How To Create Metal Text Effect Photoshop – Easy Tutorial

As per my knowledge and experience in terms of Photoshop, today I have chosen another amazing Photoshop text effect which is indeed very popular. So, in this short video tutorial I’ll be showing you the exact way of creating metal text effect Photoshop in less than 5 minutes.

The most important thing for me is that how to make our text more attractive. So, as you can see that I’ll apply metallic text effect or steel text effect only on outline of our text. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot apply metal text effect on your whole text.

We can use as many steel or metallic textures as per our requirements and needs and make a complete metallic looking text. But in my case I only use this effect on outer side and the inner texture which I am using is black.

One more thing which I wanted to discuss is that if you want to create a complete steel text effect Photoshop then you’ll need to select steel texture rather than Black and apply all the effects which I have explained you in detail in this short video tutorial.

So, it’s totally depends on you which texture you like the most for your project. Hope you understand the terminology of creating metal text effect Photoshop. Keep concentrating on this easy tutorial for more details.

Easy Steps To Create Metal Text Effect Photoshop

Open up your texture in Photoshop. Specify appropriate dimensions. Go to Image Menu >> Image Size >> Width 1280 Pixels >> Height 720 Pixels. Before applying further effects unlock this layer.

Step 1

Select Horizontal Type Tool on your Toolbar or press Ctrl + T to activate this tool and type any text. The Font which I am using is Aharoni and the Size is 292.93 Pt but you can use any font. Now Press Ctrl+ A for whole selection of your text and centralize it horizontally and vertically.

Step 2

Now go to Blending Options >> Outer Glow, your Blend Mode must be Normal and Opacity should be 100 % >> Spread 15 % >> Size 15 PX and Color is 2429d9.

Step 3

Now I am going to play with Drop Shadow and set Blend Mode to Normal >> Distance is 13 PX and Spread should be around 23 % >> Size 47 PX and Opacity is 100 %.

Step 4

Now go to Blending Options once again and choose Bevel & Emboss >> Style: Outer Bevel >> Depth must be 100 % >> Size 10 PX >> Soften 1 PX >> Gloss Contour >> Ring Double >> Highlight Mode: Normal >> Color e429d9 >> Opacity 100 %.

Step 5

It’s time to call out the texture file from the computer >> Select Move Tool for your Tools or Press Ctrl + V to active this feature, with the help of this move the texture on main file, simply by drag and drop.

Step 6

Now Right Click on the texture Layer and Go to Layer Menu and Choose Create Clipping Mask option or Press Ctrl+ G from your keyboard to apply particular pattern for adding more beauty.

Step 7

To complete this stunning metal text effect Photoshop Press Ctrl + U on your keyboard for activating Hue – Saturation feature. Don’t forget to check on color option. It’s time to finalize our metal text effect Photoshop simply by giving some values which help us to complete our effect.

Step 8

Hue must be 259 and Saturation should be around 6. Your text effect is ready to rock. Another important tip for you guys is you can easily create different types of dynamic text with same technique but you made a little change in last step when you are going to change the color of particular text with the help of Hue and Saturation.

Do not check the color option so, give appropriate values to Hue & Saturation. With this technique you can make amazing outlines of your text with variety of different colors including Gold.


Metal text effect Photoshop can worth the design of your text. So, that i have tried to explain the related techniques in a very fundamental way. If you have any queries related to this tutorial do share your views in comment section and don’t forget to share it on Social Media.

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  • Hi Muhammad,

    The metal text effect is really attractive and would lift any graphics above the average.

    Your clear instructions will no doubt save people many hours figuring out how to achieve this very impressive metallic effect.

    Joy - Blogging After Dark

    • Hi Joy,

      Thanks for appreciating my work, Well in this tutorial i am trying to make metal text effect in a way that people like the most and use them accordingly.

      Once again thanks for your lovely comment, hope to see you again :)



  • I use to have photoshop on the old computer but after I lose it, there won't be no more photoshop... and love to use it though, great tutorial.

    • Hi Lh Louis,

      Welcome to my blog, i am glad that you like the tutorial

      Keep visiting ETB for further tutorials :)



  • Hey Mairaj,

    Though I don't use photoshop but it's always good to know about more tools. The metal text you have described above seems cool.

    I would like to give it a try. Thanks for letting us know.
    Have a nice day.

    • Hi Ravi,

      This is an amazing text effect but i made a little change in it. I use to apply metallic text effect only on outline of that text but if somebody need to apply it on whole text then they simply use steel texture rather than black.

      Thanks for your lovely comment, hope to see you again :)