SendPulse Review: Modern Email Marketing Solution

Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Today I come up with a booming as well as best email marketing software called Sendpulse. It is indeed new in the online market but is in the list of spectacular email service providers. It was introduced for a mindset to help out different small and medium online businesses as per the demand of modern time.


Pro bloggers and affiliate marketer’s emphasis on email marketing because they are aware the worth of list building and their long lasting results. No matter how much excellent you are in Seo and content writing you must use all the prospective resources.

In this whole process, you didn’t ignore the vital role of list building because it’s a key to keep connected with potential customers, generate more leads, sales and instant commissions.

What Is Sendpulse?

Well, Sendpulse is one of the best modern emails marketing approach which is excellently programmed with the artificial intelligence into their every single feature. In fact, it directly makes a good impact on your every individual marketing campaign and gives an astonishing result more than your expectations.

It’s powerful AI system easily detects the user conduct and every single action which they will perform, features like Web push, SMS and SMTP make this service more dynamic. And it also improves the email open rate up to 30 % that the short introduction explores more in-depth. Read out the complete Sendpulse review.

Best SendPulse Review Along With Its Magical Features

  • Import Your List

If you are using other services and want to import your overall subscriber addresses which include emails, name, phone No, the method is pretty simple. For your convenience, I’ll embed a video, hope it provides help in this regard. Sendpulse supports CSV, XLS, XLSX file formats. Another vital part of this ESP is the personalization feature which gives a better direction to your marketing campaign.

It allows you to add different variables if you have more than one column in your file. Or you can do the same job though copying your addresses on a clipboard. Up to 10,000 contacts can be added easily in this way. Make sure every individual contact is in separate line; give spaces if there is extra information.

  • List Segmentation

Is a great methodology to segment or arrange the mailing list in a more suitable way as per your requirement and the criteria you define. Based on the interest of user behavior, geographic location, gender and much more you can fragment your list. Actually, this feature is fruitful to strengthen your email marketing approach to get more conversions, leads, clicks and email open rate.

  • A/B Testing

A/B -Testing is the process which is used to analyze and control the user behavior. By using this feature one can increase the list size as well as conversion rate. After A/B testing which is also known as bucket tests or split testing you can send emails to your subscribers.

AB-testing feature Sendpulse

With this single strategy, everybody can easily increase the number of clicks, subscribers, and email open rate.  As compare to big players this feature come up with their paid plans but Send-pulse provides this superlative feature in the free plan also.

  • Email Templates

Email Templates

Sendpulse comes up with a wide range of spectacular templates which are more than enough but if you want to create a manual design template you can do it simply by using its drag and drop template builder. One can modify and make some quick changes as per need. This handy feature gives complete control to edit text, buttons, heading each and every thing in a more convenient way.

  • Subscription Forms

It totally depends on you whether you go with its pre created subscription form templates or create a new one through form builder option. It will make it easy for you to instantly create captivated forms in different styles simply by using its drag and drop feature.

Sendpulse Subscription Forms

It gives you a complete control to choose a suitable color scheme, text elements and required fields which suit your website design. You don’t even require any knowledge of HTML, CSS or any other coding language.

Well, there is a mark difference between Mail Chimp subscription forms and Sendpulse bloggers. Who already experience Mail Chimp they are aware that if they want to make some important changes and try to stylize the look and feel they are in need to play with coding.

  • Autoresponder

Autoresponder - Sendpulse

This is one of my favorite features which you cannot get free from any existing ESPs but Send pulse provides this premium facility in their free plan also. Autoresponders allow users to send automated emails to their potential customers. It includes some significant information about their blog posts, affiliate offers, new product launches, eBooks’, video courses and much more. It’s a great weapon to collect more emails with little effort.

  • Integrations

Well, the integration process of send pulse is very simple same like GetResponse, Aweber and MailChimp. One can integrate it with numerous online services like WordPress, Typeform, Zaiper, Woo commerce and much more.

  • Resend To Unopened

As I said earlier that Sendpulse takes care of all small online businesses, affiliate marketers and novice bloggers. Generally, email marketing companies offer this feature in their premium plans but I brought into your kind notice that even if you are using its free plan you are entertained with this super awesome feature.

