The Best Seo WordPress Plugins For Blogging

best seo wordpress plugins
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Before covering the best Seo WordPress plugins I would like to share about the beauty of these plugins. They provide the simplicity in functionalities of WordPress blog or websites. Anyone who has any connection with web designing automatically turned to WordPress which is the biggest Content Management System (CMS) for web designers and developers. Because of the huge library of Seo Plugins, their popularity is growing day by day in all over the world.

   best seo wordpress plugins

Installation Of Different WordPress Plugins

In this para I am going to tell you that how one can install best Seo WordPress plugins. Installing any kind of WordPress plugins is not a big deal. All you need to do is just go to your WordPress dashboard and find the plugins option. Choose the option “add new plugin” then you can search any type of WordPress plugin according to your demand and install it as well. After installing, activate the plugin. Now you need to do some necessary settings that are required to work properly.

Some Magical Seo Plugins For WordPress

Plugins enhance the features of your website. WP has thousands of free plugins. Out of these I’ll discuss some very valuable plugins. You can experience these plugins in your blog or website. These are helpful for promoting your website or blog. According to the internet survey below mentioned plugins are heavily used. These plugins play a vital role to manage your Seo activities.

WordPress By Yoast Is A Remarkable Plugin

Some of its features are that before publishing your post you can examine your post that how it looks like (snippet preview). It also evaluates your page which is beneficial for optimizing your images as well as your pages. More over it provides the xml site map to search engines as well as it has a great keyword density measuring ability in your blog post. It deeply checks the article that how many times the same keyword is repeated. So, try it for better results.

All In One Seo Plugin For WordPress

This is in the list of best Seo WordPress plugins. Most of the bloggers use it in their blogs for awesome result. The main obligations of Seo plugin are to create meta tags and automatically optimize the title of your post. This is also integrated with e-commerce websites. It also supports Built-in API and Google Analytics etc.

Optimize your blog through Seo Friendly Images Plugin

This is very efficient plugin especially if you are trying to optimize your post images. It allows us to add title and alt attributes automatically. alt attributes tell search engines about our picture thats why Bloggers who are using this Plugin have more traffic. Always remember if your images are properly optimize according to Seo point of view then search engines refer 10 % organic traffic.

Google XML Sitemap Plugin for WordPress

For submitting a sitemap of your website or blog in search engines this plugin is the excellent choice to do so. It is very worthwhile for search engines to locate the newly posts very swiftly. The most enhance feature of this plugin is that it will automatically indexed your new post. So you don’t worry about the new content of your website or blog.

Chap Secure Login Plugin For Password Protection

This is also in the list of best Seo WordPress Plugins. Thats why I like it most. The important function of this plugin is that it totally protects you from all kinds of hackers’ attack who can recover your site password. While login to your WordPress it hides your password. As you all know that every hacker has some specific tools for doing so. But this plugin restricts such kinds of activities and save your password form being hacked.

Most Demanding Seo Rank Reporter Plugin

The best thing about this plugin is that it is user friendly and also helpful to get Google rank. Always prefer best Seo WordPress Plugins. It calculates the historical ranking in Google. That’s why most of the Seo professionals use it in their websites and blogs. More over it also gives you complete details about your competitors’ bloggers ranks. So, try Seo rank reporter plugin in your website or blog for enhancing more.

How Akismet Protects You From Spam Comments

The main responsibility of Akismet plugin is that it protects your website or blog from all types of spam comments. One more thing I want to mention here is that the said plugin is installed by default. All you need to do is just go to your dashboard of your WordPress and activate it as well. Then go to Akismet website and get the key for verifying the plugin completely. This is the whole summary of this plugin.

Relation Between W3 Total Cache And Your Website

W3 total cache plugin is an excellent source for speed up your website. It improves the loading time of your blog or website. This plugin allows you a high speed browsing and by using this users are engrossed with you. The cache does everything for boost up your website speed.

Seo Ultimate Plugin For WordPress

This is another good Seo Plugin for WordPress. The good thing about this plugin is that you can disable the features that you don’t need. Some other benefits are that it resolves all the issues regarding optimizing errors 404. It also clears the issues 404 error, tags, open graph, autolinks, canonical, noindex, meta tags, slugs and much more. Due to this a huge WordPress community is using this plugin in their blogs.

Magical Qualities of JetPack Plugin for WordPress

The Jetpack Seo plugin has all the characteristics that should required in best Seo WordPress plugins. It provides bunch of functionalities which are very helpful in Seo aspects. For better understanding some of its enhanced features are mentioned below.

While using Jetpack plugin you don’t need any external editor. Because it has its own built-in graphical editor where you can easily shape out your photos and designs as well.

It is automatically sharing your website or blog on different social mediums as well as allows the readers to like the content of your website or blog.

The depth of this plugin is that it allows you to upload your blog through your email. It also covers the spell and grammar features. These are some extracts of this plugin. So, try it yourself for optimizing more.


These “best Seo WordPress plugins” provide a bunch of Seo options. Specially if you are a blogger they directly impact the ranking of your blog in search engines. Pro bloggers also use these in their websites or blogs and they highly recommend these for the visibility and the growing structure of their blog in search engines.

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