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How To Prevent Your Wordpress Blog From Spam Comments

How To Prevent Your WordPress Blog From Spam Comments

spam comments
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Now a days everyone is trying to create blogs in different CMS (Content Management System) i.e Drupal , Joomla and WordPress as well. Among these WordPress is pretty much popular in all over the world because of its simplicity and easy to use even a newbie can easily use it without having any knowledge regarding different web languages. It also provide bunch of useful Seo plugins which helps your blog to rank well in search engines.

spam comments

But the very terrible thing which every blogger faces whether a Pro blogger or newbie’s is number of spam comments on daily basis. My mostly readers ask me that how they get rid from these because whenever they open their website a lot of such comments are waiting to be deleted and it takes to much time to read them and throw them in trash. So how they can save their time and also dispose them automatically. So, in this article I have tried to discuss how one can eject the spam comments in WordPress. But the main thing for the blogger is that they should be aware that what is it.

What Is Spam Comment

Mostly newbie’s are unaware that what are spam comments and what are its drawbacks. It is basically such comments which are posted from different websites or blogs automatically by different softwares. They actually targeted the high traffic websites. These are full of unnatural hyperlinks which is irrelevant to your niche and create a lot of problems for bloggers. Because mostly bloggers haven’t any idea that which comment they allow and which have to be deleted they accept all. By doing this they increase the database size which put very negative impact on their blogs loading time. So, think 100 times before accepting the comments. Because such comments destroy your whole effort within a minute.

Negative Effects Of WordPress Spam Comments

These are the main things which infuriate the bloggers. So, everyone wants to evict his blog from these because it has many bad effects some are mentioned below.

1.         It increases the load on your web server and can destroy your whole data transfer and storage quotas.

2.         It decreases the rank of your blog that links with low quality websites or blogs through Spam comments.

3.         It wastes the blogger’s precious time to deal with such comments.

4.         Any Google Algorithm can hit your blog.

5.         It shows the absence of moderation.

Akismet Plugin OF WordPress

Mostly popular blogs receive a lot of spam comments on daily basis. Out of hundred  80% is spam, to moderate them it takes too much time. To solve this problem the bloggers use Akismet WordPress plugin. It is the best filtering service regarding such comments. It checks your every comment pingbacks and trackbacks then allows only legible comments to your blog. You  just have to install it and activate through API key to stop bad comments. It will show you a states page where you can easily see the detail of your blocked comments. I have personally use this plugin and is very relax so I suggest you to install this plugin and get its astonishment results.

WordPress Captcha Plugin

Another best anti spamming plugin is Captcha. It protects your blog from spam comments. Install it to save your time. It is a mathematical logic plugin. If anyone will try to comment on your blog he will see graphic and have to type the matching letters. As the spam bots haven’t any idea to read. So, they can’t differentiate and block the comment. There are many good captcha plugins through which you can easily get rid of such comments e.g Blue Captcha,  WP-recaptcha and  Sweet Captcha Revolutionary Plugins etc. The only disadvantage of it is that the regular readers of your blog who also comments may have problem and they will discourage by this. Although its good for spam comments but I am not personally in favour of it as it also effects your regular commentators.

Ban Spam IP Addresses

Another good option for banning the spam comments is Ban Spam IP Addresses. You can do this with different plugins among them WP-Ban WordPress plugin is the best. It is used to blacklisted the IP addresses of those who want to post spam on your blog. This plugin checks the IP which you have already added in its setting. Then the commentator received a message of custom banned if he tries to comment. Through this plugin you will see that as the blacklisted IP increases the number of such comments will automatically decrease. You can also ban through .htaccess file. Modify .htaccess file and add the code given below.

# block ip
order allow,deny
deny from
deny from
deny from

Allow from all

Through this technique you can block as much IPs as you can.

Halt Comments OF Older Posts

As I have mentioned above that Akismet is a best plugin to reduce Spam. It has blocked hundreds of comments within a day but you have the problem that you delete comments by yourself manually. Which is time consuming as well as tedious for the bloggers. Everyone wants to save their time and consume it in better place. So if you want to block spam comments and also save your time then you have to closed comments on older posts. Mostly good traffic websites are targeted by the spammers so its very easy to close comments for as many days as you want. Just login on blog administration then go to settings option further more go to Discussion option after that select the check-box then enter the number of days you want to block in text box and write automatically close comments on older than.

Third Party Comments

It is the best commenting system to reduce spam in WordPress. There are many such systems available on internet. Mostly offer their services free of cost e.g Facebook, LiveFyre, Intense Debate, Disqus, G+ and Twitter etc. Whenever anyone wants to comment on your blog he should has login first. By using these tools you can easily reduce spam comments in WordPress.

Use WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

If you are working on WordPress blog and you don’t have any reducing commenting system nor have you time to delete such comments manually. No need of worry WordPress is a great CMS (Content Management System) who has a lot of Anti-Spam plugins through which your comments will automatically trash in spam box. Few are mentioned below.

1.         Akismet

2.         Spam Free WordPress

3.         Anti Spam Bee

4.         Magento

5.         Growmap

6.         Wp-reCaptcha

7.         Spam Protection

8.         Anti-Spam By Clean Talk

9.         WangGuard

10.       Inpsyde Anti Spam

11.       Spam Stopper

12.       Spam Destroyer

13.       AVH First Defense Against Spam

14.       NIX Anti-Spam Light

15.       Defensio Anti-Spam

Comments Moderation

It is the most attractive and powerful aspect of WordPress which I personally recommend to newbie’s who mostly visit to my blog. In this you just go to Setting then go to Discussion and then Check “A comment is held for moderation”. If anyone comment on your blog this plugin will hold the comment for manual acceptance by the founder of blog.


In this article I presented my little effort to solve the basic problem of bloggers regarding spam comments. It is really the parasites of your blog which destroy your whole effort If you will not deal them wisely. So, keep in mind mentioned above tips act on them and get awesome results of your blog. If you like my effort kindly share it more. Hope you like this.


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