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How To Use Camtasia Studio 7 – A Complete Guide With Video Tutorials

Camtasia studio 7
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Today I am enthusiastic to share with you some quality guidelines regarding Camtasia studio 7. In this article I am trying to explain each and every thing about the software along with video tutorials that how one can use it professionally and create awesome videos for his/her blog.

Due to this I am constantly trying to select the topic which is constructive and fulfill the aspiration of my loyal readers. So, today the topic which I have chosen to write is very advantageous in a sense of video blogging. Indeed this method is very accommodating for promoting your blog through videos which you created by yourself.

Camtasia studio 7

What Is Camtasia Studio

Well itย is a kind of software which allows you to create spectacular videos for your blogs or websites. Mostly mentor and the top bloggers are using it and it is the tremendous source of screen recording. So, you can simply record video lectures and different type of courses whether it is related to I.T or any other field.

Camtasia studio 7 is packed with some great features that facilitate you to shape out the look and beauty of your video accordingly. It provides you bunch of useful options which will directly assist you in this regard some of these options are as under.

  • Record the Screenย 
  • Record Voice Narration
  • Record PowerPoint
  • Import Media

Record Screen Option

This option allows you to record screen you can further Click on Select Area and customize the selection of the area accordingly. All you need to do is click on Custom and give the dimensions which you want.

In Recorded Inputs option you can nicely deal with Webcam and add Audio in your project.

Then the last step is to click on The Red Button to record the screen.

Record Voice Narration

This is another useful option by clicking this option you can further record your voice and adjust the microphone and speaker settings as well.

Record PowerPoint

As it is clear from its name that we record PowerPoint in it. As soon as you click Record PowerPoint button it will directly open PowerPoint and to know more than this that how to record in PowerPoint, you have to follow our video tutorials.

Import Media

This option is very helpful for adding any sort of media whether it is in shape of Images or pre-created videos.

What Is Clip Bin

Whenever you import Media file like images or pre-created video, these are automatically save in Clip bin. From here one can drag it directly to his/her timeline or simply right click on your media file and choose the option Add to timeline.


By default Library option come up with plenty of awesome audio files and nice intro for your videos. All you need to do is drag it to your time line and use in your project.


Callouts are mostly use in your videos to add little information. These callouts consist of numerous shapes or objects. For more details check the video tutorials.


For most of the time we find this issue that for the video for which we are concerned about is not prominent and as much as clear as we want. So, to resolve this matter the most suitable option is to use Zoom-n-Pan.


This option allows you to optimize your voice quality; you can nicely deal with these settings. You can also increase or decrease the volume of your voice as well and you can also remove the noise in your project.


Camtasia allows you to add different types of motion in your video through special effects and these movements are called transitions. You can nicely tackle the speed through transitions option also.


More is the combination of number of other options which you are using in your video in Camtasia studio 7. When you click on it you will see the list of some other options like Cursor Effects, Title Clips, Voice Narrations, Record Camera, Captions and much more.


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Relation Between Video and Blog

Videos are the most significant part in blogging. It is mostly observed that most of the users are not convenient while reading articles. They take more interest in Video tutorials rather than articles. And it is also an epic solution of reducing the bounce rate of your blog effectively.

With the passage of time and the affiliation with your work will make you to understand all the techniques simultaneously which I am using. While reading this article if you feel any distraction its better for you to watch out the complete video course of Camtasia for better understanding.


In this article I am trying to give an in depth view of Camtasia studio. Hope it is beneficial for bloggers and mentor. All you need to do is to emulate my video course. Do share this piece of information on social media with your friends. And drop your concerns and suggestions in comments section.

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  • Hello Mairaj,

    Great post and I was messing with Camtasia the other day!

    The issues I was facing I am sure this post will solve all of them.

    Thanks for that!

    ~ Adeel

    • Hi Adeel,

      First of all a warm welcome to you here at etutorialblog. I am glad you liked the post hope these tutorials are useful for bloggers who want to create videos for ther blogs.
      Thanks for your great appreciation,Keep coming! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi,

    I have used camtasia once a while ago but couldn’t use further as I don’t know much about it. I guess I’m gonna have to check it out once again and follow your tutorial.


  • Hi Muhammad Mairaj,
    I am using Camtasia studio and find it difficult to use. But, after watching your videos I have learned how to use it properly and make stunning videos quickly. Thanks for sharing this useful post among etutorialblog readers.

  • Hello Mairaj, I have had Camtasia for a while now, yet knew nothing about how to use all the tools that come with it. I have book marked this page and will be back to do more training as I get more into doing videos
    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))

    • Hi Chery,

      First of all a warm welcome to you here at my blog and sharing your great views. Well this is the fantastic tool for creating videos for your blog. I have created a complete video tutorials through which you can easily understand how to use it.

      Thanks for your nice comment, hope to see you again:)

  • Hi Mairaj,
    I need camtasia specially for creating screencast videos but it is too expensive for me. Have you any discount coupon code.
    Anyway this complete will definitely help in future if I am able to buy it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Riji,

      Thanks for dropping your valuable comment. Well no doubt this is a fantastic tool for creating quality videos for blog. Well if you don’t want to buy this software then you can easily find its crack on internet and use them accordingly as per your requirements and needs.

      Keep visiting our blog for further updates ๐Ÿ™‚



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