Top Onpage Seo Techniques For Successful Blogging

onpage seo techniques
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Today I am going to cover the new topic which is about onpage seo techniques that how it impacts the result of your website or blog in SERP, why it is the most necessary element in optimizing website or blog and how you can use it and get fruitful results in shape of organic traffic referred by major search engines. So, before taking your further time come to the point that what is basically on-page. If you concentrate on its name then you’ll automatically get the answer by its name. Simply all the techniques which any one applies on his/her webpage to get the ranking in Seo are called onpage seo techniques.

onpage seo techniques

This is the most important factor which is mostly ignored by many bloggers. They only focused such techniques which come in off-page. Remember on-page comes before off-page. So, this one can’t be neglected on any cause. I haven’t meant that off-page is not important. Obviously it has its own importance but we have to work also effectively on on-page. Below are the few very simple and effective but having very vital affects techniques for your blog or website high ranking.

Write Unique Content

The first thing in onpage seo techniques is that you should be very much focused on your content. Keep practicing and read the pro bloggers through which you got some better ideas of content writing. Your article should be unique by all senses and you have to provide high quality that whenever visitors come and visit your blog they find informative content and users feel that they should have stay some more time on your blog. It can only be possible when you also think about your loyal readers that what they want to explore.

Well Optimize Content

After writing the content for your blog another significant tech among onpage seo techniques which should not be avoided in any sense is that optimize your post in such manner which is search engine friendly. So, in this scenario you should add main keyword in title, description, Url, in your headings as well as paragraphs. Using Alt tag for optimizing your images and add meta keywords also. If you want to add these it will depend on you, but it is not necessary due to the newly changes in Seo. Yet if you still want to add them so you can add at least 8 to 12 which is good enough.

Useful Headings

The main cause of using it is that search engine reads the heading tags easily. If you optimize it well then you’ll get some organic traffic due to this. We all are putting little code of Heading in our blog or webiste. It is basically an Html code by default the title in word press is H1 you cannot use it again in single post. You can use other like H2, H3, H4, H5, H6. If you are trying to add H1 more than one time then it will seem that you enforce the search crawler to index your page quickly. So, keep avoiding this practice otherwise your blog should be banned.

Avoid Keywords Stuffing

This is another thing which every blogger can’t be overlooked if you want to run your blog or website long term and visible in search engines because this tech is one of the best onpage seo techniques. So, you should avoid stuffing of keywords in your article. Because if you are repeating these again and again not more than 2% / 100 words in your articles body i.e. your paragraphs then this practice can affect your blog. Whenever Google algorithm detects you they will penalize your blog for this act.

Interlinking Between New And Older Posts

If you can search on internet and get the list of top blogs which have some good PR with huge traffic rank you can find they still follow the same principle. They interlink their new post with older posts. No doubt link-building has its own importance but you can never neglect the role of interlinking because through this visitors stay more time on your blog. This is also a very helpful way for reducing the bounce rate of your blog.

Update Your Blog On Regularity Basis

To make complete look of your WebPages according onpage seo techniques or keep your blog attractive and unique you need to update your content on regularity basis. If you follow this step no doubt visitors can take more interest on your blog or website because through this they get their needs in shape of useful information. Search crawler also loves this act.

Optimize Your Images Wisely

This is also in the list of onpage seo techniques through which you’ll get a huge organic traffic that if your images should be correctly optimized. You can do it by Alt tag ,title and your focus keyword. Secondly you need to compress the size of your images. There are several ways but here I describe two different ways through which you can easily reduce the size of your images. The first one is to install WP plugin it will automatically reduce the size you don’t need to do anything else. And the second way is to open your image in Photoshop go to File Menu >> Save For Web >> another windows is open >> Make JPEG>> check on optimize >>Quality 60 to 70 % is good enough and click on save.

Clean And Clear Website Design

The last but not the least among onpage seo techniques is that your blog gives complete and professional look means your blog should be easy to navigate for visitors. Its design should be very clear. The most important thing is your blog’s Google XML Sitemap which plays very powerful role for the promotion of your blog. It should be your first preference to submit it. Also remember that don’t immerse your blog with too much ads. And keep your menu clean and clear.


Everyone has its own opinion about onpage seo techniques. In my experience these are the best onpage seo techniques which is very helpful for long lasting eminent results of your blog. Hope you’ll find these techniques very worthwhile. If you have some positive experiences about it you can share with us as your feedback. Also don’t forget to share this piece of information on all Social Medias with your friends.

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