Youtube has been back in Pakistan after some time and now people are getting benefit from it once again. While we use it to learn and to entertain, some are using it to earn their livings. Online money making is not very common in Pakistan but there are few top Pakistani Youtubers who are taking advantage of internet to earn money too. 

By having a quick look on these search terms “Earn money on Youtube” and “How do Youtubers make money” through Google Trends and I found that as the time is passing, more and more people are searching on Google for these two terms.

In this post we are not going to learn about how do Youtubers make money. The aim of this article is to show that how top Pakistani Youtubers are earning decent money from Youtube. I will also try to guess the total money they have earned form Youtube so far.

How Will I Guess Top Pakistani Youtubers Earnings And How Accurate Will They Be?

I guess under the consideration of all the earnings through “Youtube partner program” (i.e Displaying ads in/around videos). Once you have been accepted in Youtube Partner Program, Youtube starts displaying relevant ads on and around your videos and pays you anywhere from $0.5 to $5 for every thousand views your videos get (which depends on a number of factors). Just to make things easy, I will calculate the earnings at a rate of $2 / 1000 views which is the pretty much an average of what most Youtubers get.

This might be no where near accurate for some youtubers but for others it might fall somewhere close. The idea here is to tell you guys how much potential this video platform has. People are already earning millions of dollars each year only by making good videos and uploading them on youtube. So here goes the list.

Talk Shows Central

Talk shows central has been in the Youtube game for quite some time. The channel uploads videos of different popular Pakistani talk shows, these may be political, musical or Humorous.

Total number of Subscribers: 119,214

Total Video Views: 51,670,921

Estimated earning of channel: $ 103341 or 1 Crore 3 Lac Pakistani Rupees

Sama Tv News

Sama is a leading mainstream news channel that is also not lacking behind in utilizing Internet to its advantage. Their videos include news bulletins, talk shows, and other programs that are aired on their TV channel.

Total number of Subscribers: 132,014

Total Video Views: 112,553,129

Estimated earning of channel: $ 225106 or 2 Crore 25 Lac Pakistani Rupees

Dunya News

Another leading mainstream news channel that needs no introduction in Pakistan is Dunya News.

Total number of Subscribers: 158,278

Total Video Views: 99,714,880

Estimated earning of channel: $ 199429 or 1 Crore 99 Lac Pakistani Rupees

Geo News

Even though Geo News has 33% more subscribers as compared with Dunya News, it’s video views are far too less.

Total number of Subscribers: 218,651

Total Video Views: 91,110,674

Estimated earning of channel: $ 182220 or 1 Crore 82 Lac Pakistani Rupees

Coke Studio

A music television series that features live studio recorded music of various artists. It started in June 2008 and has aired 8 episodes so far. They don’t seem to be displaying ads on their videos but as per my estimates their projected earnings are mentioned below:

Total number of Subscribers: 256,930

Total Video Views: 56,361,464

Estimated earning of channel: $ 112722 or 1 Crore 12 Lac Pakistani Rupees

Hum Tv

A 24 hour entertainment channel that is a part of Pakistani women life is Hum TV. They just can’t spend their day without it. It tops our list in terms of number of videos views. A whopping 3 billion video views has been scored by this beast. And guess what? It also tops the list as highest earner. As per our very rough estimates it has earned amazingly 7 Crore Rupees.

Total number of Subscribers: 385,366

Total Video Views: 386,389,012

Estimated earning of channel: $ 772,778 or 7 Crore 72 Lac Pakistani Rupees

Rohail Hyatt

Rohail Hyatt, Former producer of Coke Studio is on top of our list of most subscribed Top Pakistani Youtubers. He gained popularity in 2008 when he started the series Coke Studio. His decision of channeling that popularity in the right direction must have paid him very well. Here are some stats to prove my point.

Total number of Subscribers: 566,744

Total Video Views: 173,291,057

Estimated earning of channel: $ 346,582 or 3 Crore 46 Lac Pakistani Rupees

Final Words

All the above mentioned earnings are the total amounts earned by those top Pakistani Youtubers since they started their channels.You must be thinking that all of the above mentioned Youtube channels are owned by already famous entities. How can somebody like you and me use it to make money?

I would suggest you to have a look at numerous articles out there, where they list some people that nobody knew before they saw them on Youtube. Yet they are the highest paid Youtube stars. They did so by making very interesting videos, exposing it to targeted hungry audience and being consistent with it. If they, from different parts of the world can do it, so why not you and me.

Nabeel Shamshad: Nabeel Shamshad is a blogger and internet marketing nerd. He loves to write and talk about Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, content marketing and similar fields. He loves to explore the online earning world and wants to be self employed one day.

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  • Thanks nabeel for this information but I think you missed the zem tv as this one is also a big channel.

    Above mentioned earning for a month or year?

    • Salam Usman,
      Thanks for leaving your valuable comment. This list contains only top few youtube channels (as ranked by social blade) but ZEM TV is nowhere in the top ten. I think it only has a few thousand subscribers where as these have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. Zem TV is no where near.

  • Hey Nabeel and Mairaj,

    YouTube is one of the best options to make money online. But it requires skills. It's good to know that people are making so much money.
    Thanks for leting us know.

    Hope you both are having fun.

    • Hi Ravi,

      Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts as comment. Well i have shared a complete course in shape of video tutorials in which i have shared every single step for setup a brand new Youtube channel. 17 videos are embedded in blog post and 2 more videos you can find on my Youtube channel.

      Keep visiting :)