SheerSeo Review: SEO Software To Track Search Engine Rankings

Written by Muhammad Mairaj

The most decisive thing for webmasters are to maintain the ranking of their websites in major search engines. This is in fact the biggest challenge for every online business. So, today I have shared with you a detailed review of SheerSeo. 


It is indeed an impressive Seo software which will not only help you out to grow your online business but it will save your precious time, also track the improvements, and analyze the current status of your search engine ranking.

In-depth Review Of SheerSeo 

It is a complete package for bloggers and online marketers in shape of online tool. Which gives you the opportunity to perform Seo like a Pro. By using SheerSeo you’ll get every minimal information about analyzing and tracking search engine ranking of your website very easily. So, this will help out the individual to outrank his/her competitors easily and effectively. Which is certainly advantageous to stay long in the race of search-engine-optimization.

Overview Of This Magical SEO Tool

If you want to make money online through blogging or affiliate marketing then the major problem which you’ll have to face is your blog traffic. It is in fact the most significant element for every online business. If you have enough targeted traffic then you can easily earn thousands of dollars otherwise you are just wasting your precious time. So, if you are struggling and making your whole effort to rank your post on 1st page of Google but still not succeed then SheerSeo is the remarkable solution in this scenario.  

According to the research of online behavior of users, only 20 to 30 % of users go with 2nd page of Google while searching something on internet. So, it is the clear indication that how much profit you’ll lost if you are not able to rank your post in top 10 results of Google. Keep in mind that Seo is not the name of link building.

Sheerseo rankings report

It is in fact the strategy which helps you to increase your organic traffic and consistently rank your keywords. With this strategy you’ll have to keep a close eye on every single activity, means you’ll have to monitor the shortcoming and the improvements also. But the whole process is very time consuming if you do it manually.

So, the good thing for all of you guys are that now with this magical software called SheerSEO you can save your valuable time and start tracking and monitoring your blog in a more convenient way and get stunning results. 

Mystification About Seo Tracking Software

I have seen in many cases that both novice and experts are mystified about SheerSeo. They might think that using similar types of software’s does not help them to perform better and these tools are not search engine friendly.  

These are some misconceptions, it will only happen if you are using non qualitative tools. Keep in mind that SheerSeo is an industry standard and pretty much popular software which is the ultimate solution to perform better.

While creating this magnificent online tool developers done their best to create it in a way that beginners can also get benefit from it. It is very comprehensive tool and easy to use. So, developers make it easy for bloggers and webmasters to formulate their entire efforts about search-engine-optimization and grow their online business through this Seo automation tool adequately.

You’ll find number of tools on internet for the same purpose but in this SheerSeo Review I am going to share with you that it come up with plenty of useful features. The beauty of this tool is that you do not require downloading it on your computer. It is indeed an online tool and you can use its every single feature on your browser.  

Magical Features Of SheerSeo



Track Rankings

Here in this Sheerseo review I’ll endeavor to cover out that how effectively it provides in-depth reports. These reports contains the current and the previous record regarding your keywords in shape of graphs. With the help of these one can nicely analyze the position of any search terms in most significant search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.  

It allows you to export data in the form of PDF and CVS. You’ll get an automated email reports on weekly basis which encloses the progress and the downside of your key-words. So, this is the fantastic feature to fix that sort of problems.

Keyword Density

By using this spectacular SheerSeo tool one can deeply analyze the over optimization factor of his/her blog content and keep away him/her self from keyword density. Its On-page SEO feature allows you to meticulously checkout the over use of keywords. Which help us to optimize and create Google loving content.

If you use this feature in a right way believe me you’ll get astonishing results in shape of organic traffic and you can easily rank your content each time you published. So, it is a great way to include fruitful keywords which has a potential to rank immediately.

Number Of Back-links

This is another essential feature of this fantastic tool which I like the most. Well there are quite a lot of back-link checker tools online which facilitates you the minutiae of your whole links.

But have you ever noticed while checking out on various link checking tools each report is different from each other. So, by using this Seo tracking software you’ll get the exact report regarding the number of backlinks.

Backlink Checker

SheerSeo knows very well the significance of your qualitative links which you have gained through various methods like guest posting, link exchange or paid for that.  You don’t need to vigil on your most valuable link manually. All you need to do is specify particular back link in “Guarded Backlink” section.

Because this Seo tracking tool keep a close eye on those back-links which you have specified. So, you don’t need to worry about link management whenever it detects any change you’ll be informed all the way through email.  

Mailed Reports

If you are running your online Search engine optimization business or give similar services on freelancing websites like Fiverr and Up work then the most important thing is client satisfaction. With this feature you can email the current scenario and the position of their websites with two different formats i.e. CSV and PDF.

