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What Is The Role Of Html Language In Web Designing

Html Language
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Html is spectacular web language which is used worldwide for the purpose of creating the structure of websites. It is also known as Hyper Text Markup Language. Infact it is the first web language. Every individual who wants to be a web designer or to know html language, it is complementary for him to understand the coding structure in depth and detail.

Html Language

It was introduced by Tim Berners – Lee in early 1990s. With the passage of time and efforts of individuals lots of modifications and versions came on screen. The most enhanced features of html language are held by the latest version html5.

Being a web designer the most important thing which should not be neglected at any cost is that you should have basic knowledge of several web languages. Apart from that the first step is that you must be familiar with all the inner attributes of html, you must know that how to deal with codes.

Never Give up

Most of the newbie’s think that the coding structure of html language is very complex and due to these circumstances they give-up and left their learning process in middle of their learning session. According to my prospective this is the worst mistake and most of the beginners are use to of doing it. So you guys avoid these kinds of silly mistakes. All what you have to do is that you have to work with dedication and hardwork.

Some About Basic Html Tags

Most of html language tags are used with the combination of pairs means starting and closing tags. In simple words it separates your plan text into html code. It works with the combination of several codes called tags which you need to type on notepad++ or you can pick up some sort of html editor which can definitely helps you to write your tags in easy manner. You can save this file with .html extension. This will help the browser to understand the code and result in visual form.

Have A Look What Does Html Mean?


Well whenever you browse any website you find some links. And after that when you click on any link it will brings you to the other page which is also linked with the said website or blog this is called hypertext, also known as hyperlinks in html language.


Markup means the systematic arrangement of symbols or characters which one can insert on different places in a text representing the final appearance of the file when it is displayed.


Being language html is consisted of syntax and code words similar to other languages.


Computer is a nonflexible machine need specific data to get expected consequences or results. And this specified data is called syntax. As we know that spelling and grammar are building blocks of any language and these building blocks in specified pattern are referred as syntax.

Why Html Coding Is Important For Bloggers

Today’s trend is that people are use to of using different web editors instead of using manual coding and they are taking support of CMS without knowing it properly. To my knowledge the use of html editors is beneficial to save time but for professionals, it’s essential to have a complete grip on custom coding.

Similarly most of the bloggers think that they have enough experience in different content Management system (CMS) they create websites without knowing a single piece of html code with the ease provided by different CMS and its Plugins.

But when you create a website as per demand of your client then you must understand it properly. So in this scenario you are able to make changes according to the will of your client otherwise its difficult for you make any change in it.


I hope this piece of information is helpful for you. And I am pretty much sure that after reading this article you guys definitely overcome your mistakes which you have done in your past. In this article I am trying to highlight html language through which everyone can better understand about it. So keep in touch with our blog for further updates. And don’t forget to share your feedbacks in comment.

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