Top Tips Which Can Increase Google Page Rank Of Your Blog

Increase Google Page Rank
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

In this article I am going to tell you that how you can Increase Google Page Rank because most of the bloggers haven’t any idea about ranking factor they just create blogs and wait for high Alexa traffic rank as well as Google PR. But there are some other important factors which matter alot to boost a blog in which Google PR is the most important element because it is very helpful to bring traffic on your blog. Now the question is What is page rank? It is the Google’s link analysis algorithm which regulates the comparative importance of any website. Simply it is defined that it calculates the linkbuilding of your blog with other high prerogative blogs.

Increase Google Page Rank

PR always starts form 0 to 10. A new created blog has always N/A PR means yet he hasn’t got any PR. With the passage of time after working hard they started getting PR from Google. High PR always useful for getting ranking in Google as well as advertising. The well known advertisers always visit to those websites or blogs who have high PR for promoting their business. Now I am going to share some unique tips that how you can increase the PR of your blog.

Improve Page Ranking In Google Through Quality Content

This is the main thing which I focused a lot in my all articles i.e always try to penning down the quality content. Don’t try to violate the Copy right act. Try to write original content in your own words by experiencing and analyzing. This will give you great margin about high PR because visitors always want new and creative content which should be very informative. If you try to size up your website or blog with Copy content then sooner or later the Google algorithm detects you and penalized your blog.

Benefits Of Backlinks For High PR

Without writing high quality content you cannot link with other websites or blogs. Try to create natural links with other high authority websites because the more traffic you have the more High PR is. The links should be DoFollow, NoFollow, External. More over you can enhance your linking strategies by guest posts, writing articles, joining different forums and leaving comments on commentluv enabled blogs. It will probably Increase Google Page Rank. Always try to raise the dofollow links to your blog by doing so you will get a high PR. Now I am going to share some very beneficial dofollow blogs list with high PR through which you can easily get valuable backlinks. These will surely increase your PR as well as Alexa Traffic ranking.

Quick Sprout — I’m Kind of a Big Deal



Become A Blogger: Start A Blog, Change The World

How to Improve Google Page Rank Through Guest Posting

An article writer should be creative and has ability to write on any topic. It is very important for guest posting because it is infact the content which you have to write on the relevant topic issued by other websites or blogs who offer guest posting. It is the key of success for every blog to get dofollow links for your website. If your content is attractive and some one allows you to publish your content on his website or blog by this you are going to make relationships with other bloggers. Always try to write for high PR websites because the host blog will obviously give a link to your content. These links will be helpful to Increase Google Page Rank.

Role Of Website Loading Speed In Page Ranking

For high PR its very essential that a website must have such hosting which server is always up time (working order). Google doesn’t like the cheap hosting which server is mostly down. Mostly peoples purchase such hosting which have cheap hosting plans by this they can save their money but users never access such blog or website. Choose wisely a host who has surely up time, money doesn’t matter. Its also influential if your website loading speed is fast. You can make it fast by install cache plugins and compress big images. By this you’ll get more traffic and easily Increase Google Page Rank. Below mention are some top hosting companies.

Update Your Blog On Regularity Basis

Update your blog on regularity basis is also an important factor to Increase Google Page Rank. You must write one article daily or if you cannot try to update your blog at least after 3 or 4 days. Google considers those blogs who update on daily bases and having high size articles (1200 to 2000 words). This will surely improve your page rank.

How To Increase Pagerank By Interlinking Posts

Adding keywords properly is another important element to Increase Google Page Rank. Try to add relevant keywords on perfect places of your post then interlink them with previous posts of your blog. By doing so when the visitors read your article they will definitely click the link and go to the old post of your blog. As the Google considers PR it will definitely crawls on your old post too. Most of the newbies do not aware with the right quantity of interlinking in one post so try to link at least 5 time in 750 words. It will depends on the length of article you can increase or decrease the interlinks according length. Too much interlinking is consider as spamming by Google.

High PR Through Social Bookmarking

Social media also plays a key role to Increase Google Page Rank. Through social media you can share your blog which helps to increase your PR as well as traffic of your blog. The most famous and reliable social networks are Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter,, Stumble upon etc. Below mention are few social bookmarking websites which allow you to get dofollow links to increase your PR.

Commenting on Blogs

The very common way which mostly bloggers used for their high PR is commenting on other blogs. Although it is a type of link which you get is nofollow but search engines gives them importance although less than dofollow. Always try to comment on high PR blogs who have installed commentluv plugin by doing so you get dofollow links to increase your PR.


In this article I’ll divulge all the points which are helpful to Increase Google Page Rank. Try to work hard on these points and get a appreciable place in SEO. Always remember that when you got high page rank be careful about its maintenance because once you lose the position of your page rank then it can be nearly impossible to get it back again.

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