Importance Of Choosing Keywords For Website In SEO

choosing keywords for website
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Choosing keywords for website or blog plays an important role in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). For doing this Google provides a list of tools which is very useful in this scenario and the good thing about these are that mostly tools are free but some have paid. In these tools you’ll get the better ideas regarding search volume, PPC rate, estimated monthly searches as well as the competition. So let’s get started in detail mode.

choosing keywords for website

Different Types Of Keywords

There are two types of keywords. Before choosing keywords for website read the article carefully. The first one is short tail while on the other hand the second one is long tail. The main difference of these two types are that the short tail has almost a huge competition in Search engines and you should work very hard to get some position in Search engines. But if you are selecting long tail for your website or blog they have low competition and you have a handsome chance to avail a strong position in Search engines. As choosing keywords for website matters a lot to boost up your visibility in SERP.

Seo Tools For Keywords Research

Google launches a great tool for Choosing keywords for website known as Google Keyword Planner. You can use it and feel the difference that there are many other tools for this purpose but this tool provides more details. In this little research you can easily understand the position of your keyword which you are choosing for website or blog. You’ll get all information regarding the keywords competition, estimated monthly searches, Pay Per Click Rate, Search volume and much more. So try it for better experience and for good results in Search engines.

Key Words Play An Important Role In Seo

While choosing keywords for website most of the beginners are trying to put a heavy list of keywords in their websites. This is not the proper way you should always implement the keywords on your website or blog after some research through different handy tools which are available on internet. Always focused on the quality of the keywords. Always choose low competition keywords, try to experience long tail. Your main keyword should be use in your domain also add this in your page title because most of the search engines including Google show the title of your website or blog in search engine results. Always use Key words in your headings as well as in your 1st paragraph.  Headings separate paragraphs into related subtopics. According to the SEO this is very helpful so you should try to add more and more headings on your page including your keyword in headings. Don’t add the long length headings. The heading tags start on <h1> and ends on <h6>. You can experience 1 to 3 which has a very good impact according to SEO point of view.

All About Keyword Density

Repetition of keywords in your article or webpage is called keyword density. It is very important factor in SEO (Search engine optimization). So, you should be focused while choosing keywords for website. You should have some basic knowledge about this factor because access of keywords may penalized your website or blog. The balanced percentage is 2% .Don’t try to exceed above because if you are trying to add more and more keywords then Google penguin detects you sooner or later and penalized your web site.

What Is Key Word Prominence

According to my research about key words prominence is a little bit tricky. Most of the beginners who are new in this field are bit confused. So, I am here to clear your mind about it. Proper use of choosing keywords for website and placement is called keywords prominence. proper placement is the key of success. Following are the suitable places for adding keywords on your pages i.e , your page title, page Url, Meta description of the page, placing keywords in Alt tag, as well as in your heading section.

What Is Keyword Proximity

Keyword proximity in SEO is also very important element in blogging. What is keyword proximity. Actual distance between the words which is using in your keyword is called keyword Proximity. You’ll have to need to put the exact words more closer as it place very important role in keyword proximity.  If you will fulfill the conditions it means you got 100 % result which is best for blogging activity.


In this article I tried to convey the actual way of choosing keywords for website as well as their density, prominence and proximity factors. Hope you’ll easily understand this. If you like my effort please encourage me through promoting my article on all social media websites.

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  • i want to know more sir can you please tell me what’s the keyword in this article. so that i can understand easily. I am facing problem in placing keyword. hope you will help me.
    Thanx in advance.

    • In this article i target “Choosing Keywords For Website”. If you are facing more problem, then search keywords though Google Keyword planner tool. It can help you.

  • I have a doubt. I am using wordpress & for every post I target one or two keywords. But how to target keywords for home page? As the content on home page is always changing with the fresh content, any way to use meta kewywords for home page?

    • Sara If you are using wordpress then no need to optimize your home page by using any tag or any description, it built-in function in wordpress that when crawler will crawl your website, then it will crawl your whole website not only home page, so articles on home page already optimized with H1 and all other built-in WP functions.

  • Understand your all things clearly but I’m little bit confused that How search engine will knows the about our keywords? And I’m wordpress share a plugin who’ve faced the problem in keyword prominence, the plugin name is Squirrly SEO. By using this plugin, you’ll know the best keyword placements in article.

    • Search engines knows about your keywords with the help of its specific algorithms. And if your are having any problem regarding seo plugin then install SEO Yoast plugin. If you are still confused then checkout my post The Best SEO WordPress Plugins For Blogging. In which you’ll get more detail regarding top plugins.

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