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Top 7 Off Page Seo Techniques For Spectacular Blog

Top 7 Off Page Seo Techniques For Spectacular Blog

After covering the onpage seo techniques in my previous article now its time to step ahead. Because through onpage you’ll do half of your optimizing factors which are the most significant part of your blog optimization but to make it complete you should also work on off page seo techniques. In this article I am trying to deal with little more that what is it, how it works, and what are its benefits.

off page seo techniques

Its a process in which you can use and mix several off page seo techniques to get some useful results in SERP which is actually done externally on your blog means the performance of your blog its marketing as well as its link building. Although it is time consuming but you cannot rank your blog without it. Proper working on off page seo techniques will help you that how you can get first page in Google ranking. Now a days every blogger follows such techniques to get the fastest ranking.

Don’t Be Greedy About Backlinks

It is basically a link from another website to your site and you also know very well that Google loves link building strategies. Before doing this practice you must know some basics of link building strategies. In this scenario you should only choose kind of websites or blogs who have some good reputation means only such websites or blogs who has high PR with excellent traffic rank. Always link building with high Authority websites. This is the only way you should get quick results. Another thing which is very important is that most of the newbies neglected and make link with low quality websites.

Never try to do this because it will not improve your blog but also it will demolish every single brick which you are added to construct your blog means your whole effort and hard work go in vain. If you have any problem to find out the websites or blogs who have good PR and excellent traffic then you need to download seoquake tool bar. It is the best one in which you can check out the PR, Alexa traffic rank, D.A, P.A and much more. Through this you can easily fulfill the best demand of getting valuable link back to your website or blog.

Advantage Of Blog Commenting

Another great tech is to comment on authority blogs. Search on internet where you can easily get the list of some top blogs which are good for link building by commenting and helpful to promote your blog and rank well. Here I would like to share with you that most of the blogs give you nofollow links and some give you dofollow. Search engines give more importance dofollow than nofollow. So, always try to find out blogs who give you do follow because this act force the search crawler to index your page immediately. Find commentluv enabled blogs most of them give you valuable link but not all.

Benefits Of Social Media

If you’ll notice and spend little time on internet searching then you will find that Facebook, twitter and Google+ are such platforms through which people get huge benefits in shape of online business and promoting blogs or websites. It is a great source of fun as well as interact with different communities belongs to different parts of the world. You just need to share a link of your post. Always show you presence by social engagement because Google algorithm observes the social signals. With these major platforms you can also work on others i.e. Linkedin,, Pintrest etc.

Join Relevant Forums

Forum posting is also among off page seo techniques. Through this technique you can interact with different online communities. You can ask question, give answers. If you found someone needs your assistance and you have the right solution for their problem you can help or assist them. And it is very necessary that you should join those forums that have some relevancy to your niche. Share topics and reply to a thread. You can put the link of your blog in your signature. By doing this you’ll get a valuable link that will definitely help to rank well and boost up your blog.

Video Websites

As you all know that Youtube is the world largest widely known video base website. With it there are many other websites which have high PR like Daily motion and Flexia etc which allow users to share and upload their video based subject matter. One of the best tech among off page seo techniques is to make an eye catching video relevant to your niche and make link with these websites. After making the video give description which should be in two or three lines also add tags. Through this method you can easily convey your message also get some very worthwhile backlinks.

Article Submission

There are many renowned article submission directories like Article Base, Ezine, Now public and many more which you can find on internet. Through these directories you can submit your article. By doing this you can get some quality links which are very constructive to increase your blog traffic but all depends on quality content which is based on excellent article writing skills. By this you can also increase your traffic in a very dramatic way. It also comes in your off page seo techniques.

JOIN Yahoo Answers

The another best way to make your trustworthy reputation among people is to join such websites who are based on answering and questioning like the most famous platform Yahoo has introduced i.e. Yahoo Answers. You can join this ask such questions which are relevant to your niche also try to answer others queries. Through this you can not only bring a great number of visitors to your blog but also make some very vital relations in the world of blogging.


In this article I have tried my level best to present such techniques which are very helpful for your up ranking in all major search engines. Without this you cannot get your desire from blogging. Its all about the link-building as you all know that this strategy has very noteworthy importance in Seo. So, keep working diligently and don’t forget to  send us your precious and of course heartening feedbacks.

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