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Realistic Water Splash Tutorial Photoshop – Easy Guide

realistic water splash
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

If you want to create realistic water splash in Photoshop then follow this step by step procedure. Guys this is a fabulous effect which you can easily create in a couple of minutes by using any Photoshop version without facing any difficulty. In our earlier article I have shared with you the easiest method to create barcode but today I am going to cover another special effect.

Water splash effect is pretty much popular, most of the time different cold drinks, juices and beauty soap companies use realistic water splash in different extraordinary ways in their TV Commercials and numerous types of brand promotion activities.

realistic water splash

Companies make their full effort to provide excellent quality because of the huge competition with other well-known brands. So, they promote their product with proper branding, focused in Better TV commercials along with other print mediums.

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Keep in mind there are several ways to make the water splash. Graphic designers use different techniques as per their ease. So, they can also use splashbrush in different scenarios. Below are few of the steps to create realistic water splash in Photoshop.

Easy Realistic Water Splash Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1

Make a new Photoshop file with 1280 x 720 Pixels dimensions >> as usual I set the Resolution to 72 Pixel/Inch >> Choose Color Mode: RGB 8 bit >> Background Contents: Transparent and Press Ok.

Step 2

Now I am going to call out the png image which is, in fact, the image of our model. As it is in your P.S canvas which I have shown in the video tutorial.

Step 3

Choose your 1st layer and click on Create new fill or adjustment layer Option in layers section and then select a Solid Color # 010101 and Press Ok.

Step 4

Now go to your image layer and Add Layer Mask >> Press Y key on your keyboard or choose History brush from the toolbar. Make sure the Mode: is Normal Opacity: 33 % Flow: 100% and 45 Pixel Brush with 0 % Hardness.

Decrease the size of the brush and move it on the edges of the hairs like I have shown in the video.

Step 5

It’s time to add realistic water splash image on our workspace. So, open it separately In Photoshop. One must need to drag that image into our main layer simply by using Move tool.

Always retain in mind, proper placement matters a lot in water splash effect Photoshop. Once you have place it on appropriate position, select again your Model layer then go to Image Menu >> Adjustments >> Hue/Saturation >> Edit: Master >> Saturation >> – 43 and Press Ok.

Step 6

Click on your water splash Photoshop layer and Add layer mask one more time then select the brush from the toolbar go to brush properties and select 45 Pixel soft brush with 20 Pixel Master Diameter >> 0 % Hardness>> Mode: Normal >>Opacity 63 % then slightly use it on the edges of the PNG splash image.

Now I will change the Opacity up to 23 % and rest of the settings will be same, reduce the brush size and use it in the same way. If you find any confusion in it then watch out the video with full concentration. Once you have done this part properly, follow the next step.

Step 7

Create a new layer and click on Create new fill or adjustment layer icon >> Solid Color # e1ba97 >> Ok. Set Blend Mode to Soft Light >> Opacity should be around 73 % for more realistic water splash look. I am simply going to change the Background # eed5cd.


In this easy water splash Photoshop tutorial, I have elucidated all the steps in detail that how to make this amazing effect in P.S. Hope you guys will find it more valuable. If so, then do share it with your friends on social media and drop your precious suggestions in the comments section.

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