How You Can Dramatically Increase Blog Traffic

increase blog traffic
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Today I am going to disclose the biggest secret about blogging. To make a blog is not a big deal its like a body but without soul. As you know without soul body is nothing just a dead body. To make it alive soul is very important. Same like blogging the soul of a blog is its traffic. Mostly newbies have faced problems when they started a new blog that they can’t bring traffic to their blogs and soon they dishearten and left the journey of blogging. For those guys I presented the simplest techniques to increase blog traffic. So, you must be follow these steps and get fruitful results. Don’t waste time let’s get started.

increase blog traffic

How To Boost Blog Traffic Through Domain Name

The main thing for the website or blog’s recognition and popularity is its domain name which plays very vital role. As you know mostly website’s name ends up on .com. So, try to purchase such domain that has .com name. Because such websites has already familiar to the visitors. Try to buy easy and reliable domain. Its very good if you purchase it for a year. Because mostly bloggers has initially financial problems and they can’t afford per month deduction. Remember that it is the very first thing to increase blog traffic. Traffic always comes to such websites or blog who has attractive and short domain name.

Your Design Increases The Blog Traffic

A famous quote is “a person can be judge by its personality”. Your getup plays very important role in your personality grooming same like designing of a blog or website is very important to attract the visitors of your blog. If you have beautifully designed and user friendly website then its easy to the visitors to access your blog frequently. There are many companies which sell very beautiful and decent templates in a very low rate. Its possible to all of you to purchase such template which suits your blog and has nice look. As much as visitors impressed by the blog as much as you increase blog traffic referred by different well known search engines.

Content Is The Source Of Massive Traffic

Articles are basically the taste of your blog. Well written articles are no doubt appreciated all over the world. If your article is unique well written having no spell and grammatical mistakes, with all the aspects of article writing will definitely increase blog traffic. Just remember choose the topic wisely write at least 800 words with full of information. Try to describe your personal experiences as well use simple sentences avoid repetition. If you will act on these tips then surely get awesome results of your blog.

Get Instant Traffic Through Videos

As you know people like visuals so their interests are diverting from content to video. This is also a great source to increase blog traffic. Make a video or tutorial related to your blog topic. Make it as interesting and informative as you can. Then upload your video to YouTube because this is the 2nd largest video search engine with it you can also upload your video on Viddler, Daily motion, as well as many other video websites. This is the greatest source to generate free traffic for your blog. The another benefit of video with your content is that when you add the video on your blog visitors definitely have some stay on your blog through this your bounce rate is automatically decrease.

Importance Of SEO

Search engine Optimization is basically the energy of your website. For this purpose you have to submit your blog on all major search engines. Another thing which is very important in this scenario is submitting of site Map. If you do proper on page and off page SEO and all other aspects i.e. Quality content, linkbuilding with some well known websites, SEO Plugins, always focus density factor of your keywords as well as proximity and prominence. Then no one stops you to increase blog traffic. Dear visitors I recommend you to use wordpress for your blog as I have used it personally and having awesome results because it covers almost all aspects of SEO.

How To Improve Blog Traffic By Social Integration

For the publicity of any website social media plays the most important role. There are many social media platforms among them the most popular are Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, twitter, Redit,, Google+, Dilicious. Make your blog and use these platforms for the publicity of your blog. There are a lot of people present on social media you just need to select groups which are relevant and interested in your post. Then share your post with the help of social networking buttons. The more people will come to your blog the more you got better result. For this you cannot neglect the role of social media as it is the biggest factor to increase blog traffic.

Join Forums For Quality Traffic

Now a days to get more traffic is not a big deal. People use different methods for this purpose. All you need is just to use right strategies. Among these joining forums is a great source. There are different forums you just choose such forums that are relevant to your blog. Be active on your forum make relations with different members reply their questions. Share your opinion on different boards and threads. Add your blog link in your signature. It is the greatest source of traffic for your blog with little effort.

Leaving Comments To Get More Visitors

It is same like above that you have to put your name and your blog name infront of online community. So, that they become familiar with your blog for this purpose commenting is the best source. Go on other’s blog leave comments there by this they will come on your blog also. By doing this those blogs will give you nofollow links. I recommend you to comment on such blogs who unable commentluv plugin because the link you get by these blogs are dofollow links. Always try to comments positive and interesting way. By this you will surely increase blog traffic within a few days.

Having loyal Relation With Visitors

As you know that readers or visitors are the backbone of your blog strength. If you make a beautiful blog with all the things required by SEO. But unable to bring visitors then your all effort will be in vain. So visitors are very important. Here I want to say that if they criticize you don’t mind take their criticism with patiently. Answer their questions for their complete satisfaction. Also welcome them by giving encouragement. This will make them happy they visit to your blog happily. They will tell their friends and community about you and you’ll get more traffic by tolerance.

Interviews Of Pro Bloggers

The last but not least tip which I want to give you to increase blog traffic is taking interview of Pro Bloggers that have the best reputation and the best level in SEO. This is another big source to generate traffic. Our newbies mostly idealize Professional bloggers and want to read and listen about their life, experiences and achievements. If you take interview of such persons and publish on your blog then advertise about it. The visitors turn to your blog in no time and this will give you a positive margin.


I’ll honesty try to cover all the possible ways to  increase blog traffic you just have to follow these steps with hardwork and get 100% result. Don’t expect the results to much earlier. Be patient and see your effort will bring magical changes in your blog results. Please share this piece of information with others also because its the earliest desire of every blogger to bring traffic on their blogs or websites.

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  • Nice post. You have covered all the points which are required for getting good traffic on your blog. Of course, having good content would always be the most important one.
    I think you should enlist or give examples of about which forums one should use or which social bookmarking or social networking sites are the best.. Looking forward to see more posts about this topic from your side. 🙂

  • Hi Muhammad ,
    all this is good advice and very helpful
    and I think one of the most important this
    days is to build relationships and commenting
    on other blogs. Social media is very helpful as well
    and great when good content is shared.
    Videos bring traffic, but not everybody has the
    talent or tools to make a good video tutorial.
    Thank you

    • Hi Erika,

      Thank you so much for appreciating my post and sharing your valuable feedback’s as comment. No body neglect the role of blog commenting, indeed this is the excellent way to make new relationships with professional bloggers and online marketers. Other strategies like promoting content through Social Media and video blogging is also very beneficial in this scenario.

      Thanks for dropping such a lovely comment, Hope to see you again 🙂



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