Find New Ways To Make Money Through Infolinks

Earning through infolinks is very much similar to Google Adsense. Basically its an advertising program which started its journey in 2007. It allows advertisers as well as publishers both to use and get benefits from it and find new ways to make money online. The main aim of using these kinds of ads networks are to promote business or websites in all over the world by showing different kinds of ads on different websites or blogs. It provides the new identity of your business and websites. It also encourages the publishers to earn money online being a publisher. It is the best alternative of Google Adsense, Chitika, Yahoo & Bing ads network Clicksor, Bidvertiser, Tribal Fusion, Nuffnang , BuySellAds.

More About Infolinks

I can say that this is the super alternative of Google Adsense. Don’t be confuse keep one think in your mind which is very clear that Google is the ruler of all top advertising territories which are existing on internet. But the criteria is very much difficult to get an adsense account so most of the new bloggers leave the journey of blogging earlier. So, guys you don’t need to dishearten yourself. There are several other options to find new ways to make money online. Out of these Infolinks is the best choice. The beauty of infolinks is that it shows the Inline text ads which are very similar to your website or blog these ads has also a very excellent earning potential online. Without any hesitation you can use both Infolinks and Google on same website or blog.

Criteria Of Joining Infolinks

The criteria of joining Infolinks is not as much tough as Google is. It also allows and encourages the new bloggers and webmasters. There are no specific elements are needed to get its account but if your website has some good visitors then the earning chances are more open. Because In past years it offers PPC, CPC but now it has more new ways to make money means CPM based ads (Cost per Mile), it means that you can earn money without clicking on the ads rather it generated on page impressions by the visitors. Try to generate your traffic from western countries because search engines give handsome amount to those websites or blogs who have western visitors as compared to asian countries. So, If you are running your newly blog or website without an ads network then Infolinks is the best solution for you to fulfill the needs of your blog.

Infolinks Offer Variety Of Ads

If we analyze during the shaping years of this network it only offers inline text ads. But with the jointly efforts of its team members they also announces some great additions in their ads formats like Inline text, Intag, Insearch and Inframe you can customized it according to your demand.

Adding Infolinks Ads To Your Blog Is Not A Big Deal

The whole process of placing Infolinks into your website or blog is not a big deal follow these step to integrate these ads.

The first thing you need to do is to apply for it by doing this you need to register yourself and provide necessary details which are required. Your application is being processed then after your approval you’ll get the infolinks script you can place the piece of code before closing </body> tag into your blog or website.

You cannot use the same code of infolinks to other websites or blogs. Because according to its rules and criteria every website or blog has its own specific script which is helpful for showing ads.

You can add infolinks script with the help of different plugins which are available on internet. Through these plugins you can add it to all Content Management systems websites i.e WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Bloggers as well.

How to Make Money Through Infolinks

I don’t want to dishearten you that getting its accounts is not enough in this scenario. But if you want to know the new ways to make money online you also need visitors who are engaged with your blog on regularity bases. If you are successfully manage the flow of your blog traffic then you’ll get many new ways to make money and earn some handsome amount through Infolinks. The minimum payment of infolinks for publisher is $50. When the publishers come close to 50 Dollars or more than 50 Dollars it issues its 1st payment to its publisher through Paypal , Cheque, Bankwire and Infolinks Prepaid Mastercard etc. This process takes 45 days only.

Check Your Stats Through Infolinks Reporting System

Infolinks has also a best advantage i.e transparent reporting system. It is a system through which you can easily judge the whole performance of your website or blog. And you can easily check out the stats of particular websites or blogs earning. It also helps you to check the ads views , ads CPM and the final earning of your blog in a month.


I sincerely advised to my loyal readers to use infolink. because it has the new ways to make money online. As it will double your blog earning. Hopefully you will like this article. Don’t hesitate to share your comments, with love waiting for your comments.

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  • Hi Mairaj another quality post from you. But by Infolinks it takes a very long effort to make good amount of money. Is that true?

    • Thanks Kris, Yes you are right by earning through Infolinks you need a quite hard work and effort but you know for getting any thing you should sacrifice some thing.