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Increase alexa ranking
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Increase alexa ranking is not an easy task in blogging. If you want to become a flourishing blogger. You should try even hard to get some good position in alexa ranking. Alexa ranking system measures the popularity of your blog or website through your website traffic, number of visitors as well as the page views. After calculating all these factors alexa declares his rank. After watching the rank of your blog the advertisers got the idea regarding to their business and approaches you to buy some add space on your website. And in inducement you get some handsome amount to give some space for advertisement on your website. Some other important factors are also discussed in below section which are useful for the growing erection of alexa ranking.

  Increase alexa ranking

How To Increase Alexa Rank For Your Blog

Every blogger desires to Increase alexa ranking because Google considers its calculating system regarding its rank as well. After analyzing this Google announces his page rank to any website or blog. Every SEO professional must use it for the popularity of their blog. Most of the pro bloggers use different types of Seo tools which provide the complete details regarding the PR and alexa rank of the blogs or websites. This is the most important element in search engine optimization. If you maintain some good position in it then every single blogger is trying to approach you online.

Always Update Fresh Content For Alexa Ranking

Try to write some quality content which is informative and convenient for readers. By doing this the visitors of your website are mount up day by day. Your content should be updated on regularity bases because the more fresh content you updated on your website the more visitors approach you online and its benificial to get alexa rank.

Alexa Calculates The Backlinks Of Your Website also loves the way of backlinks just like Google. Its powerful method calculates all the backlinks of your website. But remember always try to get quality backlinks. Linkbuilding with only that websites which have good alexa ranking as well as Google page rank. So don’t go the wrong side on quantity always focused on quality.

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Boostup Your Alexa Ranking With The Help Of Social Media

Always connect with different social mediums to share the newly updated contents of your blog or website. There are different social media websites like Facebook, twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Redit,, Pinterest, Tumbler, Stumble upon, Delicious, Digg and much more. You can find a list of social sharing websites through Google. These are heavily used and beneficial to Increase alexa ranking. But Facebook played an important role in this scenario because it is used all over the world. Every single day millions of new people connect with this plate form, and it has a very huge online traffic on daily bases. Join different Facebook groups for sharing your link there and also share on your own wall. By doing this you will definitely get some good position in alexa ranking.

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Benefits Of Installing Alexa Widget On Your Blog

As you all know that alexa shows the global traffic rank of websites and blogs. If you go on alexa website submit the url of your website there. Hit the button that will open the global rank of your website as well as shows you the number of backlinks of your blog. But if you want to give more ease to other bloggers who want to see the rank of your blog then you need to install the alexa widget. Which is also helpful to Increase alexa ranking in this scenario.

Directory Submission

Alexa also likes the way of directory submission. It is also very efficient way for getting rank in alexa. It is another great method of getting valuable backlinks for your blog. But before choosing the right directory I suggest you to choose kind of directories which have some authentic position in Google. I mean the page rank. This tip can definitely Increase alexa ranking as well.

Write Article On

Before writing article on it is very necessary to understand that what actually it is. Below mentioned tips are helpful for Increase alexa ranking through article writing.
First of all register yourself on and claim for your blog or website.
Write such article on it in which you can cover all its aspects in detail.
Define what actually alexa is and how it works.
How about the criteria and what parameters are set by Alexa for its ranking system for websites or blogs.
How helpful alexa wedgets and alexa toolbar.
Above mentioned tips will substantially increase your ranking in alexa. Believe that these tips have magical effects.

Increase Alexa Ranking By Guest Positing

Most of the newbie’s are bit confused and they don’t understand what actually it is. I’ll explain you in simple words that the post written by you as a guest on other blogs is called guest posting. It is very fruitful to get some backlinks with other blogs who have high PR as well as high alexa web ranking. According to my little research most of the bloggers read guest posts which are very healthy activities and a good sign to Increase alexa ranking.


All the above mentioned tips regarding alexa ranking are simply defined for beginners as well as pro bloggers. Try these tips for good results. If you have any suggestions or information regarding alexa rank kindly share through comments.

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