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How To Make Money With Adsense Constantly
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How To Make Money With Adsense Constantly

make money with adsense
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

As you all know that there are several methods through which you can increase your income online like Freelancing, Blogging, Fiveer, Odesk etc. But today the topic which I am going to cover is about how to monetize your website or blog correctly and make money with adsense. As you all know that now a days its very difficult to get its account because of the more strict policies for Asian countries and some other factors about the age of your website, as well as traffic on your website.

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make money with google adsense

Adsense is the well known advertising program and best solution for both online advertisers and publishers. Through it most of the webmasters boost their earning by showing its ads on their websites and in reward they generate some good revenue. It can definitely work if you have some decent traffic on your blog from different parts of the world. One more thing which is very important is that you can earn more if you have some good traffic from US. Canada, UK, Australia because CPC rate of those countries is much higher than Asian countries. So, wide up your international relationships through social engagement and follow those strategies which are helpful in both the aspects which have ability to grab local traffic as well as efficiently deal on global level.

Make Money With Google Adsense Through Quality Content

If you want to make money with adsense then you need to create high level content which is 100 % unique write it by yourself. You can share your thoughts and ideas regarding the niche which is purely created. Keep one thing in your mind that you should not forget the quality of your content as well as the demands of your loyal readers. By doing this you can get extra visitors on your website who are interested to stay on your website and get all the information in shape of valuable content.

How To Make Money With Adsense By Placing its Ads

Another thing which is very important is that mostly newbies don’t care about the ads placement. Implementing ads on suitable places is a good way to boost up your earning. Secondly don’t add too many ads on single page google does not like this practice. Don’t burry your content in so much ads this is also a reason of banned accounts. If you are violating these things then Panda will surely punished you. You can also use ads near the footer section and the mid on the template these are some suitable positions. Below I have given you an image description through which you can easily understand the correctly implementation.

Placement of Adsense

Choose Wisely Ads’ Colours For Google Adsense

Always get such code of ads which suit your website or blog means mostly beginners don’t care about it and set them as a default. Remember there is a huge difference between their theme and ads colour scheme which they use. This issue should not be neglected. So, in this scenario you should wisely choose the colours of your ads. You can set the colour by your own desire. You can easily change the background colour of your ad, text colour, links as well and the boder colours also .You can customize it more and you can also round the borders edges.

Prevent Your Adsense Account From Being Banned

If someone hardly gets its account they can’t treat it wisely and in the end they banned. Most of the bloggers don’t have any idea that how to prevent their account for being banned. Because once you lose this opportunity then you can’t get it in your life. As you all know that there is also found a jealousy factor in bloggers not all but in some and when they found that their fellow blogger gets some position in SERP and day by day his/her Alexa traffic ranking improves. So, they never bear it and click on their ads badly due to this your account is banned for life time. Although its a bitter truth but I faced it in my past so thats why I mentioned it here.

So, due to this all you need to do is to secure your account from other jealous bloggers who don’t want your success at any cost and this method will secure you from any illegal activity i.e. invalid clicks also. Go to your settings Option | Then go to Account | Go to Site Management where you need to add your site. After completing this step again Go to your Settings | Access and Authorization | Site Authorization and thats it. Implementing this tip is very beneficial for securing your account. So experience it to make money with adsense.

Make Your Website In WordPress With Paid Hosting

Buy good hosting plan and make your website in WordPress because it has more earning potential. It also has variety of plugins which give more strength and beauty. I like it personally because how nicely it deals and finishes all the optimizing factors which are very important so you cannot leave it. It gives more ease to users they can easily manage it with the help of its plugin. You can also play with its code if you have excellent grip on web languages.

Make Money Through Working On OnPage And Offpage SEO

You cannot make money with adsense without having any knowledge about optimizing your website properly. It is divided in to two main categories. On-page and Off-page Seo. You should work on both of these. These are like two wheels of vehicle if any one is not working properly then you can’t drive it. So, if you want a nice drive on the road of blogging then you should be serious about them. It will help you to visible your website in SERPs. And it has also an ability to grab some good traffic from organic source.

How To Make Money In Google Through Traffic

As I have mentioned before that if you are serious about make money with adsense than you need to build up the relations on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest,, And in last but not least Google + is the most important in this manner. Work on these platforms is very beneficial. The main point which you should have focused is that how you can attract the USA, UK, Canada, Australian visitors to visit your website on regularity basis because Google gives more importance to it.


I wish this article will clear your mind by all the confusion regarding monetizing your blog and make money with adsense. If you follow these strategies which are set by Google then definitely you can get your desire in very short period of time. If you have any query or any experience it will be glad to see them in comment section.

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      Glad you liked the post, in which i have tried to shared some lucrative tips of money making through Google Adsense. As we all know that Google Adsese is the authentic way among other online earning methods.

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  • Hi Muhamad, I jumped into your blog via my friend Julie. She is inbox me this URL and told me read this blog carefully and you will definitely learn something new in Google Adsense. I honestly say she is totally right, what an impressive way to write a blog with step by step guide about making money using Adsense. Thank you Muhamad, I look forward to reading your next blog.

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