This option facilitates individuals a lot, to send them emails to those subscribers in your list which didn’t open your prior emails. So, you can instantly follow up those simply by using Resend to unopened option. Believe me, this is a magic which makes a good impact on overall email open rate.

  • Fast & Reliable SMTP Server

Sendpulse SMTP service is an awesome tool which is used to send bulk email messages anywhere in the world at great speed. These are the mailing server which allows you to send the unlimited amount of emails if you go with its paid plan but on the other hand up to 12,000 messages are free for monthly basis by using its free plan.

The good thing about SMTP servers is that these are more reliable and secure because it uses dedicated IPS which is great for the reputation of any sender, easy to integrate with different CMS and CRM. In addition to this DKIM and SPF technology is used in it for better deliverability of emails and to filter it from spam.

  • Web Push Notifications

Guys if you are using push notifications, believe me, one can easily target more visitors on our blog. With this simple approach, you can easily send different sort of notifications which are packed with little information. Up to 80 % devices and latest browsers are compatible with it.

Push notifications - Sendpulse

This incredible free web push notifications by Sendpulse are very appropriate to compel the visitors to read out the short message related to any new update about your website or blog.  

  • Bulk SMS

Sendpulse also offers individual and bulk SMS service which is also good to strengthen your marketing campaign. Currently, one can send SMS messages up to 200 countries worldwide which include more than 800 networks. The global reach, as well as the SMS delivery speed, is super amazing you can also schedule the whole automation process and set specific time/date effectively.

  • Provide In-depth Analytics Report

Sendpulse analytics report

SendPulse delivers comprehensive statistics report regarding your email campaign. To vigil on every aspect concerning sent emails, one must focus and keep a close eye on every single metrics to analyze the campaign analytics report.

To manage the whole process easier for more quality results, you can use its powerful options like Campaign statistics, Open by location, Click map, Devices, Error statistics for tracking the number of clicks, Geo location, opened and unopened emails, subscription rate and much more. Another interesting mechanism is that you can also use it with Google Analytics to track the in-depth user behavior.

  • Spectacular Customer Support

Along with its superlative service, they provide responsive as well as incredible customer support to their users. All the team is very much dedicated who work hard day and night for the sake of their clients. It’s 24/7 C/S is always ready to resolve the problems. All you need to do is make a phone call, live chat or contact through email.

The dashboard also contains some useful videos which provide more ease to its users that how effectively use this incredible service without facing any problem. Technical support section contains FAQs and knowledge base tab which is handy to instantly resolve the problems which you are facing while using this Sendpulse. For further quires, you can contact them through phone.

Pricing Plan

In fact, there are already many best email service providers are available but because of their huge pricing, starters didn’t get benefit from it. In this scenario, your only choice should be SendPulse because it takes care of its valued customers and provides an astounding solution on a very low pricing levels which is damn easy to avail its magnificent service without facing any financial issues. 

Sendpulse pricing plan


In this Sendpulse review, I am trying to illuminate the every single feature comprehensively that how to use them all in an effective way and how to get benefit from these. Sendpulse totally reshapes the email marketing industry which is a good initiative in my opinion. Now there is no more excuse for any blogger, Affiliate marketer and Seo expert to avoid such an amazing platform.


SendPulse Review
  • The future of email marketing which helps you in maximizing more open rate.
  • Provide more ease to instantly increase the size of your list.
  • Deliver detailed analytics report regarding clicks, devices, location, unopened emails and much more.
  • Up to 2500 subscribers with 15,000 emails one can send on each month totally free by using its free plan.
  • Gives you the opportunity to use all its paid tools under the free plan.
  • You can also manage your whole mailing campaign simply by installing its Mobile App on your Phone.
  • Currently, it doesn’t have webinar marketing support.


It is indeed a good indicator for those online marketers who didn’t start email marketing yet. So, don’t waste your precious time let’s join Sendpulse.

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Muhammad Mairaj

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  • Hello Mairaj,

    Sendpulse looks very promising to me. I am learning about it for the very first time over your blog.

