Importance Of Backlinks In Search Engine Optimization

Backlinks act like the backbone in blogging. In this article I would like to give you some very useful tips for search engine optimization. If you will follow the same principles step by step which is mentioned in my article in detail then definitely you will get your desire. You will successfully get some position in search engines ranking but I’ll tell you one thing i.e. patience which is most important factor in SEO. You should work hard for your website or blog slowly and steadily. No one should believe on the ways of shortcut and always be positive. First of all you need to understand that what are backlinks. Below are some useful tips for promoting your blog so let’s get started.

Top Idea For Generating Valuable Links For Your Blog

Before covering this topic I want to mention that limited knowledge of anything is very dangerous. According to my little research and knowledge most of the peoples share their ideas and information on internet regarding the current topic. In their little session they just say that the more backlinks you have the more chances of your website is to be rank well in Search Engines and the visitors are going through with it. There are some perimeters of link building.


Always Choose High Page Rank Websites

Viewers if you have any blog or website and you need to be ranked in search engines then definitely you will need to get some quality backlinks with Pr 3, 4, 5 up to 10 websites or blogs. Google Page Rank (PR) is started from 1 and ends on 10. While on the other hand if you are making cheap back links through different blogs, whatever blog or website is open in front of your browser and you are trying to link building with them without knowing that what is its Page rank this is not a blood for your blogging activity. It will destroy your whole effort and your hardwork will be in vain. You will go down and down in search engines. Always be focused on High PR websites, link building with them to get some organic traffic through search engines.There are many ways to get some quality backlinks for your website and blogs some of these are mentioned below.

Forums Posting

To follow this manner you will need to register on any forum. Make your complete profile there and also add the Url of your website. Link to Your Blog in your forum signatures your topic must be relevant to your blog or website. Join discussion mode share your ideas and help the community who are also the members of the forum. If your discussion is helpful then definitely a huge visitors are trying to visit your website to get the complete information. This kind of link building is very good for your SEO activities.

Article Marketing

There are many article directories which have a high PR e.g Ezine, Articles Base, Go Article and much more. You will get the list of top article submission directories through Google search engine you have to need to register with them after submitting your article. Add your articles over there and get some backlinks for your blog or web site. If you are succeeded to get some from Ezine article as well as other well ranked article directories then it will be very beneficent for your web traffic which is coming from different search engines.

Link Building Through Directory Submission

Directory submission is also very useful method for getting standard backlinks. Google consider this way. I suggest you to choose well known and quality directories which have good repo in search engines. It is also helpful for getting PR. In last I would like to share one more think that always choose such kind of directories which is relevant to your website or blog.

Guest Posting Is Beneficial 

Guys on the above section I have discuss many perimeters regarding SEO for now I would like to explain you what is Guest posting and what is its benefits according to the SEO point of view. If you are writing or publish content for other websites or blog this is called Guest posting. This method is growing your blog readership and the blogger definitely includes the Url of your website in the post section. This strategy will boost up your visibility in search engines I mean it is also a very excellent link building method. Its all because Google and other search engines crawl towards such websites better and easier so their rankings go higher and higher. Try to experience only websites or blogs which have PR in the line of 1 to 3.

Links Building With Video Websites

There are number of well reputed video base websites like you tube, Flexia, Daily motion, Hula etc which have very high Page rank in Search engines. You should have to get some video backlinks from these platforms. As you all know that Youtube has a very huge web traffic and it is the world largest video search engine. If you have linked with this plate form then these backlinks are highly valuable for the growing structure of your website traffic in future.

More About Video Websites

I have explained you in above the Forum Posting Section that you need to register and create your profile there. Also treat the video websites same like that then you will need to create some eye catching videos which represents your business. The title of your business should be pretty much prominent and looking visible so the audience got the message that what you are trying to explain in your video campaign. In this little session your video should explain the whole thing regarding the promotion of your brand or website. After creating your video submit it to video base websites and optimize your videos properly. Give description and tags which are very important according to SEO point of view. Try to choose short video title and write 2 to 3 lines description which is relevant to your business or website. Create a self made content never try to copy the content from any other’s website. These are the steps by which you can easily get the backlinks from your video after uploading.


I hope the material of this article is really very beneficial for promoting your website or blog. These are the free source for getting website traffic so keep trying and share your experience with us after implementing the same techniques what are your opinion. If you have more unique material relevant to this article share with us. And don’t forget to share this article on facebook and different social media platforms.

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    • Guest posting are the posts which an article writer publishes on anyone’s blog which allows you for guest posting. It is only for involving the readers on any specific field which is helpful for getting traffic on your blog. While Article marketing is a way to promote your special interest and goals many newbies now use this method for their popularity and marketing of their products.

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