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How To Deal With Passport Size Photos In Adobe Photoshop

How To Deal With Passport Size Photos In Adobe Photoshop

Whenever we need to create passport size photos instantly the first thing which comes in our mind is to find a professional photographer or graphic designer who can nicely deal with images and produce high quality in his work. For this they charge form you but today’s tutorial is about making passport size photos in Photoshop by yourself without losing a single penny.

I can assure you after reading the whole article thoroughly and watching out the video tutorial you can easily create passport size photos by yourself. What actually I need from your side is your involvement as well as your interest which gives me more confidence to work hard for my upcoming posts. Read each and every line for better understanding.

Photoshop fulfill the demand of modern era, being highly used in print media every individual is getting maximum benefits from it according to his/her demand. It is used in numerous ways like web designing, Graphic designing and professional photography with satisfactory results. So let’s get start.

Specifications Of Passport Size Photo

Passport size photos specifications are that it must expose the complete face of the person rather than the whole body. The presentation of the photo must be in a way that it includes from top of the hair to the shoulders. It must not be with side pose, sun glasses or with any type of cap. Eyes must be open. Facial expressions must be natural. For most of the time, background of the photos varies with blue or white.

Size Of Passport Size Photo

Passport size photos are not similar to other photos format because a huge trend is set that the photos which include digital effects with HD backgrounds are more appreciated than the simple one. But passport size photo are used for specific purposes due to this you cannot change its criteria which is set by the Government of particular country. While creating passport size photos keep one think in your mind that every country use specific size.

How To Create Passport Photo In Photoshop – Video Tutorial

How To Deal With Passport Size Photos In Adobe… by etutorialblog

The very beginning step is to open Photoshop and create a new file of 1.5 inches by 2 inches and set the resolution on 300 pixels, color mode RGB. Now go to File menu and open any existing image of yours which you have in your computer or find image through Google.

After opening your desired image choose Magnetic Lasso Tool for image selection. In the selection process you need to be very careful, take some time for better result because if you roughly treat the same step then the edges of the image become prominent and this is the worst thing according to my perspective.

After accomplishing the selection process go to Select menu and choose Feather option with 1 pixel radius. Then go to select menu and click on Inverse, choose any background color and press delete on your keyboard for implementing background or use this color code 504CF7 on your passport size photos.

Our next step is to create white border in our passport size photos. In this scenario I am going to use Rectangular Marquee Tool. Place it on suitable position and then press Shift+Ctrl+I on your keyboard for Inverse. Set your background color with white and Go to Edit menu and click on clear. By doing this you can make white border on your image. You can also use brush tool for same practice.

Shift your passport size photo into blank template which I have created earlier with the help of Move tool. Try to adjust your passport size photo little bit. Go to Edit menu and click on Define pattern. Create a new file of 6 inches by 4 inches, Resolution 300 pixel and set the color mode on RGB. And go to select menu and click on All then go to Edit menu and click on Fill, in dropdown list you need to choose Pattern and then select your custom pattern which you created manually and save it. By doing this you get some nice passport size photos ready in front of you which is ready for print.


In this tutorial I’ll share all the points which are helpful for creating passport size photos easily in Photoshop. If you have any query related to this post, must drop your valuable comment in comment section.

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