Make Money With Clickbank By Promoting Affiliate Products

If you want to become a successful online marketer and make money with clickbank then you have to be aware of the ideology and the major requirements for promoting your Click bank products. In fact with the help of these tactics one can consistently promote affiliate Products and make money with Clickbank.

In our previous post I have told you how to pick up a lucrative product, while selecting any product keep a close eye on the Gravity of that product because high gravity indicates the interest of affiliates and buyers. With the help of this, top online marketers get the idea which product they should select to promote.

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Create Effective Landing Pages For Instantly Make Money With Clickbank

After getting the HopLink of your Click bank products the very first thing you’ll have to do is to set up a lading page. It is indeed a separate webpage which is use for the purpose of showcasing your product which you are promoting; this page is particularly designed for maximum conversions. So, it’s very important for your landing page to be well designed and mobile responsive.  

These are few services which allow you to create industry standard landing pages. With the help of these services one can easily set up his/her own landing page.

  • Optimizepress.com
  • Leadpages.net
  • Instapage.com
  • Landingi.com

In this method you need to have some instant traffic on your landing page. Never directly send your traffic on your offer or sales page.

Your key strategy is to target as many emails as you can because if you have successfully grown your email list then you can easily make money with Clickbank.

It can only be possible when you have some free stuff like E-book, Video, PDF, Webinar which has bunch of information and closely relevant to your product.

Don’t forget to add a small amount of call to action links and opt-in form on side bar of your landing page.

You must be very careful about the visitors who are landing on your page. Your content must be limited with lucid information which enhances the conversion rates.

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What Is Lead Magnet

Lead magnet is indeed a magical guide which is totally free for your subscribers. It can be a PDF, Webinar, Video, E-book and much more. The purpose of Lead Magnet is to inspire folks to acquire your offer; it must be worthwhile and closely relevant to the affiliate product. It is very useful for obtaining emails for building your lists.

Strategic Plan For Instant Traffic Which Is 100 % Targeted

Well there are number of solutions for paid advertisements with the help of these one can obtain as much traffic as they want. But the dilemma is one cannot waste our money blindly in PPC or PPV advertising campaigns because these methods are pretty much expensive. So, we need to plan right strategy which works efficiently and gets extra ordinary results in shape of some decent sales of your affiliate product which you are promoting.

Building An Email List

It is the most vital thing in your online business no matter you are blogger, Affiliate marketer this thing should be your first priority. Most of the industry leading online marketers get maximum benefits from it. With the help of their huge email list, they make money with Clickbank and save a lot of investment for paid advertisements like

  • SEO
  • PPC  (Pay Per Click)
  • PPV  (Pay Per View)
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Solo Ads
  • Video PPC
  • Displaying Banners
  • Email Marketing
  • Buy Sell Ads and many more.

Email marketing is a very powerful weapon for online marketers with this magical formula they can easily grow their business as well as get targeted visitors for promoting their offers. And of course you are amazed after watching the results of this super awesome technique which is more than your expectations. Now it’s time to build your own list. In this regard some email marketing apps can be very fruitful like,

  • Aweber
  • Get Response
  • Mail Chimp
  • iContact

That is the cheapest way to generate instant traffic and excellent solution to keep in touch with your subscribers. Only a single click can market your products and the results are awesome. You can instantly grow your email list by placing an Optin-form in right place of your blog or landing page. So you don’t need to procrastinate any more.

Solo Ad Email Advertising For Those Who Don’t Have List

This method can be very meaningful for those who still don’t have their own lists. In this method we need to purchase a Solo ad for a reputable vendor who has a huge list of subscribers. 

This is one time deal so be careful while lettering an email for your solo ad. Your email must be short and related to the product which you are promoting.

Another question arises in your mind is that from where can you find a reputable vendor, in fact there are a lot more scam on internet?

I’ll share with you few best places where you can easily acquire Solo ads related to your niche.

  • Udimi.com
  • Safe-swaps.com
  • Warriorforum.com

If you are looking for cheaper options then try these

  • Mycheapjobs.com
  • 10dollarsoloads.com


I hope this article will help you a lot to know more about how to make money with Clickbank. All the above mentioned strategies play an essential role for promoting Click bank products. In case of any query drop your comments in comment section, looking forward for your positive response.

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