How You Can Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Blog Effectively

reduce bounce rate
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Dear readers today I am going to discuss that how you can reduce bounce rate of your blog. It is the most important factor of your blog through which every blogger whether new or pro is suffering. Everyone wants to get rid of that. It is basically the blood of your blog and if the blood pressure was high means the end is near same like BP your BR also should be average or low.

reduce bounce rate

What Is Bounce Rate Of Your Blog

Everyone is crying for traffic that how they increase their traffic but forget the most important element that how they convince their visitors to have a nice stay at their blog. This is actually bounce rate of your blog. It means your blog’s per page sessions. In simple it can be explain as the number of visitors who visit on your page but left your blog without going on other pages because they can’t find what they are searching for. So, its very important that we should make such websites or blogs which engage the users and fulfill their demands. You can check it with the help of a tool known as Google Analytics it will show you the actual bounce rate of every page. Now the question raises that how we engage our users on our blog and have great conversions which will surely decrease it. Below are few tips through which you can reduce bounce rate of your blog effectively.

Keep Content Fresh To Reduce Your Blog’s Bounce Rate

Always update your blog on regularity basis.  Means there are some older posts and you didn’t make any fresh changes in that particular post this will make your readers annoy. They will open your blog when look the old content still appearing and haven’t find new information regarding content they will probably leave the blog without going on other pages which will surely raise it. For this purpose you should write quality content with more interlinks with previous posts. If you have any old posts update them with little new and fresh informations. If your content is too much lengthy break it in small paragraphs with suitable headings. Because user wants to read a detailed article not a newspaper article.

Reduce High Bounce Rate With Design and load time

The second important factor which puts very positive effects on it is the loading time of your blog as well as the appearance of your blog. Most of the newbie’s don’t care about these two factors through which they face a serious problem regarding bounce rate They use heavy images without compressing it , as well as they use flash content. Due to this the website or blog takes more time to open and the visitors don’t have any spare time to wait. So, that the visitors immediately choose someone else. For this you should use such theme or templates design which is easy to navigate and user friendly. Also your design should be attractive or eye-catching so your visitors should be bound to stay and explore more on your blog which is definitely helpful to reduce bounce rate of your blog.

Your Blog Should Be Mobile Friendly

Now a days everyone is in hurry and tries to save his time so they mostly access mobile devices as compare to regular desktop devices. So, your blog should be mobile friendly i.e. its design or template and your content should be very clear and simple enough to that people who use such devices. For this one you should buy responsive theme or template. So, the mobile users can easily access your blog.

Internal linking Is Surely Helpful In Average Bounce Rate

This is the most important element which is very helpful to reduce bounce rate of your blog. It helps a lot to engage the visitors on your blog. Try to interlink decently. If you visit some well known websites you will see that they make some decent interlinking in a page. This will also help you in boost up your search engine ranking.  Moreover it also helps the readers to find more relevant topics on other pages.

Decrease Your Website Bounce Rate By Related posts

It is also very beneficial if you use WordPress plugins or SEO smart like plugin to link your post with your desire keywords. This will very nice tip to reduce bounce rate. Because if a reader reads your article he wants more informations regarding same topic. Always show your related post based on category and tags. Because as closely post is related more and more chances of clicks are open.

Avoid Using Popups

The very basic thing which plays very important role to increase the bounce rates is Pop-up ads. These are very awful for users as they disrupt their reading experience. The visitors are totally annoyed with such types of Ads. You can use such ads only when you are using Bounce Exchange. It uses mouse tracking technology which identifies when a user is about to bounce then it shows popup to reduce it .But this is not good to use. Another thing that it is also very expensive so the newbie’s can’t afford it. For this I only suggest you to avoid popup ads at any cost.

Always Use Tab Browsing

This is another basic cause to increase the bounce rate of your blog. Mostly bloggers are unaware to the importance of tabbed browsing. So a large number of people come to your site are by clicking on external links to your post. Now all pro bloggers offer tab browsing system so all the external websites should be opened in new window tab. For this you can also use different Top WordPress plugins which automatically open all the new blogs in new windows separately. Or you can do this easily by simply add target=”_blank” into the link’s <a> tag. So for example; <a href=”” target=”_blank”>anchor text</a>.by this you can easily reduce bounce rate.

Avoid Wrong Marketing Strategies

According to my little experience I have seen that mostly newbie’s did this mistake. Means most of the newbie’s are trying to promote article on Facebook as well as different social media platforms with wrong strategy. They send the invitation to those Facebook members who don’t have any relation directly or indirectly to their niche. When they got the invitation they open the link and found a totally new thing which flies over their head they can’t understood even the definition portion. So, they at once skip your blog. So, be alert always add those members in your friends who are relevant to your field and are helpful for the growth of your blog.

International Traffic

As I have mentioned in one of above para that your content should be very clear. Make your content as much interesting as you can so that your readers do not feeling bore while reading and are engage with your blog. But the main problem is that either you have write very good and interesting topic and your focused language is English so how the other visitors who are Spanish , French or related any other international languages understood what you are conveying. They visit your blog and leave it on one click i.e. exit. Automatically it is dangerous for your blog. So, install the WPML to translate your blog according to the demand of visitors. By this your blog will get some international traffic which will surely reduce bounce rate of your blog.

Adding Video Is Helpful For Good Bounce Rate

Another vital tip for bloggers who are facing mentioned problem is to add video on their blog though which user is engage and stays more on your website or blog. Make such videos which are helpful to the users in learning more and more. As the users search the blogs which are very informative and having more process of learning. Through video tutorials they can easily understand what they want to learn. So, on such blogs people visit more and more by this you got many benefits e.g your Google Page Rank is increase as well as Alexa traffic rank is also increase dramatically and automatically reduce bounce rate of your blog.


The best Bounce rate is below 40% , normal or average is up to 70 % and over 70 % is dangerous for your blog. So, always try to reduce bounce rate of your blog otherwise you will face a lot of failure in blogging. In this article I suggest such tips which are helpful to decreasing it. If you have some other relevant tips in your mind share with us. Feel no hesitation to ask any question in comment section.

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