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Significant Tips To Increase Your Domain Authority

In this article I’ll discuss that what actually Domain Authority is. Infact it is the biggest element in SEO and is evaluated by the power of domain means how one’s domain is well-liked and how it emerges in SERP. Moz.com is a well known website which calculates DA with the help of its specific tools. Your Alexa traffic rank as well as Google page rank is also very important factor in this scenario.

After knowing what is DA and how its calculates the main question which raises in your mind is how it increases and how you can achieve a high rank in Google. I have done necessary research for my loyal readers and now in this article I am going to extract my research.Below mentioned tips are helpful to increase your DA by little effort.

Social Media Plays An Important Role

As you all know with the passage of time Google makes some important changes in its algorithms. According to the newly updated algorithm it calculates your social signals and activities for promoting your blog on different social media websites which plays an important role to increase your Domain Authority. Whenever you add new content on your blog share it with all social media platforms in your first preference.

Importance Of Domain Age

Domain age is also an important factor for increasing your Domain Authority. If you want to create a website try to buy such domain who has already registered for a few time in past. Because such domain has already a reliable position in SERP. If you buy new domain then you need plenty of time to work hard for trust building on social medias. As the domain is old as high its DA. With domain age domain name is also matters a lot. Always choose short domain of minimum 8 to 12 characters. With the passage of time domain score raises as all the websites always start their career with 0 DA and by experience and hard work got some good position.

Significant Role Of Quality Backlinks

The another vital element to increase the Domain Authority is link building. For this purpose first of all you have to quality content which should be unique and creative. Then you have to link building with other popular and reliable websites or blogs. Don’t link your blog with low quality websites. There are number of bloggers who sell their links but don’t try to buy these links because for a few time they increase your ranking but after some time they can remove their links which put very negative effect on your blog ranking. Try to create natural backlinks to your blog.

Benefits Of Interlinking

As I have mentioned in above para that quality content matters a lot. Try to create more pages of your website or blog also focusing your previous posts. Link building new posts with the older posts. This will surely decrease the bounce rate of your blog. Visitors also engage on your blog getting new ideas with previous knowledge. This activity also influences search engine that your blog has valuable content in the inner pages not only the main page.

How To Check Domain Authority Through Different Tools

After increasing your DA next question in your mind should be that how I can check my DA. I will not keep my devoted readers in any confusion for such question. Below I mention some very useful tools which are very helpful to get all the information regarding your Blog’s DA.


It is the best source to check all the necessary informations of blogs and websites. In which you can easily checkout your Domain Authority. For this you don’t need any professional skills. Just explore this website in your browser then on top of the websites you see some links in which you can check domain authority. The beauty of this tool is that it provides more details regarding your blog. i.e. your Alexa rank, Page rank , DA and PA, Backlink checker and Google keyword position etc.

Open site explorer

It is another effective tool of SEOmoz. With the help of it you can easily check your DA, PA, number of links etc. It is a free tool through which you can get only 3 reports in a day.

Mozbar Extension

It is also a well known toolbar through which you can compare your Domain Authority with other websites. You have to install this in your browser then open any website to check its authority.


It is the most favourite tool of bloggers which they use in their websites to collect all informations of their websites e.g DA and PA, Page rank, Alexa rank, Position of keywords, Indexed backlinks and Domain age etc.


I hope this article will be very helpful to understand what domain authority is and how it is effected for your website or blog. I have tried to explain all the possible ways that increase your Domain Authority and also mention some tools to check your DA. If you like my effort then share this piece of information with your other friends through different social media platforms.

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  • Great post there bro, really increasing DA of a blog is a challenging task for a blogger. I think posting unique and quality content on blog on a regular basis helps most to increase domain authority.
    I was not aware that URL structure plays role in DA too, that’s great information shared over here. Now I will try to make my blog post URL’s more SEO optimized.

  • Hi

    I am reading a lot of posts regarding domain authority, because i want to improve my domain authority quickly in order to attract advertisers.

    Buy I am not finding ti easy as I am not able to know, why I am not improving.

    Anyways, I have one question, Whether the links from bookmarking sites help in improving domain authority or not?

    I have build many links from Bookmarking and Profile sites, whether it helps?