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Realistic Tears Photoshop Tutorial – Quick Video Guide

Realistic tears
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Realistic tears Photoshop is a prodigious effect. I love this technique a lot. I really enjoy the every single step which is used to make this incredible tears effect very easily in PS. Nobody even judges that the tears which are shown in your photo are fake, it looks 100 % real.

That’s the beauty of this superlative Adobe graphics application called Photoshop. Even you too can create this cool effect by yourself after watching out this step by step tutorial.

Realistic tears

So, I immediately going to demonstrate that how to make tears effect in photoshop. The exact strategy which I have used myself to accomplish realistic tears effect with the help of some layer styles and blending features. You too can easily make these types of realistic tears swiftly by a little effort.

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Another important thing which I would like to say is that you need to be very précised. Means do not use a bigger brush because it will ruin your whole work. Only follow the steps which I have done in this video tutorial if you want that your Photoshop tears look natural.

Photoshop Realistic Tears Effect – Step By Step Tutorial

Step No. 1                                                                                                       

Open up your graphics application Photoshop and call out your desired image on your canvas. In my case, I am using a free image of a model which I am getting from the internet. But you can apply realistic tears on your own photo or different celebs images it’s totally up to you.

Step No. 2

Once you have chosen the image the next step is to click on create a new layer button for creating a blank layer. Now choose a Brush tool from the toolbar and adjust the Brush size up to 12 PX >> Hardness should be around 51 % >> Mode:  Normal and Opacity: is 100 %.

Step No. 3

Set the foreground color to dark black and draw a shape like tears drop. Click out, below the area of the eye and then reduce brush size a little bit then move upwards the same step is repeated one more time with more smaller size brush. If you find any difficulty to understand the process then you must watch out the video guide.

Step No. 4

For making your effect more professional you need to set the Layers Mode to Screen and Opacity: 85 %. Then Double click on the blank layer for using different layer styles with the help of Blending Options: Choose Drop Shadow here you need to reduce the Blend Mode: Multiply >> Opacity up to 16 %, Distance: 3 PX, Spread: 5 %, Size: 2 PX.

Step No. 5

The only thing which you have to set in Inner Shadow: is Opacity set them to 16 % and do not touch any other setting.

Step No. 6

Now I am going to apply a very important layer style that is Bevel & Emboss. Here in this feature, I am gonna play with different options. Set the Depth: up to 65 % choose Cone – Inverted option through Gloss Contour >> Highlight Mode: Screen >> Opacity is 100 % this time. Shadow Mode: Lighten >> Opacity: 86 %.

Step No. 7

For completing our tears effect in a more realistic way I choose a Brush from the toolbar with 8 PIX Mode: Normal >> Opacity: 51 % and click at the middle of tears drop and move upwards for creating a path. When you will complete this step you will feel the difference it looks like a real one.

Step No. 8

Set the foreground color to white and choose a brush of 3 PIX and draw lines as I have shown in the video. Once you have completed this step then Go to Filter Menu >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur 1.7 Pixels. With this, we will be done an amazing effect instantly and effectively.


This tears effect photoshop tutorial is very handy for those individuals who want to make their photos with realistic crying effect.  So, the one who wants to inspire their social circle with their outstanding PS skills can get benefit from this cool effect.

Hope, this quick guide makes it easy for all of you who want to add tears to photo online without any difficulty. Guys share your opinions about this post in comments and don’t forget to share it on all of your social media profiles with your friends.

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