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Hello every one now a days blogger is trying to find out the actual earning method of online money making. Due to this most of the internet users are trying to explore the real money making ways. In this article I would like to share with you the information regarding the Ads Network that is called If I said that this is the real alternate of google and the biggest competitor of google so it’s not wrong. Most of the SEO professionals are trying to get these ads for their website or blog and get handsome amount of earning through this network. It is owned by Yahoo & Bing Ads network called

There are many other ads network like Chittika, Infolinks etc. But according to my little research and knowledge I prefer this one the most because it has a good earning potential that will never dishearten you. Yahoo & Bing ads run by a website namely Media.Net. Its a good news for advertisers and publishers that the type of ads is contextual which is definitely a blood for your website or blog. Most of the English countries are turned to these ads because they always much focused on their ads and the quality of these ads are awesome.

Online Earning with Yahoo

Online Earning with Yahoo & Bing Ads – Review

Difference Between Google Ads And Media.Net

The main difference between Google Adsense and Media. Net is that Google adsense is a PPC (Pay per click) advertising program which is owned by the world largest and well known search engine Google. If you have thousands of visitors and a handsome web traffic but if nobody is clicking on any ad which is shown on your website then you will never earn a single penny. But while on the other hand is CPM (Cost Per Mile) advertising program which is owned by two well known search engines i.e Yahoo and Bing from Microsoft. Now they work together on a very recognized, familiar and handsome earning platform. Means if you have thousands of visitors or huge web traffic then you can earn money without any single clicking on ads because the more page impressions you have the more chances of earning is open to you by

Criteria of getting Media.Net Ads

As you all know the policy of Google Adsense is very strict for the approval of adsense account that if you have a website or blog it should has almost 200 to 300 unique visitors on daily basis from different parts of the world and the age of your website is also matter in this scenario. That minimum 6 months old or above should be required then you should apply for google ads after viewing the status of your website it depends on the officials that whether they approved or disapproved your website or blog.

On the other hand Yahoo & Bing Ads ( has not very strict policies for publishers it encourages the beginners to be a part on his excellent Ad network for SEO professionals. If you are succeeded to bring some unique visitors on your blog or website through different countries then it will definitely approve you. Now in the last couple of movement without losing any time I‘ll clear your mind whatever ads network you are using is nothing without web traffic. If you don’t have any traffic for your website then your earning will be Zero. So you should try to focus on your web traffic that how you can get more traffic for your website or blog because If you have a decent amount of traffic you can earn online.

You can do it very easily if you have some basic knowledge about SEO. I’ll give you another tip that the unique content is a key to attract the visitors to your website so keep focusing on your content try to be more informative, useful and unique as well. If you are trying to copy someone content this is all against the canon of law and justice according to the court of SEO and the ads network. They will detect sooner or later .Search engines considered your website in the list of garbage. If you follow these principles, rules and regulation then you’ll get your desire one day. I hope you guys will definitely consider my efforts to collect this piece of informative article that I share with you. Its my request that if you like my article kindly share it on social media as more as you can to encouraged me.

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    • Yes Kris, Now its very difficult to get the approval of Google Adsense because of its strict policies. But there are many alternatives through which you can earn money online. And i think Yahoo and Bing ads is its best alternative as well as competitor.


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