    It sounds like there is going to help a transformation into the e-mail marketing. Actually the era we are in, is changing
    day by day. New things are coming and they are getting over the old ones.

    I am looking forward to grab my hands upon this new cool application

    Thanks for the share.


    • Hello Shantanu,

      Yes, you are right this is an incredible email marketing tool which is used to send bulk emails as well as list building purpose. It is in fact fully fledged with AI, which makes it easy for us to increase email open rate up to 30 % and to instantly get more subscribers.

      Try out Sendpulse and share your thoughts about this awesome service.

      Keep in touch with our blog for more useful information 🙂

      Warm Regard’s


  • Hello
    This time you come up with a different post but very informative. Happy to know about sendplus and amazed to know its features.

    I mostly use mailchimp for e-mail marketing, it is very easy to use. But, after knowing the features of sendpulse I am going to use this one.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen verma

    • Hi Praveen,

      Welcome to etutorialblog once again, same here I also use MailChimp in past but now I am using Sendpulse because as compared to MailChimp it’s easier to use and it also provides free customer support even if you are using its free plan.

      Thanks for your lovely comment Praveen, hope to see you again 🙂

      Warm Regard’s


  • Hello Mairaj,
    The best approach for any blogger is to choose qualitative tools for their blogs. You have written an epic Sendpulse review in which you have shared with us its whole features nicely.
    No doubt this is another great addition in email marketing industry. I’ll definitely try this awesome tool and share my thoughts with you in future.
    Keep sharing ?
    Fahad Mirza

    • Hi Fahad,

      Well, this is a premium email marketing service but one can also get benefit from its free plan with few limitations. I have written an exclusive Sendpulse review in which I have tried to share each and every thing in detail that how it can be helpful for better email marketing campaign.

      Thanks for your lovely comments, hope to see you again buddy 🙂



    • Hello Chery,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Sendpulse is one of the best email marketing software which is very easy to setup. By using this awesome email marketing tool bloggers and affiliate marketers get lots of benefits in shape of promoting their valuable products, courses, e-books as well as their latest posts.

      It is an excellent way to collect more emails get more clicks and much more. try out this tool and share your thoughts in comments section.



  • Hi Mairaj,

    I hadn’t heard of SendPulse before, and I currently use GetResponse.

    As I was reading your SendPulse review I was thinking, ah yes but does it do xyz? In each case there was a good answer.

    SendPulse looks to be a very credible and affordable alternative to GetResponse and (presumably Aweber) – especially for those just starting an online business.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • Hello Joy,

      I welcome you on etutorialblog once again and thanks for reading a detailed Sendpulse review. Well, as compared to other big names of email marketing industry Sendpulse come up with lots of awesome features with affordable price.

      Thanks for your lovely comment, hope to see you again 🙂



  • You did a very good review, Muhammad
    SendPulse seems to be a great alternative to GetResponse, which I use, and many others. This is the first time I hear about and you did describe all
    the useful feature.
    Thank you

    • Hello Erika,

      Welcome once again on etutorialblog, I am glad that you liked Sendpulse review. Well this is an incredible email marketing service and one of the best alternative of GetResponse and many others.

      Many thanks for your lovely comment 🙂

      Keep visiting

      Warm Regard’s


  • Hi Muhammad,

    Thanks for sharing this article about SendPulse ! I wans’t awar about SendPulse.

    Muhammad do this SendPulse offer to send bulk email ? I want to send bulk email, So will it be good or not ?

    • Hi Monika,

      Welcome to my blog, yes one can send bulk emails by using SendPulse and it is an excellent service. If you want to know more about this qualitative email marketing solution you can simply create a free account, up to 2500 subscribers and 15 thousand emails one can send free for each month.

      Many thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts about Sendpulse, hope to see you again 🙂

      Warm Regard’s


    • Hi Robin,

      First of all, thanks for your comment on etutorialblog. I personally use this service on my blog and I am fully satisfied with this incredible email marketing solution. You should definitely try this at least one time to know about its magical features.

      Keep visiting ETB for more awesome reviews 🙂

      Warm Regard’s


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