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How To Write Articles For Money
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How To Write Articles For Money

Write articles for money
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Now a days its very difficult to pass your life on only one source of income so peoples are running to find better livelihood with their main profession. For this purpose they also search internet for part time subsistence. Write articles for money is the best option in this scenario. There are number of platforms in shape of freelancing websites who offers numerous ways to earn money to their passionated article writers.

Write articles for money

How to Make Money Online Through Article Writing

In this article I am going to fulfill my words which I have mentioned in Excellent Article Writing Tips For Blogging. If you are a best writer having superb writing skills and have full grip on English then writing article is not enigmatic for you. As I have mentioned above there are a lot of websites which pays you for your article writing. The main thing is just to discover them. You can do this at your home in relax and tension free environment. To started this you don’t even need a website means if you have a blog or a portfolio then you can easily apply for this. Now I am suggesting some very reliable freelancing websites to my devoted readers. Just write articles for money on that websites and get paid swiftly. If your article will be rejected don’t be dishearten. Just cover your mistakes and try again with new confidence and courage.

Odesk is the biggest and well known freelancing platform where you can find number of jobs according your skills and abilities. It offers the opportunities to earn more money and give you the chance to set your own rates. If you have some creative writing abilities they will offer you hourly, per word or Per article. Just made your profile mention your interests as well as your experiences and abilities without any hesitation. It depends on the experience of writer whether he satisfied the client or successfully attain the trust of client then he has thousands of opportunities to earn more.

Fiverr is also a great source of freelancing which provides thousand of computer related jobs. So every one can find out according to their skills and experiences. It offers 5$ per job. It has no special criteria for joining as other websites just add your picture and show your interests. You can earn very easily by writing articles on different topics, speeches, essays , blog posts and slogans etc.

Bukisa is a website which pays you according to the traffic you are generated from your articles. Your article should has unique page views from reliable sources. You can submit informative articles as well as experience and knowledge. Minimum your content should be about 250 words. Its very easy to earn money by this website because you can publish also your previous articles with unique titles.

It is a well known freelancing website which Alexa global rank is 90 and united states rank is 39. It offers you to write articles for money. It has variety of channels which offers thousands of different topics related to health tips, sports up to traveling and technology etc. A writer can choose his favourite topic and write many articles on that topic. So, he has varying options to earn money through

Elance also provides freelance writers to increase their livelihood to write articles for money and submitted them on different topics. It has more than 4 millions business which gives very attractive chances of doing job with them in a relaxed environment. It has no such terms and conditions for submitting articles. It offers to work with its clients more about 150 countries. Don’t confuse about the payment of your work it will 100 % surely paid to its writers.

It is basically a journalism freelancing website. On this social media you can report from all over the world because it is the world wide news network. It offers its writers to earn cash by page views. Working with this network you have to put your writing portfolio for global audience. So, you should invite more friends of different social media websites because the more you have fans the more earning chances are open.


I hope I have completed my promise to share about those freelancing websites who offer you to write articles for money and they will pay for your articles. So, if you are interested to earn more money in relax and tension free environment try these platforms and increase your income.

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