Track Social Signals

Social signals are also very effective for better ranking in SERPs. So, this is another great feature which is utilized to track and keep an eye on the whole activities concerning your social media profiles through graphs. It provides you a comprehensive information regarding the numbers of  Facebook likes, shares and comments. Same formula can be applied on your twitter profile. Sheer-Seo also vigil and track every single tweet and mentions.

More Seo Features


  • One can get advantage with its other powerful features like traffic estimation which is indeed an amazing way to know the actual traffic on your website or blog.
  • You can also check out the historical data and current position in well known search engine.
  • It will give you the absolute information about the current index pages of your blog in a tabular format.
  • Tracking Competitors is the fantastic feature through which you can effortlessly track the position and ranking of your competitors in SERPs.
  • As we all know that directory submission is very protracted process and it will take enough time. SheerSeo facilitates its users to do it in a more uncomplicated way which take very less time as compare to manual submission.

Pricing Plan

As compare to other Seo Software’s the pricing plan of SheerSeo is very low which is affordable for anyone. It come up with 6 pricing plans which are specifically use for single domain. You can also try its free plan which is free for 2 months and see the magic. Get complete details of its other features and plans on 



Indeed we have discussed in detail the Sheerseo tool which is quite serviceable, uncomplicated and easy to manage which dramatically increases your search rankings. I recommend you to use this spectacular tool and do share it with your friends on Social media.

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SheerSeo Review
  • Powerful Seo software for instant search rankings.
  • Best Seo tracking tool which collects the historical data for clients satisfaction.
  • A perfect traffic estimator
  • An amazing solution to track your competitors, SE ranking and Page rank.
  • Offers 02 months free trail which is good enough to understand its powerful features.
  • Come up with 5 premium plans which are very easy to afford.
  • Currently 56,268 users are getting their premium services and perform Seo easily & effectively.


I am using SheerSeo for the last few months and i am getting satisfactory results. So, what you are waiting for get a lots of benefits with this remarkable online Seo tool to sky rocket your online business.

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  • Hi Mairaj,

    I have used the SEOPressor in my earlier days which was quite similar to SheerSEO.

    All the features including the checking of the keyword density and the improvement in the SEO stats.

    Thanks for letting us know.
    Have a nice day.

    • Hi Ravi,

      Yes I agree with you SEOPressor is in fact another amazing WordPress plugin which is the excellent solution for On Page Seo. With the help of this one can optimize our content and to rank our posts instantly in Google.

      Thanks for your lovely comment once again 🙂



  • Hi Mairaj,
    What a joy to be here again after a bit gap.
    Hope you are doing well.
    This is indeed an informative review you presented here.
    The magical features SheerSeo you covered in this post
    looks like amazing. The 2 months free service is indeed
    a wonderful offer too.
    Well written piece of content.
    Thanks Mairaj for telling about this.
    Keep sharing
    Have a wonderful day and a Happy weekend
    Keep sharing
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

    • Hi Philip,

      A warm welcome on ETB once again. Well i have tried to share in-depth review of this magnificent Seo tool which help out bloggers and online marketers to increase their organic traffic and to consistently rank their keywords in major search engines. With the help of this SEO tracking software they can easily track and monitor the performance of their websites and to do Seo like a pro.

      Thanks for your lovely comment hope to see you again 🙂



  • According to your review, looking pretty impressive.. Everyone know link building is core process which playing main role into search engine ranking but I love semrush and ahrefs both are awesome collection of seo online tools.

  • Hello Mairaj,

    Looks like a nice SEO software. Nowadays, SEO tools are required to do some analysis and research since SEO is very competitive. I will surely try out this software soon.

    I have been using LTP, SEranking and other tools for various purposes. Thanks for sharing about Sheerseo.

    • Hi Atish,

      Thanks for the lovely comment, well i have tried this amazing SEO tool which provides every single information about the progress of our keywords and Search engine rankings. By using this SEO software one can increase organic traffic and nicely vigil the search rankings of our websites.

      I am glad your coming by and sharing your views, hope to see you again 🙂



  • Hey Muhammad,

    Search engine optimization can be very tricky business and that’s why it is always in our best interest to arm ourself with the right tools and the right data.

    Sheer SEO is already one of the most respected brands on the web when it comes to SEO, but now they have released a brand new service called the Sheer Explorer. The main idea behind Sheer Explorer is that it is effectively a site explorer. It collects all the links from all around the Internet and then it allows you to see this vital information for any domain that we’d like. And the real kicker is that, unlike some of the other tools you may encounter online. Eventually, thanks for your great support with effective topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

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