Top Free High PR Profile Creation Sites List For Bloggers

Use our updated high PR profile creation sites list to improve Seo, bloggers who are acquainted with Search engine optimization they keep away from their self’s through different vicious blackhat Seo procedures.Because they know splendidly if they are fixed with same link building approach they just ruin their online business by their own hands. So, it’s imperative that they should adopt other methods also like profile creation for obtaining authority backlinks.

Profile Creation Sites

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In this critique about high PR profile linking websites, I am going to share with you the impact of profile linking on your overall Seo. Indeed it is an intense practice to improve the ranking of your blog brilliantly. If you are scheduling to escalate more Domain authority & Page authority of your blogs, then you can use this technique to dominate in SERPs in a long run.

For receiving a substantial amount of traffic, you are in need to create profiles on these high PR profile creation sites. Because these are the authority websites and the backlinks which you get from these resources are highly valuable and very much fecund for your blog ranking. It also increases the domain authority of your blog effectively.

High PR Profile Creation Sites List For SEO

If you are looking for top profile creation sites list then the list which I have accumulated especially for the same purpose is helpful to achieve your target, have a link back to your site simply by creating your profile into these websites.

SR No. Profile Creation Site Alexa Rank
1 72,352
2 1,343
3 70,212
4 109
5 4,767
6 291
7 56,843
8 36,371
9 15,801
10 859
11 3,827
12 61,808
13 82,029
14 104,613
15 8
16 44,990
17 82,806
18 12,857
19 40
20 49
21 5,352
22 8,751
23 130,922
24 285
25 330
26 146
27 7,458
28 13,882
29 47,585
30 108,632
31 63,729
32 61
33 221
34 2,209
35 55,753
36 281
37 31,683
38 23,976
39 1,346
40 16
41 711
42 796
43 5,566
44 12,524
45 2,759
46 3
47 710
48 1,946
49 1
50 277
51 32,922
52 900
53 144
54 626
55 1,980
57 37,467
58 1,738
59 152
60 45,737
61 2,317
62 16,335
63 86,469
64 64,818
65 66,214
66 38,106
67 1,987
68 623
69 35
70 10
71 5,088
72 65,162
73 227,078
74 55,599
75 62
76 62,529
77 336
78 18,403
79 1,222
80 24,271
81 103,329
82 91,926
83 178
84 1,001
85 1,779
86 113
87 383
88 11,584
89 917
90 53,442
91 4,008
92 622
93 10,471
94 28,782
95 10,428
96 33,485
97 24
98 210
99 3,088
100 2,995

Steps To Complete Profile Creation

  • Getting backlinks from these websites are pretty simple; all you need to do is register yourself into these websites.
  • Open one by one profile creation site and start creating your profiles, in fact, these are some high PR profile creation sites which will be more beneficial in future for your blog.
  • Keep in mind, provide genuine details means your real picture, name, blog or website URL, email, your social media links and bio as well.
  • You will also receive a quick confirmation email from the services So, open up your email to verify your account.
  • Click on edit profile and give all the details which I have discussed earlier in above, never forget to include the URL of your blog.
  • Pen down your user password and try to choose strong user password.

high pr profile creation sites


Our key intention is to provide more ease to our blog readers that’s why the list which I have compiled is an instant solution to grab some authority links which will surely upsurge your search engine rankings. I have checked numerous profile creation sites lists but unfortunately, most of these are useless they just waste your precious time.

Most of the URL’s are expired but still they are decorating into their lists. All the resources which I have shared are tested by myself. You can use it without any hesitation for dominating in SERPS. Many thanks for reading my article thoroughly. If you like our Profile creation sites list then do share it on social media with your friends and don’t forget to leave your valuable comments.

12 thoughts on “Top Free High PR Profile Creation Sites List For Bloggers”

  1. Hey Mairaj,

    Glad to read your informative post! These valuable collection of 100 is very helpful for newbies and experience SEO aspirants to learn something additional. Search engines gives high value for the links with the branded anchor text like name or just URL by creation of profiles in top most sites. Eventually, thanks for reveling a light on this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    • Once again thanks, Amar buddy,

      No doubt search engines give value for the links with the branded anchor text, that’s why I have created this list which makes it easy for our blog readers to acquire some good links without wasting their precious time.

      Many thanks for sharing your nice feedback, hope to see you again 🙂



  2. Hi Mairaj,

    Thanks for sharing the useful list for creating profile and i also use some of the websites for creating high authority back links. Just a friendly reminder If possible, Please update it time-to-time for better link building…. Thanks

    • Hi Saurabh,

      Yes, of course, i’ll try my best to update the list time to time. Hope these resources will help out bloggers a lot to acquire some authority links instantly and effectively. Many thanks for leaving your nice comment on my post, hope to see you again 🙂



  3. Hey Mairaj,

    I have used a few of the websites mentioned in the list. I have created an account at Moz’s blog but you know that it’s not possible to remain active at all the platforms.

    BizSugar is also an interesting community. You can get many dofollow links if you get the proper upvotes.


    • Hi Ravi,

      Bloggers who want to maintain their backlink profile natural, it’s important they must adopt and create a good mix of different backlinks from authority sites. No doubt there are numerous ways to gain some authority backlinks out of which profile creation is also an excellent way to increase the ranking of our website or blog nicely and effectively.

      Once again thanks for sharing your views about profile creation resources 🙂

      Hope to see you again.



  4. Hi Mairaj

    Profile creation sites its difficult to find them because most of the sites is not allowing to add our websites good to see your updates list which I’ve used some of this sites earlier and good some referral via those sites especially aboutme and quora

    • Hi Shameem,

      I agree with you every profile creation site has their own criteria. Due to this some websites allow users to add URLS and some are not. But the list which I have shared work well because I manually find all of these resources.

      Many thanks for leaving your feedback on ETB 🙂



  5. I have used some of the links you shared here. Thanks for sharing good list.

    But when you doing profile links, you must not look like a spammer so that the website may not block you. For advice, If you may include a profile photo and fill up all details so that you won’t look like a spammer.


  6. Wow! Muhammad, this is a killer strategy. I’m definitely going to apply it right away. I think this will help to get my blog ranking below one million in the next one week. I’m planning to outrank 600k blogs in one week. I strongly believe this idea you shared here and other ones I have been applying will get it done for me faster. Thank you so much for sharing.


  7. Hey Muhammad, Thanks for the great list. Recently i started my own blog, this list helps lot to create my strong backlinks for my blog. Can you help me with any latest tips to generate more traffic for my blog?


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