Ever Green Tips OF Search Engine Optimization For Passionate Bloggers

search engine optimization
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

At the present situation in search engine optimization every blogger desires to know that what are the possible techniques which help them to rank their blogs in top search engines. So, I am going to share with you some productive ways.

Amazing Content Writing Tips

The most spectacular way to present your blog is to create fresh content with exceptional ideas. Give preference that the information you provide is useful, different and unstolen from others blogs. If you are found with similar kind of activities than your website or blog should be blacklisted in the list of Google.

search engine optimization

Before writing an article you need a proper research about the topic which you have to choose to pen down. You have to pay attention to the interest of the readers of your blog that what they actually want. Pick up an excellent topic which is most demanding.

Always try to write in simple way and avoid grammatical mistakes. If you fulfill the demand of interested readers of your blog and share something different and exclusive than definitely they would be eager to read more about your blog and this practice will help you to decrease the bounce rate of your blog effectively.

Proper Keyword Insertion

Everybody knows its significance in search engine optimization. While creating any blog or website the more important element is to add few keywords which are relevant to their website or niche. You are in need to find some impressive phrases all the way through keyword research tools which take some time subsequent to that you need to place them into their appropriate positions.

Below I mentioned some places where you can put it for satisfactory results.

If you have a blog in WordPress then you would be definitely aware of the plugin SEO by Yoast. It can assist you to optimize your post properly. By using this plugin you can add keyword into your URL, Title, Body of your content, Meta keywords, Meta description and Alt tag as well. And don’t forget to use keywords in your heading and subheadings also.

Below I mentioned some tools that can help you out to find some quality keywords.

  • Long tail Pro
  • Ubber Suggest

Optimum Link Building Techniques

You’ll study thousands of articles on the subject of link building that how to build relationship with other blogs. No doubt it plays a very imperative role but due to some new changes in search engine optimization you must understand how to acquire links which is constructive in this scenario because if you constantly create links without considering the right ways then absolutely your whole effort goes in vain. You should also face Google penalty.

So, you should be more careful while creating links also select well reputed and authority websites which is relevant to your website/blog. And never ever try to buy links, this will never give you any remarkable results but it will destroy your whole work.

It is mostly observed that the beginners step in blogging they madly creates links day and night and this is the worst mistake and everyone should try to avoid these mistakes.

If you work under the prescribed guidelines of Google in natural way then you don’t need to afraid about any algorithm of Google or its penalty.

Your only focus should be to get valuable link with Authority websites which should be lesser in quantity but higher regarding quality. Below I mentioned some top ways which helps you out to acquire links from others websites.

  • Blog commenting
  • Guest posting
  • Forum Posting
  • Submitting your article on article directories
  • Directory submissions
  • Get links through video uploading platforms like YouTube. Daily motion, Vimeo
  • Get links from Q&A (Quora and Yahoo-Answers)

What Is Search Engine Optimization Exactly

search engine optimization is the combination of collective techniques by using these techniques one can rank his/her websites in major search engines. Infact these methods are very accommodating for getting targeted traffic worldwide. If I’ll go in further details for your ease then you can say that this is the battle between websites. In this battle every webmaster wants to obtain some remarkable positions in SERPs.

Indeed this is the need of modern era. Due to these circumstances most of the top companies trying to approach Seo professionals who are efficiently dealing with different search engines accordingly, they know its criteria and they know how to promote any business online, and what strategies they should adopt for the betterment of particular website or blog.

With the help of these techniques they generate quality results afterword and satisfy their valuable clients. One can see a big change in his/her online business. With the passage of time the number of visitors is increasing rapidly which is referred through various search engines and this is the great source of organic traffic.

This is the great weapon for webmasters; this may help them for the visibility of their websites in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Through this they can easily boost up their business in all over the world it will give the new identity to your online business. People will know you and they would be interested to know more about you and what you are dealing with, this method will help you to find customer from all over the world.

How A Beginner Can Do Seo Without Losing A Single Penny

Well as I mentioned earlier that top companies approaches Seo professional for the visibility of their websites in numerous search engines by doing this companies pay for that but if the beginners starting with a fresh blog they don’t have a budget then what should they do? You don’t need to be dishearten, what you have to do is to follow these necessary guidelines that will assist you to get suitable result.

  • Buy a premium WordPress theme which is Mobile friendly
  • Write Quality and lucid Content
  • Add keywords in It and avoid stuffing
  • Update Your Blog Consistently
  • Submit your Website in Major Search engines.
  • Submit the xml site map
  • Find excellent keyword.
  • Link building
  • Promote your blog post on social media
  • Use SEO Plugin by Yoast.

The key issue is how long the bloggers should continue their journey according to the guidelines of Search engine optimization. It is pretty simple don’t select the wrong ways like black hat techniques because as soon it will raise the ranking of your website or blog but when coming into account of Google you’ll have to face Google penalty

So, it’s better to move by using White hat techniques. Although, it is time consuming but the result which you get after giving your best would be more impressive. The success achieved by using fake ways would be temporary.

Useful Seo Tools

If you want to be familiar with each and every aspect of your blog regarding Search engine optimization, the position of your keywords its Pagerank, Links, Brokenlinks, DA and PA etc then these are some useful tools through which you’ll get the necessary details of Seo.

  • Google Page Speed Insights
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster tool
  • Google Keyword Planner tool

If you want to study more about these tools in detail then read this post top list of free seo tools for best optimization of blogs

Role Of Social Media

After creating a blog the most important aspect is to become a part of different social media. No doubt this is the biggest source of traffic. According to the other methods like link building it will assist you to increase the authority of your blog but a risk factor may also involved if you are going with low quality and irrelevant websites.

So, if you are not active on Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest,, Myspace, Facebook, Google Plus then you are wasting lots of your traffic Because now Google has more powerful algorithms. Which have a sharp eye on your social media activities. In addition to this these mediums work as backbone to raise the ranking to your website or blog.


So, I have discussed few tips regarding Search engine optimization. Hope these would be useful for you. Waiting for your opinion. Do share this post with your friends on social media.

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