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How To Choose Optimum Social Sharing Plugin For Your Website
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How To Choose Optimum Social Sharing Plugin For Your Website

Today I am going to share with you that how easily you can install social sharing plugin on your websites. It is a kind of WP plugin which consists of different social media buttons. As you all know that these buttons play a significant role for the growing structure of your blog means through which you can promote your blog content. Everyone wants to promote his/her content on massive level with little effort and in less time. So, for this purpose they use different kinds of social sharing plugin because by doing this visitors take more interest for sharing your content on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Every plugin has its own setting through which you can add extra buttons according to your need.

Importance Of WordPress Plugins

No one denies the importance of WordPress plugins in the field of Web designing because it is very rich about its variety of features which are very user friendly and having capability to adjust with the design of any website or blog. It has near about 33 thousands plugins and with the passage of time it increases day by day. So, it is bit confusing and sometimes aggravating for the users about the selection of any suitable feature for their blogs. I suggest to my loyal readers that please don’t annoy as you know some times your big deal and whole effort gone in vain with temporary annoyance. So, be relaxed and search more and more to find better prospects for growing up your blog.

The Best Social Sharing Plugin

I always try to find such things which are really very reliable and user friendly for my fellow bloggers so I always prefer it to experienced thats one personally. So, in this scenario I am going to share with you a very smart social sharing plugin of WP which is called “ Floating Social Bar ” It is the superb one which has an ability to maximize your social visibility on different well known platforms. Through this you can generate real traffic on global level not only country or continent wise. The best thing about it is that it works very effectively without putting any negative effect i.e. about the speed of your website. It beautifully maintains your blog’s speed and doesn’t put any load on it. By using this you can add a horizontal sharing bar of different buttons on your blog which directly drag the attention of visitors to share your content in a very easy way on different social mediums. As you know that search engine considers the traffic which comes from these platforms. Another best way about this is that it is very simply designed you can use it with any website or template.

How To Install Floating Social Sharing Plugin For Website

There is no complication about its installation you just have to follow given instructions step by step.


First of all you just need to login to your WordPress account >> Go to plugins >> Addnew


After Addnew write Floating Social Bar in Search bar >> Click on search plugin


After search a detail will open you just have to click on Install now


Go to Settings >> Click on Floating Social Bar


Another window will open in front of you. On it you will see different icons of social medias you just have to drag these icons in front of enabled social services  


Write share in Social bar label >> Check on your required option whether it is Posts, Pages, Media >> Write your twitter account if you have otherwise doesn’t matter >> Click on save settings.

Everything is done correctly now open your website a beautiful social sharing plugin is floating on your website.


As you have seen how easily you installed it. It is a fast era and everyone is in hurry with it they also want simple thing just like ready to cook. So, this social sharing plugin is the best one for promotion of content in the right way with legally generating massive traffic. Hope this article will take out you from your confusion of selection the best sharing plugins for your website. Experience it for getting awesome results. Also don’t forget to share your precious feed backs.

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  • Hello Muhammed,

    This is one tutorial I guess most newbie bloggers will be grateful for. My favourite when it comes to social sharing plugin is Digg Digg and knowing more about Floating Social bar is cool.

    It basically work like the Digg Digg plugin.

    • Thanks Emmanuel for showing your interest in this article. Of course there are many plugins but I personally like this one because it doesn't put any load on the speed of your website and I agree with you that it is pretty much similar with Digg Digg.
      Hope you'll continue your visit to my blog.

  • Hi Mairaj,

    Such an informative post.:)

    For website owners it's hard to find the right plugin to add social buttons.
    You have provided an option by explaining about floating social bar.

    Though it's installation simple like other plugins but still it's setting is unique in it's own.

    Great post.;)

    Enjoy your weekend.:)


    • Great to see you on my blog Ravi Chahar. Thanks for your precious feedback hope you'll visit again on my blog.

  • It's indeed a very informative post. I was finding it really difficult when i first migrated to wordpress platform, things where just so strange to me because i didn't really know anything bout plugin, but am happy now :D Thanks bro Muhammad for sharing and do have a wonderful weeks ahead..

  • Hi Mairaj,
    Thanks for your great Tutorial. Really informative post. This is my first time on your blog. I was searching for this and got your this article on Google. Really amazing great job. I am going to follow your these tips for my own Blog . Keep sharing

    Happy Blogging

    • Thanks Tonmoy, for appreciating my work, hope you show your same interest in future. Keep visiting our blog for further updates.

  • Hi Mairaj Sir!
    You have given me the right plugin which i needed for a long time. I too have a niche site which I am hosting on wordpress. I can easily download this plugin and start sharing well on social media with that.
    Thanks a lot
    Have a nice day

    • Hi Vashishtha,

      Thanks for consistently visiting etutorialblog. No doubt this is the excellent plugin for Wordpress. Keep in-touch with our blog for further updates.

  • Hi Miraj,
    seems like you listed all the features that must be present in a social sharing plugin.
    Very informative post :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Ahmad