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iContact Vs GetResponse – Email Marketing Services

iContact Vs GetResponse
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

An umbrella definition for the interactive, measurable and targeted marketing is Digital marketing with a wide range of services or products using technology to convert and reach consumers. The key idea behind digital marketing is the promotion, preference building, sales increase. These are only achieved with enhanced and elevated use of different tools and different media.

iContact Vs GetResponse

Therefore; many embodied tactics, service selections, brand marketing are being used along with Internet as the core medium with TV, radio and mobile as sidekicks. With wide growing technologies in digital marketing, it is equally important to maintain user friendly relationship with customers and contacts. Here are the two formidable services that offers you easy platform to maintain contacts on constant basis.



Apart from being a considerable email marketing assistance; it comes with message building equipment and tools, advanced technology, sublime email deliverability rates, elevated campaign tracking and tantalizing sign-ups. Here are some pros and cons of iContact that will give you a better view about the marketing service.


Offers innumerous customizable and manageable templates around (1000+). Sets of layout are available like single column, multi and postcards with customized logos and images to be inserted along with the message. Provides an option to send unlimited emails to subscribers on monthly basis. The tool bar reading “Message Builder” helps users to create messages with drag-drop blocks. Advanced users who are well equipped can also use HTML to create messages. Sign-up forms can be inserted in Facebook pages and other websites.

It comes with the publishing ability of archived emails as posts on your site. Tons of tools are available for tracking, opening, viewing, trending, clicking and also measuring the unsubscribes along with various vital reports. A deliverability of 98% acts as a wow factor along with the automated “Autoresponder” option, reporting tools and spam check service. Putting these benefits aside, it offers a free trial of 30 days for new users.


The only drawback of iContact is that it is only suitable to newsletters that list upto 15,000 subscribers. If you want a larger plan, you must contact them over the phone to design a customized package. Also, the customer support is not 24/7 but is only restricted to business hours.



Among all the appreciable marketing services, GetResponse is one of a kind that is mainly oriented towards businesses providing larger subscriber lists. Unlike iContact, the standard monthly plan is about 100,000 subscribers. To convince you more, GetResponse is designed with prominent marketing features for reporting and campaign tracking.


It has been used by 350,000 customers throughout the world with followers on Facebook and Twitter. With drag-drop editing tools and 500 free templates, it helps you in creating unique email designs.. “Inbox preview” is a sophisticated feature which will show you a preview of email, before sending. A web form builder is available through which you can set the form onto Facebook page or site. A/B testing option will test and observe the results, concluding the better campaign. The deliverability rate is relatively high in the industry with 99%.


Customer support is restricted to business hours just like iContact. The interface turned out to be annoying with quirky and unnecessary features. The Strict anti-spam policies reduce the quality of the content.

Apart from these two in the market, there are many other substitutions. But the point one need to look in the aspect of a customer is that which one is more reliable and more trustable for a long term business. iContact keeps the business available in your inboxes visible according to your convenience and it allows you to contact via their social media platforms of the company and keeps the customers updated from your social platforms.

I’ll vote for iContact here for many reasons like I have the facility to connect with it in a easy manner and it is even easy to target the desired audience. Therefore, competing on a disparate level, iContact still comes out as a user-friendly and communicative emailing service when compared with the other; due to its simplicity, mediocre and sailing features. This is what makes iContact better than GetResponse in all the aspect in the view of marketing via emails for your product/brand.


In this article my major emphasis was on comparison of iContact Vs GetResponse – Email Marketing Services highlighting the Pros and Cons of both the services. Hope it would be informative for you.

Which one you should choose? Undoubtedly ‘GetResponse”

So here is the most important question that which one you should choose for you email marketing. No doubt choosing best service is very tricky task for every marketer and blogger, but here i suggest you the best one that is “GetResponse“. GetResponse has lot of features that every marketer wants to have. I have my personal experience with GetResponse, i am very pleased to use their service which is very reliable, quick and cheap as well.

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  • Hi Muhammad Mairaj,
    First of all thanks for sharing this helpful post related to email marketing. I am using Getresponse and i am quite happy with their services. I have also use iContact in past, but in my opinion iContact is difficult to maintain and sending newsletter to the email subscriber is time consuming, especially for a new user.

  • I’ve tried getresponse which is good for email marketing service as have some experience with it so conveyed my message would like to check out icontact between nice share about these two service which will be useful for bloggers and others who depends email marketing for promotions.

    • Hi Shameem,

      Thanks for your lovely comment, in which you shared your personal experience with GetResponse email marketing service. Most of the internet marketers are using GetResponse for the purpose of email marketing.

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your nice feedback.Hope to see you again 🙂

    • Hi Erika,

      First of all thanks for consistently visiting my blog. No doubt Get Response is the excellent Email marketing app, which help out bloggers and Affiliate marketers to grow their business.

      Keep visiting ETB 🙂



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