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Most Convenient Way To Make Money With Bubblews
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Most Convenient Way To Make Money With Bubblews

Make money with
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Now a days no one wants to make money with online business they just want to search other ways through which they can earn easily and awesomely. In this article I am going to share with you that how you can make money with your writing. For this purpose first of all you should have confidence on your writing skills. Secondly you need hard work and dedication to your work. Then you have to select an online earning option after a keen observation and great research on which you have fully command to fulfill its requirements according to its demand.

Make money with

What Is Bubblews And How You Can Earn Money With It

Recently I have introduced a website whose basic ideology is that you can increase your income by utilizing your writing skills which is known as Bubblews. It is a website where you can publish your thoughts, ideas , experiences, articles, comments or any information etc. it allows you to earn through interacting by different online communities. It distributes its revenues among its members which it gets from different advertising programs. There aren’t any boundaries of any specific niche you can write on any topic like entertainment, increasing income, Arts and Fun etc. The basic thing is that you have to use only English as your language and your article must be not less than 400 characters. Although the process of make money with bubblews is very slow but it is the best way through which you can earn approximately 150 to 200 dollars per month.

The very main thing which you have to do is to go on Then click on “create account” A new page will open in front of you. You just have to fill the form with relevant details i.e. Your Full Name, Email, Location, Your Date of Birth, Website if you have any, if you haven’t doesn’t matter, User name (You can select any user name) and Password. Then click on the button “Start bubbling”. Now you’ll be the regular member of this website. After this you can write content on different topics which I have mentioned above, after writing publish your content on Bubblews. Then your earning process will be started you can earn here by likes, views as well as by comments also.

Method Of Redemption 

Its minimum payout is 50$. You can get its 2 to 3 payments per month its all depends on your active participation and hardworking. Through this website you usually earn 1 cent for per view, like or comment. At the beginning your income will not more but with the passage of time you can run your account very well like if you have more than 25 posts which is an easy task and your each post gets 4 and 5 views having 2 to 3 likes and 4 to 5 comments you can easily make 10 dollars a day.

As I have mentioned that you can redeem your cash when your account reaches up to 50 $. Your banks shows a redeem button just press it you will get a space where you have to put your Paypal address. You can do it easily and get your amount through Paypal, Visa gift card, cheque or do online shopping from Bubblews. You can get its payment after 30 days of the confirmation email through Bubblews. But remember one thing if you’ll disagree with even a single policy you will not redeem your amount whether your account exceeds up to 50 $ or you have 100 $ in your account. So, for your redemption its important that you must abide all the rules, term of use, compensational policies and their private policy.

How To Protect Your Bubblews Account From Being Banned

You can protect your account from being banned by following the rules and regulations set by Bubblews, which are mentioned below.

  • Bubblew’s content length is limited to 400 characters. You can increase your length but cannot decrease it.
  • It does not accept any kind of adult content like pornography or any kind of illegal activity.
  • The content must be created 100 % unique and by self authorship.
  • You cannot make money with Bubblews by adopting any illegal way to generate traffic on your post.
  • On this website all readers are free to express their views and comments. So, never force any one to comment on your post.
  • It also does not accept any kind of link on your post.
  • As it is an international platform so it accepts only English language for the convenience of their international visitors.
  • You cannot post more than 10 times a day.
  • You have to use self create images or you can choose from

So these are some of the rules through which you can run safely and make money with  Bubblews awesomely.


On this social media platform you can meet with your likeminded people as well as make relations with different communities by using international language English. Although the process through which you can make money with Bubblews is slow but as you know slow and steady wins the race. So, keep slowly and steadily on your path achieve you goal and inform us through your feedbacks. You can also share with us your experiences about Bubblews.


About the author

Muhammad Mairaj

Hello! My name is Muhammad Mairaj from Abbottabad, Pakistan. Founder of etutorialblog. An ardent blogger and Seo expert. Here I talk about Blogging, SEO, Affiliate marketing, Wordpress & Graphics. Find me on Facebook | Twitter | G+


  • Hey Muhammad,

    These are smart ways to earn from Bubblenews however i find this network just using and stealing the traffic were supposed to drive to our own blog articles which may inturn make more money if the blog is monetized.

    Although Bubblenews is a way to earn money online, your post explains the ways to make the money online with it conviniently.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


    • Thanks Babshaybell,
      For constantly commenting on my blog.yes you are right you can also drive traffic on your blog through it.Its very encouraging to see your precious feedback here.

  • Hi Mairaj

    Yet a wonderful review where you covered the most pertinent info and did not drag the post unnecessarily.

    I heard a lot about Bubblews and am curious to try it once at any of my clients blog.

    It is right to develop a broad portfolio to earn money with your blog with several ways. This is called a smart monetization strategy.

    Thanks for sharing this very profitable post.

    • Thanks Mi,
      Using Bubblews through your writing skills comes in smart manner to earn money online. On this website you can also share your life experiences as well as professional. Our many blogger fellows have joined this platform and have received their revenues many times. So, its really true that you can easily afford your blogging expenses through its income.
      Thanks for dropping your nice comment.

  • Hi Mairaj,

    I have read about many websites which pay for writing articles but its my first time that I am reading about Bubblews.

    You know if you have writing skills then there are many chances that you will earn a lot with your talent of writing.

    Many websites are there which require skilled writers for them to write some great articles at their blog.

    All you need to do some hard work and can earn money.
    I like the way you have featured all the details about this websites.

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Have a nice weekend.:)


    • Hi Ravi,
      Thanks for showing your interest in Bubblews. Its really a good source to earn money online by utilizing your writing skills. So, you can easily avail this opportunity by little hard work and by constant writing.

  • That is really nice article about bubblews. Well, actually I have been working with bubblews almost 2 years ago. It is best social media and revenue sharing website which I never found that before. You know, friends..? I made my first thousand dollar from Bubblews last year. This is months, I have redeem 4 times with 600 plus earnings. The first payment is now arrived my paypal account. Anyway, thanks for nice articles..!

    • Thanks Kimsea for sharing such nice experiences as well as your redeems which you have received from Bubblews. No doubt it is really the best social media platform and the best revenue sharing website.

  • Hi Muhammad,
    Thanks for sharing the great ways of making money though bubblews, though I never really tried their platform before, but based on your recommendation am actually going to try it out.

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