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Top Google Adsense Alternatives For Passionate Bloggers

google adsense alternatives
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

This is my second article about Google adsense. It is the biggest platform which gives a large of opportunities for their publishers to monetize their blogs to earn more and more money online through its ads. These ads are basically a JavaScript code you just need to do is to get its code and then paste it in your blog or website in suitable places. As these ads are too much relevant with your blog content so you got number of clicks easily and got the chance to earn awesome amount. So, everyone wants the approval of Google adsense account for their blogs for this they worked day and night and after its approval they worked very hard. But sometimes when their blog came in running position suddenly they were banned by Google. Oooohh whats happen. No one can know their real mistake and his effort of several months is in vain. So, the bloggers dishearten by such situation and left his journey in half way.

google adsense alternatives

Google has very strict policies its very difficult to work with it specially for Asian countries. For such my fellows and those who were banned by Google I only say that don’t be dishearten this is not the end of you blogging career. You can continue it with other Google adsense alternatives which also are very reliable, popular and have not such strict policies. So its very easy to give the reality of your dreams by earning online. In this article I arranged some other alternatives of Google that are very suitable and excellent for the newbie’s. So, don’t waste time lets get started.

Excellent Alternatives To Google Adsense

If you are banned or you don’t have any ads on your blog try these alternatives on your blog and get fruitful results of your hard work.


It is one of the best Google adsense alternatives. Most of the newbie’s are confused about BuySellAds (BSA) that it works with only that bloggers or publishers who have some good amount of traffic on their blog. Although its correct but if you visit to it’s website you’ll find that it gives pretty chance of earning to those publishers also who has recently started their career and do not has remarkable traffic but has good quality content as well as blog. If you have a quality blog with high quality content then you can get BSA also. But if you already have quite good amount of traffic on your blog. Then BSA is a good choice for you. It allows you to sell a ad space block to many other customers who want to share your traffic and want to business with you they will publish their ad on your blog. And by your earning it will deduct its share and give you 75% revenue. You can get your amount through Paypal. It has no specific limit of your balance the minimum is only 20$. You can get your amount twice a month also.


You can also earn awesome amount through Adversal but it is not to much common like other Google adsense alternatives. Because it allows those websites or blogs only who have more than or equal to 50000 page views per month. It works really very well same like Chittaka. It has good banners and beautiful images ads also. It also has CPM ads as an option. You can approved by it very quickly if you fulfill its criteria. You can receive your amount Via Paypal same like others.


Infolinks is also another good source of Google adsense alternatives. It is an advertising program through which most of the publishers fulfill their need regarding monetizing their blog who don’t have Adsense account yet. This is also in good list of Google adsense alternatives. It has a very quick setup which makes no changes in your website or blog. In past few years it offers only PPC, and CPC but now, it improves according to time demands, make some new changes in its network i.e. CPM based ads (Cost per Mile), through these you can earn without clicking on any ad. It means the more page impressions you have the more chances of earning are open. You just need to get some good traffic. If you are successfully get some traffic on it then this is the right choice for you to make money online. Its ads are tightly integrated and doesn’t need extra space because it is based on your keywords. Infolinks index your content and makes its hyperlinks in your content. When the visitors come and drag the mouse over the keywords automatically its ads open and you got the benefit. They can pay you by Cheque, Western union, Wire transfer, Payoneer, as well as Paypal also. It transfers your amount when it exceeded 100 dollars.

Yahoo & Bing Ads

It is one of the most durable and secure in Google adsense alternatives. This advertising network offers its publishers variety of ads of different sizes, colours and styles which give the new beauty of your blog or website. So, the visitors come to your blog more and more. Through Yahoo & Bing ads you can earn handsome amount if not at the level of adsense but same like that. It is a CPM (Cost Per Mile) advertising program means that if you have handsome amount of traffic on your blog then you can earn money through page impression. So, all you need is to generate traffic by natural ways. It issues your payment through Paypal.


Chitika is a complete and a standard advertising network and is very similar like adsense. It also surves contextual ads like adsense. It ads are based on three types. Linx ad , Mobile Ad as well as Hover ad. The best thing about it is that you can use it with adsense also. You can receive your payment through Paypal when you reach 10 dollars which is very good sign for newbie’s and if you want the payment through cheque then your amount should be minimum 50 Dollars.


It is a very easy and a well known advertising platform among Google adsense alternatives. I say it easy because it is very simple to use and haven’t any demand of running website you are also approved it on an initial blog. You got its approval in very less time sometimes not more than 3 to 5 minutes. . It was formerly known as Ads-Gadget. It provides you very ease to monetize your blog or website as well as your blog traffic. It has different pop-up ads formats. It is supported by international traffic. It is very suitable especially for those who use Paypal because they transferred minimum 1$ through it and by wire transfer 500$ and 20$ minimum through Payoneer prepaid card.


Kontera is also a well reputed advertising solution. You can also use it with adsense. I discuss it here for that it is very good for those who have just started their career as a blogger. Because it allows to add small blogs or websites in its network. It is pretty much same like infolinks having text based ads which links to the keywords of your content and is showing by double underline text and pop-up ads. Basically it is a PPC advertising program and is depends on your Cost Through Ratio (CTR). They can send you your amount through Paypal or by cheque.


It is another biggest platform of selling different products and by their marketing you can earn very handsome commission through this you can earn on daily bases. Its business is on the peak especially on different occasionally holidays. Its initial requirement is just you have a blog or website and you are aware by some marketing techniques. Like other Google adsense alternatives it has variety of ads related to different fields. It isn’t a PPC or CPM advertising program. It pays you when you sell their any product which is linked by ads on your website or blog and you can receive your commission in shape of cheque. It amount depends on the size and the demand of customer. Your commission is also depends on the brand means if you are selling a minor and ordinary product your commission will be in some cents but if you are selling an expensive brand or product then they will pay you up to 100 dollars.


It is an advertising program which works same like Infolinks . It deals with different types of ads format to their publishers. It offers you five different types of ads i.e. Text Banners, Interstitial Ads, Inline text links, Pop-Unders and Graphical banner. It offers you 85% of the total income of ads. It generally allows the bloggers to display its ads in simple text ad format as well as in hyperlinked format. It issues your payment through Paypal or Cheque when your amount reaches above 50 dollars.


It is also a reliable source of income among Google adsense alternatives and is a PPC program means whenever a user clicks on your ads it will pay you. The most important and positive thing about it is that its approval is very easy and quiet fast. Like other Google adsense alternatives it does not require a huge amount of traffic. A thousand visitors are quiet enough for its approval. It has four types of ads i.e. banner ads, mobile ads, skyscrapers as well as text ads. They pay you either by Paypal or by cheque.


Always remember that your good luck knocks at your door many times in your life. Don’t be dishearten if your Google Adsense has been banned. I have mentioned here another ten Google adsense alternatives. These are very reliable there are many other options also but depends on you which you like to select for earning. If you like my article spread it as much as you can on all social mediums.

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