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How To Increase Blog Traffic Through Reddit

increase blog traffic
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Now a days everyone wants to be a part of this race called blogging and wants to earn something online.  Due to this they have tried more and finding new ways through which they increase blog traffic because without traffic they can’t get even a single Penny. There are many ways through which bloggers get traffic for their blogs. But today I am only discussing about an Excellent Social Media Marketing Platform i.e. Reddit. Everyone wants to know that what is it, how it works and what is its importance. So, lets get started without wasting time.

increase blog traffic

What Is Reddit

It is a social media platform and has a bulletin board system. It is in the list of excellent social bookmarking platforms. Through it most of the bloggers Increase Blog Traffic free of cost. According to my way of thinking I have seen most of the newbies who are not aware of it  because of limited knowledge regarding it. It is derived from two words Read and Edit means I read or submit something in reddit.

Why Pro Blogger Use It

Mostly newbies don’t know How to use it, how it works and what are its benefits. So in this article I am going to deeply cover most of its aspects. That how every blogger can use it and increase blog traffic to get fruitful results. I have seen most of the professional bloggers use it and get better results which is quite satisfactory for getting free traffic of their websites or blogs.

How To Submit Your Link In Reddit

The very first thing you need to do is to create an account. Sign up and fill some necessary fields which are required to complete your application process. After finishing the whole step now you are ready to login to your account.


The next step is to promote your blog content through which you get some good traffic. So, in this scenario you need to click on the link called Submit New Link Button.


After clicking on the said link another windows will open > So you just copy the article link on your browser address bar and simply Click on Suggest Title Button. It automatically add the title of your post.


Now you need to give a tag which is mentioned in subreddits choose relevant from it. After that you need to write the captcha.


Once you did the captcha then click on submit button. After that your screen will show in such manner.


This is the simplest and easiest method to promote your blog content on reddit and get some benefits in shape of decent traffic.


The best feature of it is that it has a wide range of categories whether it is about news, technology, science, iphone, chrome or health etc. You just have to select the right category which is relevant to your niche and submit your link there. These categories are known as subreddit. This subreddit feature is available only on reddit not on any other social media website.

Voting System For Reddit Reader

This website is based on user voting system means if the readers like your link they will give you up-vote and if they don’t like your link they will give you down-vote and that is totally harmful for you. For upgrading you have to write quality content for up-votes. The users vote you through up arrow and down arrow. These arrows are marked at the left side of a submitted link in reddit. You can get such votes through comments also.

How To Get Karma in Reddit

As I have mentioned that it is based on user voting system. So, as much votes you get as much points raises. Such points in reddit are called Karma. In another words it is the point system which uses the reddit to assess the every one’s contribution. You can gain good karma by quality content and by good posting. Losing karma on reddit is leading in bad name in online community. As much up-votes as you have the nice karma you have. Your down voting give you bad karma through which your account can be banned.

How To Come On Reddit Frontpage

According to the SEO rules every blogger wants that his website or blog come on the first page of Google. Same like that the professional bloggers are struggling to show their links on first page of Reddit. First page is basically the home page if you are successfully get some position on first page then you can easily increase blog traffic.

Wide Your Friends List

To increase blog traffic you need to wide up the circle of your friends. Its very easy on reddit to make your friends because on user’s profile beside his/her name an option of + friends is available. If you like anyone to add in your friends list just click on the option and add them in your friends list.

Boost Blog Traffic Through Submitting Links

I have seen that most of the newbies are bit crazy about submitting links. This platform has its own rules so user can only submit one link in a day. I highly recommend to those users that they should read the rules at least one time. Because every subreddit has its own policies regarding submitting the link. Otherwise its spam filter will detects you and drop in to its spam list.


To increase blog traffic swiftly and effectively is the main goal of every blogger. So, the bloggers try to achieve their goal by different ways. Among them reddit is the best and reliable way. So, try it and give me your precious feedback.

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Muhammad Mairaj

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  • Hey Mairaj,

    Really reddit increase our traffic with decent rate.Most of the newbies doesn’t know about reddit and thats why they are fail to drive traffic from this excellent website.

    Even in my experience when i posted my first article on Reddit the traffic flow was awesome.

    I posted “7 Important Google Urls That Every User Should Know ” and my website got 500+ just within 2-3 hours.

    That’s why i can surely say that it would be a great platform to drive traffic to your website.

    Thanks Again for sharing such great article with newbies.

  • I stopped using Reddit for some time now, but with the points i have read herein, i am considering using it again. Thanks for this awakening post.

  • Hi Bro,

    Truly excellent article, By the way Reddit is a great social community and every day thousands of blogger publish his post on Reddit every days and getting very good no of traffic on his websites..

    These days My focus also on Reddit and share my post on Reddit every time when I published on my blog.. but I don’t get huge traffic any suggestion for me..

    Mohd Arif

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