Launch Jacking: The Biggest Money Making Secret

Launch jacking is infact a phenomenal course of action for individuals. It helps them to chase their dreams to become a super affiliate marketer. By using this powerful launch jacking method they earn thousands of dollars in couple of days not in months.

Generally bloggers are perplexed they might think that Google adsesne is the only best source of online earning. It’s totally wrong in my opinion; in this method you don’t need any adsense account. This is indeed a plus point for those who want to earn money online without using similar monetization methods.

I have shared other strategies also in our previous posts which affiliate marketers are using consistently to efficiently promote their products but in this critique I am going to give in-depth details about Launch jacking and its magical benefits.

So, in this review about launch jack, I am trying to cover out every single information which is indeed advantageous for those who want to become a successful affiliate marketer. Also for those who have blogs but they are still struggling and standing in line of money making. So, let’s get start.

What Is Launch Jacking?

This technique is adopted by top notch marketers around the world. With the help of this and some important researches they find profitable affiliate products which are in their launching phase. This method is pretty simple and known as product launch jacking.

Believe me this is the money-spinning process even beginners can get magnificent results and make some good money from it. If they do it in a legitimate way. Most of the time people are struggling to increase their blog traffic.

With this magical formula you’ll get massive organic traffic. Because once the product is properly launched people eagerly searching for that item. They want to know more about it features, advantageous, quality as well as their pricing plan.

Pro marketers are also promoting it and use numerous paid and free methods to send traffic to particular offer. So; you will get some great benefits in shape of organic traffic without doing any extra hard slog.

How To Launch Jack

In this method you need a website which is not more than 1 to 3 pages. The major objective of creating these types of micro sites is not only to promote your offers but earn instant commissions from it also.

How To Purchase Domain And Hosting

Well there are plenty of options available on internet which make possible for you to easily pick up a domain and hosting for your online business. I have shared a quick video tutorial in which i have explained that how to purchase a domain name through “Namecheap”. 

Now I’ll come to the main point of the whole process. Generally bloggers pick up a domain which is related to their blog niches but in launch jacking the principle is quite different. Let’s suppose I have a product called “Sheerseo” which is not released yet.

I will get all the concerning details of that product simply by contacting the owner of particular product as well as by analyzing different product launch calendars.“Sheerseo.com” is the main website in this case so, I immediately register closely relevant domain like

  • Sheerseoreview.com
  • Sheerseoreview.net
  • Sheerseoreview.org
  • Sheerseoreview.co

You need to pick one of these in above mentioned examples, because in Search engine optimization the relevancy matters a lot. It works thousands time batter then picking up a random domain for launch jacking. Below I mentioned some best hosting providers.

  • hostgator.com
  • bluehost.com
  • ehost.com
  • godaddy.com

Selection & Installing Of Right Theme

Another important step is how to effectively optimize your content for search engines. In this case you must work on, Onpage and Offpage seo. After purchasing the domain and hosting the very next step is to choose a premium theme. Well there are variety of themes which comes up with lots of useful features.

Keep one thing in your mind, always choose a mobile responsive theme because if you want to improve the ranking of your website then it’s important that the design of your site is Seo friendly.

The theme which I recommends you for better launch jacking seo is called Schema WordPress Theme. Because as compare to Genesis frame work Schema is much speedy. 

List Building

For increasing your list and collecting emails for future updates. You have plenty of options in shape of email marketing services like Aweber, Get response etc. With the help of which you can increase subscribers and send email to like minded people who are interested in your affiliate offers. Don’t forget to offer a free gift in shape of valuable guide or ebook because it works well to gain more subscribers.

Find Upcoming Products Through Product Launch Calendar

Well there are few platforms which provide complete details of future release products. By which folks can get enough details regarding the launching time and date. After analyzing the product release calendar carefully they choose a profitable product to promote.

Always try to select those products which have some time in their release, products which will release after 1 month work well in this process because in this period of time you should work on other elements like setup a new website, write an extensive review as well as creating links.

Write Extensive Affiliate Product Reviews

Affiliate marketers like this method a lot because as I mentioned earlier that they select a quality product before their launch and write a detailed and comprehensive reviews on it and embed their affiliate link also in their content for couple of times.

They honestly provide in-depth minutiae of that product along with pros and cons. They have striking writing skills which have a potential to impress their readers nicely. Believe me they made 100s of sales with a single product and earn thousands of dollars very easily.

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How To Do Proper Onpage SEO

Once you end the whole process the very next step is to earn some authority backlinks from different resources in shape of authority websites. It ranks your product review in Google with little effort.

Trust me you earn money with this method easily it’s all because that when people search for that obsession they found your written material which is embedded along with your promotional link.

For better results you are in need to use Seopressor Connect plugin for WordPress along with Yoast Seo plugin.

Link Building Strategy

In this phase most of the launch jackers prefer to buy links from different well known resources like Fiver, Upwork, Seo Clerk etc. Because they have limited time to rank their content. By using these services they easily acquire authority links in very cheap rates. If you are good in search engine optimization than you don’t need to buy services from above mentioned platforms you can do it by your own self. 

  • Use commentLuv enabled blogs for getting some quality and instant links.
  • Include post URL in your video description.
  • Web 2.0
  • Slide share submission

Create Striking Product Review Videos 

In this section you are in need to introduce affiliate products. Which you are promoting along with their remarkable features in shape of video reviews. Because your main objective is to attract both types of audience, visitors who love to read articles and visitors who love to get information through video guide. 

So, you should apply both the strategies to convince more and more people to get that offer. If you don’t know how to create videos and how to upload and rank them on video marketing websites then you must check out our complete Youtube course.  


In this guide about launch jacking I have tried to show you the exact method which launch jackers used for making money through promoting upcoming affiliate products. Most of the beginners are confused and they think does launch jacking work?

So, my answer is if they follow these simple steps which I have discussed in this post they will succeed. I have tried my best to write this post in a way that maximum people get benefit from it. 

Muhammad Mairaj: Hello! My name is Muhammad Mairaj from Abbottabad, Pakistan. Founder of etutorialblog. An ardent blogger and Seo expert. Here I talk about Blogging, SEO, Affiliate marketing, Wordpress & Graphics. Find me on Facebook | Twitter | G+

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    Launch Jacking is when we take advantage of the traffic other internet marketers are sending to a new product launch to earn affiliate commissions for ourself. It simply means achieving a very high ranking in Google for the search query of a certain product that has just been launched or is in the process of being launched. We literally hijack the search engine result for that particular term. Eventually, thanks for sharing much information regarding this subject.

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