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How To Remove Eye Bags & Dark Circles In Photoshop – Easy Tutorial

Remove Eye Bags
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Guys if you are interested to remove eye bags or dark circles in Photoshop then don’t go anywhere else. Because this incredible eye bag removal Photoshop tutorial is good enough to understand all the secret methodologies which are used to immediately eradicate dark circle in Photoshop.  

In earlier tutorials, I have shared some amazing Photoshop skin retouching and beauty retouching techniques. You can take maximum advantage from those and start selling your services as a professional photo editor or beauty retouching expert online and offline. 

Remove Eye Bags

Step 1

If you want to know how to remove bags under eyes and dark circles in Photoshop. Let’s follow the simple tutorial to go through. Make a new copy of your main image and activate Patch Tool from the toolbar. Now circle around the area which you need to fix immediately. By using this trick one can deal with eye bags or dark circles very easily.

Step 2

After circle around the eye bag or dark circle click and drag that selection to some finer skin tone which helps them to reduce the dark area under the eye.

Step 3

For more accuracy in this procedure, one can take advantage of Fade Patch Selection option. Go to Edit Menu and click on it or press (Shift + Ctrl + F) from your keyboard to activate them instantly.

Step 4

Now reduce the opacity little bit by using Fade option, because this is a very handy trick to blend with skin color or fade the edges of your selection.

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Step 5

Replicate the same process where needed, because this strategy is significant to remove eye bags or dark areas under an eye. As you can see how nicely I have done this job. Now turn off your copied layer to check out the before and after.

Step 6

Duplicate your copied layer once again and select Clone Stamp Tool >> change Sample: to Current Layer Mode: Lighten. Now take a sample of skin tone by using clone stamp. Press the Alt key and start painting in the area under the eye.

Step 7

As you can see the skin tone which I picked through clone stamp tool and started painting below eye looks very unrealistic. Don’t panic, reduce the opacity as per your subject demand and merge your top layer to enjoy the final result.

Apparent Reasons Of Dark Circles And Eye Bags

Regular intoxication Smoking, too much use of alcohol, lack of sleep, allergy, less water intake, stress, aging factor, and numerous health issues are some of the main reasons for these problems.

To overcome this situation and to fix the darker & fatty skin tissues under the eye, people try different surgical and non-surgical procedures to get rid of this problem instantly.

These anti-aging treatments are ideal to eradicate extra wrinkled and fatty skin under the eye.  That’s why these are quite expensive because it slows down the aging element and helps you out to looks younger.

Home Remedies For Dark Circle Eye Bag Removal

If you don’t want different cosmetics and surgical treatments then you can also take advantage of different home remedies to remove eye bags instantly. Keep away yourself through all sort of salty foods. Drink enough water on a regular basis.

Use of potato or cucumber slices is also a great source in this regard. It’s necessary that the slices are completely chilled. Now place them on your both eye and relax up to 20 minutes.

Egg white is another powerful source to fix bloated skin under the eye. Apply them simply by using your hands and wait for 10 to 15 minutes then wash out your face. This procedure is very effective for tighten up the baggy skin area.

Don’t forget to moisturize your whole face on a daily basis; the skin under the eye is quite sensitive. So, in this way, everybody can easily protect his or her skin in a long run.


After following these 7 easy steps of P.S tutorial one can easily remove bags under eyes. Don’t go with numerous complicated procedures. Try out this easy guide to remove eye bags and dark circle. If you still need my assistance and facing any problem while implementing this method. Ask me your queries through the comment section.       

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