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Easy Smooth Skin Photoshop Tutorial For Beginners

Smooth Skin
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Well, I am back with another splendid technique which is very helpful in Photoshop skin retouching. In this easy tutorial, I have practically demonstrated that how to smooth skin easily in Adobe Photoshop. Well, there are plenty of quick procedures In P.S which are used for skin softening.

Throughout the whole process always recall your mind one more time before using different P.S filters. Your portrait doesn’t lose the natural aspect that is your main priority. Indeed the image which you are working still retains the real skin texture. If you follow these simple principles then you are on right track.

Smooth Skin

How To Smooth Skin In Photoshop Complete Steps

  1. First of all, call out your favorite image into Photoshop. The very next step is to scrutinize the texture of skin because there are few things which you need to fix earlier. These fixes are in shape of blemishes on the face, wrinkles, scars, moles, acne, eye bags and dark circles under eye etc.
  1. To instantly repair these types of problems use Spot Healing brush tool or you can also go with Healing brush tool for the same purpose to smooth skin Photoshop. while using the brush on these areas which you need to fix. Make sure your brush size or not bigger than the blemishes.
  1. As you can see I have done this part nicely. Now I copied the background layer and change Blend Mode to Overlay. Press Ctrl + I to Invert >> Go to Filter Menu >> Other >> High Pass set the Radius: 11.0 and Press Ok.

  1. Once again go to Filter Menu >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur and Set Radius: 3.5 this time. Choose Eraser tool if you want more prominent eyebrows, eye and lips. Brush Opacity and Flow should be 100%. Now begin painting brush on these areas.
  1. Now activate the Layer Mask >> Alt + Add Layer Mask >> Choose a Soft brush with 100% Opacity. Set Foreground Color to White >> for soften skin use the brush properly as I have explicated in the tutorial.
  1. Do not apply the brush on darker areas means stay away from hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. You’ll see a nice impact on the image. To go more in-depth press Alt + Click to activate the Layer Mask option which makes it easy to see the missed spots.
  1. With this little trick, you can instantly set those facial areas which you have skipped before. Now you can decrease the opacity little bit.
  1. In our last step, I am going to add some shine to hair. Choose Dodge tool >> Brush >> Brush Range: Highlights >> Exposure: 33 % all the setting is now completed. Now paint the brush on those areas of hair where you need to add some shine.

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As you can see the final result still contains the natural skin texture. I have nicely maintained it while removing the skin imperfection. Because if I ignore these factors I am not able to get similar outcome indeed the skin looks very unrealistic.   

If you want the whole process quicker then I recommend you to create Photoshop actions. By using actions one can save our precious time because with the help of these you can get astounding results without wasting lots of time on a single image.


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