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Watch Complete Photoshop Makeover Tutorial

Photoshop Makeover
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Everyone is pretty much conscious about his/her looks and beauty. Due to this huge number of women spend their time on different salons and parlors. Some of them join gymnasium for physical fitness. And some are very much fond of dressing. And most of them has a craze to retouch there photographs for looking more beautiful and younger than their original age that’s why they spend a huge amount of money in these kind of practices.

Photoshop Makeover

But today I come up with fabulous and very nice tutorial which is about Photoshop makeover. In this tutorial I am going to show you that how easily you can makeover yourself in Photoshop without losing a single penny. No doubt there are several other programs that can also facilitate or assist you to edit images in it like CorelDraw x7 also gives you the opportunity to handle images in outstanding way.

All you need to do is just follow these simple steps. Without losing your precious time let’s get start.

Photoshop Retouching Skin To Make It For Smooth

First of all you need to open Photoshop program. After that you need to open your desire image in which you are going to apply complete Photoshop makeover.

After copying your original layer, select Blur tool and adjust its strength according to your picture demand. One more thing which is important is that you are required to adjust your brush size in few facial areas. A large size brush could be use in cheeks and neck area and a small size brush in chin or face edges.

Photoshop Basics For Eye Shadows

So the next step is how to apply eye shadows on your eyes in Photoshop. What you are supposed to do is that you have to make a New layer and select a brush, adjust its size and go for a color which you want to apply.

Then go to the Layer Mode and choose Overlay then Filter Menu >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur. Set the radius which suits your desire image and if you might think that finishing needs to be enhanced you can also set the opacity. If you might think that little area of eye shadows is extra and needs to be removed. Then select Smudge tool or Eraser tool to erase extra portion.

Face Makeover

Now comes to facial makeover. Create a New layer and select a Brush, adjust the size of your brush and click on just one time on left and one time on right cheek. After that go to Layer Mode and choose Overlay. Set the Opacity if needed.

Applying Lipstick

Make a New Layer in Photoshop and pickup a brush adjusts its size according to the lips area. Choose the color of your lipstick and slightly move the brush on whole lips till the lips filled with your desired color.

Then go to Layer Mode and set the Overlay. After that press Contrl + L on your keyboard and adjust your desire friction. After finishing the makeup of lips now its time to work more on eyes. The next step is about changing the color of eye lens. So let’s get start.

Changing The Color Of EyeLens

Create a New layer and enlarge the portion of eyes through zoom in. Then hold down your shift key on your keyboard, choose Lasso tool and cover the lens area by making circle on both eyes. Afterwords go to Color balance or Hue saturation and set the color according to your will.

Video Tutorial Of Digital Makeover In Photoshop

Digital Makeover In Adobe Photoshop by etutorialblog

By using these simple techniques of Photoshop makeover you are able to make exceptional changes which looks like the real makeover effect. Retouching photographs are becoming very famous or popular now a days. Due to this, professionals are using numerous types of photo editing tools according to their convenience and demand.

But no one can take place of Photoshop because it has a variety of filters which are packed with plenty of high quality effects which gives new life to your images.


Hope you learn and like some useful techniques of Photoshop makeover and enjoy the tutorial. This tutorial is very much simple to understand so that newbie’s can also go through it quite easily.  Keep in touch with our blog for further details and updates. And don’t forget to share your feedback in comment section.

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