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Personalized T Shirts Tutorial Photoshop – How To Put Images On T-Shirt

Personalized T Shirts
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

In this quick video lesson, I am going to illustrate how to create personalized t shirts and how to put a picture on a shirt in Photoshop. In fact with this simple trick, one can place the copious eye-catching images, logos, shapes as well as our favorite artwork to enhance our t shirt design.

Personalized T Shirts

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After watching out the whole video you guys would be able to put a picture on a shirt more precisely and professionally. I am going to demonstrate the step by step process which graphics creator use to generate their stunning personalized t shirts design. The purpose of this is to showcase their remarkable work in different online and offline mediums.

Personalized T Shirts Tutorial Photoshop

Step 1

Open up your main tshirt image In P.S and make another copy of similar layer >> Now choose Pen Tool for outer selection of your t shirt. Don’t be so quick while doing t shirt selection because this process is very important for the best result. Spend little more time for perfect selection.

Step 2

After completing this part by using Pen tool >> Right click on your mouse >> and click on Make selection option with Feather Radius 1 PX >> Anti-Aliased option is checked and click Ok.

Then press CTRL + J   for getting a cropped tshirt. Now delete the copy of your background layer which you have created earlier.

Step 3

Now choose layer 1 and go to Image Menu >> Adjustments and play with Curves option as I have described in the video. Go to Image Menu >> Adjustments >> Levels.

As you can see I have set the input level as per the requirement of my design. Now it’s time to place an image on your t-shirt. Drag that image by using the Move tool and adjust the size according to your project need.

Step 4

Create Clipping Mask >> Set Blend Mode to Multiply & reduce the Opacity. If you want more efficient styles, try several other effects of Blend mode.

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Utilize Your Graphics Skill & Earn More

Keep in mind if you have superb graphics skill and you know how to design an awesome t-shirt. You’ll be able to have lots of opportunities on the internet in the shape of freelancing platforms, in the shape of Teespring and similar other websites.

Top Competitors Of Teespring

Guys these are some top alternatives to Teespring which allows you to sell your art designs. Here people can design their own arts and then use them on different products to attract more potential buyers and generate more revenue. 


The good things about these platforms are if your design is unique and professional, and you’ll successfully sell few shirts. You don’t need to worry about the material cost as well as shipping expense. All is done by these companies.

Last but not least one can set up his / her personal online store where one can start selling the whole collection of t-shirts and generate good money from it.

People take maximum advantage by using Photoshop and Illustrator to make a unique tshirt design according to their desire. Well, there are certain personalized t shirts printing techniques which are implementing to design a professional t-shirt, out of which I have shared one of them to make custom t shirts very easily. 

So, in this case, they vigil on popular upcoming events to target with their best strategies which are used in this game including free and paid promotional methods. They create cool t shirt design a masterpiece which has a potential to attract more buyers.

They wisely choose the color scheme with some nice artwork, dynamic fonts, shapes and quality images which makes their work more appealing.

People who don’t have any skill but still they want to earn handsome revenue to start their own t-shirt selling business. They get benefit from where they can create their own textual and artistic designs with few mouse clicks even if you don’t have any designing skills. 

But if you required a complex t-shirt design and you don’t know the A, B, C of graphic designing then you’ll have to hire a freelancer, simply by using Fiverr a well-known marketplace where one can easily approach a professional t shirt designer.

After analyzing few different Fiverr profiles in depth which includes previous work and positive reviews, regarding the quality of their work which they have provided earlier to their clients.  You can hire an individual who can instantly fulfill your designing need in $5.


Tee shirt making and selling business is tremendously growing nowadays. If you want to print picture on shirt this t shirt photo printing tutorial Photoshop is very handy for you.

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