Noteworthy Role Of The Best Keywords For Seo In Blogging

Best Keywords For Seo
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Everyone keeps his/her secrets of success in lock and doesn’t want to open it and if you want to open that lock of success you just have to find the right key. Same here in blogging the key of success is its best keywords for Seo. These are basically the indicative or descriptive words or phrases to finding the other words or information which you want to describe in your niche. Through these words any blogger can access different search engines to get their desire results.

Best Keywords For Seo

For creating a well optimized content you need to have excellent key-words research. Because a very detailed content about the niche with eye-catching headlines are useless until you have the best keywords for seo in these. So, for successful journey of blogging the best selection of these words or phrases keep you on smooth driving. But at the initial stage if you select the wrong one, useless or irrelevant you will be on a rutted path on which you just find ditches and only destroy your effort as well as time.

So, in this article I will share you the kinds of key-words and how significantly you put the right keywords on right places to find the awesome result in SERPs.

You Need To Have Top Searched Keywords

As I have mentioned above that best keywords for seo plays very significant role for best optimization. So, its very necessary to choose wisely the relevant key-words because with the help of these when search crawlers crawl on your website or blog understand the main point of your content and index those pages. Not only search crawlers it also helps your traffic and visitors to understand the main purpose of your writing. So, We can say that they play as the strong base of your content or niche.

Types Of Keywords

Mostly the bloggers use only two types of key-words in their posts i.e long tail as well as short tail.

Short Tail Keywords

These are mostly consisting of only one or two words e.g “bounce rate”, you will find this phrase in high competition. So, its very difficult to get high ranked with these words because there is very tough competition with these words.

Long Tail Keywords

On the other hand these have more than two words thats why they are known as long tail for e.g if we talk about bounce rate then in long tail we have to write “reduce bounce rate”. Such phrases mostly come in low competition with high searches. So, its very easy to come on top rank or the 1st page of Google.

Significant Places Of Google Keywords

The significant way to optimize your blog post through keywords is that your key phrases should be in following mentioned places i.e your Page title, Url, Heading tags, In your content, Alt tag for images, Meta description etc. The presence of these best keywords for seo in page title is important because this title is shown in Web browsers and search results. In Url avoid using preposition and conjunctions direct put selected phrases which should be easily to adjust. These magical phrases are very beneficial in headings otherwise your whole content considered like newspaper article. Avoid keyword stuffing otherwise you’ll bury your whole content in these phrases. For this no quantity is required its better if you put 2% but in a most suitable manner that it looks natural. Don’t forget to use these one in your Alt tag for optimizing your images properly. In Meta description its very important to have the focused phrase because it is the morsel of your text which is shown in SERPs.

Google Keyword Planner

There are number of Seo tools which help you to get your desired key phrases which are relevant to your niche. Most of them are paid but here I tell you the most reliable and superb tool which is Google Keyword Planner and you can use it free of cost. Through this not only you’ll get the best keywords for seo but it will give you a complete report about its competition and searches as well. After getting the whole report you’ll select any long tail keyword with which has low competition with high searches. After selecting the key-phrases check their site on the first page. Target those one who has not good Alexa and PR. Because its very easy to come on good rank by targeted these words. While on the other hand if you select such key-phrases which are targeted by high Alexa and PR websites you cannot come on 1st page or get high rank. I have personally experience this tool and get awesome results.

Keyword Density

As you know that excess of everything is harmful same principle is applied in this scenario. Repetition and high quantity in a single post can easily penalized your blog and your all effort will be in vain. Remember never try to exceed 2% of your focused keyword. Only try to make your website or blog with rich-keyword. If you feel any confusion regarding this you can check it with Small Seo tools which give you complete details.


Wisely selection of best keywords for seo is very essential matter in blogging. Always select such key-words which are most relevant to your niche if you show any negligence or irresponsibility in this matter then you’ll destroy your blogging career with your own hands. Hope you’ll like my effort. If you have any queries then don’t hesitate to ask.

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  • Hello Muhammed,

    With all sincerity, I was someone who wasn’t all that interested in SEO until Akaahan recently guest posted on my blog throwing more light on it and here I am on your blog with another interesting insight.

    • Thanks Emmanuel,
      If you seriously engage with Seo then you’ll find it really very appealing and fascinating. Thanks for staying on my blog. Your precious feedbacks always encourages me to do more well work.

  • Well, that was wonder tips about SEO and keyword place. I think that conduct the keywords research and understand about the basic knowledge of keyword usage such density and other term of keywords is the right way to attract more traffic and avoid penalty of they search engine. Thanks for sharing..! 🙂

    • Thanks Kimsea, For stopping by to comment on my post. Of course if we have complete basic knowledge regarding keywords usage and its density then we can drive more traffic to our blog without any danger of penalization.

  • Hi Mairaj,

    There is no doubt that using keywords in your blog posts matter a lot.
    Many bloggers know the importance of using long tail keywords as Google prefer to show the blog posts with log tail keywords.

    Keyword density should be maintained. I have noticed many blog posts with keyword stuffing for which Google may penalize them.

    Using your keywords in the title is better for SEO.

    Thanks for raising this point.

    Enjoy your day.:)


    • Thanks Ravi for landing on my blog post. I am agree with you that many bloggers make their blog with great hard work but after few months they are penalized by Google because of keyword stuffing. So, all of us should take care about keywords.

  • Hi Muhammad,
    I must say that you indeed did justice to this all important topic, i am blessed by this post, i even saved it to read again and again, thank you so much Muhammad for this tutorials.

  • Hi Mairaj

    A very perfect post on significance of keywords.

    After a lot of changes in Google page rank criteria many people wrongly assume now keywords have lost their significance as they had a few years ago. It is a wrong notion and one needs to correct it.

    Keywords still have same level of importance and a post without them will not be noted by any search engine. Which means it will be deprived of the source of 90 per cent traffic at your blog.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post of huge value.

    • Thanks Mi, for such admiring comment. Keywords are the base of any blog. You cannot get your desire result without the basic any full knowledge of keywords because without keywords no one can get nice rank in Search engine. Also these are the words through which you can drive massive traffic on your blog.

  • Hi Muhammad,

    The role keyword plays in search engine optimization can’t be overemphasized. The most difficult aspect of content marketing is the ability to come up with profitable keywords based on search volumes, competition and bid amount.

    Keyword usage calls for great care. The excess use is highly dangerous. Search engine algorithm has become so smart to identify the subject point of your article even if the keyword is mentioned just only once. That is where variation of the keyword terms come in.

    Good luck

  • @Mairaj
    Well An Impressive Article By You, I was really impressed by this article and got to know about keywords,actually i am new in blogging and don’t know much about seo and keywords.
    by the way Thanks a lot

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