Easy Passport Size Photo Tutorial – Complete Guide

passport size photo tutorial

Well now in passport size photo tutorial I have tried to elucidate in an uncomplicated way that how efficiently individuals can create passport size photos in Photoshop instantly. I have earlier published a post on the same topic but in this tutorial you will learn something new in a very different style. Best Photos Resolution  … Read more

How To Create Metal Text Effect Photoshop – Easy Tutorial

Metal Text Effect Photoshop

As per my knowledge and experience in terms of Photoshop, today I have chosen another amazing Photoshop text effect which is indeed very popular. So, in this short video tutorial I’ll be showing you the exact way of creating metal text effect Photoshop in less than 5 minutes. The most important thing for me is that … Read more

Create Diamond Text Effect In Photoshop – Easy Tutorial

diamond text effect

Creating diamond text effect is not as much difficult as you think in Photoshop. Just couple of blending features will helps you to make amazing text effect instantly, and the right use and combination of blending features will amaze you. You can simply create thousands of best text effect in Photoshop. I have also included a diamond … Read more

How To Deal With Passport Size Photos In Adobe Photoshop

Passport Size Photos

Whenever we need to create passport size photos instantly the first thing which comes in our mind is to find a professional photographer or graphic designer who can nicely deal with images and produce high quality in his work. For this they charge form you but today’s tutorial is about making passport size photos in … Read more