How to Make Money Online with YouTube – Step By Step Tutorial

Now a day’s everyone is geared up to create their channels and want to earn money online merely by monetizing videos on Youtube. Well creating Youtube channel is not enough. One of our primary goal is how to increase subscribers and obtain more views on our videos. So, in this post i’ll explain each and every thing in detail about how to make money online with Youtube simply and effectively. 

Comprehensive Details Regarding How To Make Money Online With YouTube

In this article I am trying to cover whole aspects in detail about how to make money online with Youtube. Well it is a fantastic platform for video marketing. Youtubers earns thousands of dollars each month. This platform is pretty much all the rage with all age groups. People watch out videos of their own interests. They also record and capture memorable moment of their lives in shape of videos and upload them on Youtube.

Youtube gives more facility to its users whether they want to share it on public or set them as private. After Google it is the second largest video search engine. In this post I come up with an amazing Youtube money making course In which I have shared with you each and every thing about how to make money online with Youtube and how one can set up and monetize Youtube channel for money making mind set.

Currently I have embedded 17 videos, later on I will add more but when you watch out the complete tutorials regarding how to make money online with Youtube. You can easily set up your Youtube channel professionally without any mystification or hesitation.

How Much Money One Can Earn Through Youtube

As we all know that Youtube is the best site for making money online. Well one can earn as much as his/her videos goes viral. Normally Youtube gives 1.5 Dollars to 2 Dollars for per 1000 views. But in some cases results may be different because of the popularity and reputation of the particular channel. The more videos you uploaded the more chances of earnings would be there.

How To Create Videos

One of the biggest mistake that most of the beginners does in start that they merely download videos on Youtube and re upload on it. Keep in mind that this practice is illegal and totally against the policies of  this platform. As a Youtubers it’s our responsibility that one can read youtube rules for posting videos and agreement at least one time because it can help us in future to not infringe any term and conditions of this platform.

Camtasia Studio is the most appropriate and the easiest way to make videos for youtube by yourself. Never try to steal others content because if you did this you will face some serious issues concerning your account. It is indeed the most momentous thing you must have knowledge how to create conspicuous videos. If you don’t have any idea how to create videos. Watch out our complete video course of Camtasia Studio.

How To Find Lucrative Keywords For Your Videos

Keywords are the most indispensable part of your videos. If you are serious about how to make money online with Youtube then you cannot neglect this part by any means. There are number of tools for keyword research which can be fruitful to find profitable keywords for your videos. Some of these tools are Semrush, keyword.io, Google Keyword Planner, Long Tail Pro and more than this. Learn how to find some good keywords though Google Keyword Planner Instantly.

How To Optimize Video For Youtube Properly

Optimizing videos is the most crucial part. Once you have chosen the keywords then the very next step is to add them in your Video title, Description and tags preciously You’ll have to concentrate your Video SEO. If you want consistent results and want that your videos get more eyeballs and get more views and subscribers.

Well I am using a premium tool for this purpose which is called Tube Rank Jeet. Which give me more ease and save my extra time to find keywords. By using this tool I’ll instantly get the most popular keywords which are already use in popular videos and I can also check out and analyze the title, description and tags of any ranked video.

How To Get More Views And Subscribers Instantly

Getting more views and subscribers is only possible if you create fantastic videos and people love to watch these and get benefit from it. The very first step is to choose niche which people like the most and create quality videos do not compromise the quality of your videos make sure all the videos are in HD.

If you stuck with your Channel and work hard constantly, share qualitative stuff, you’ll find a dramatic change in your subscribers and views. Once you have enough subscribers you can easily attracts sponsors who are always ready to pay you if your channel has huge viewership.

Youtube Channel Branding

Customize the look of your Channel which make it more professional, add watermark to YouTube video and choose eye-catching thumbnail, add annotations on your videos. These are some great ways of banding Youtube channel. Now most of us are confused why it is so important and what benefit one can get through branding.

By using branding feature you can add particular logo, image, or name of your business or website for branding purpose. it will reflects and increase the value of your business. This practice grabs the attentions of visitors to turn into subscribers as well as regular customers.

Big companies like Pepsi, Cocacola, Adidas, Microsoft, IBM these all are some good examples who adopt this technique to make their brands worthwhile. Now people buy their products without any hesitation because they blindly trust on their brands because of their quality services.

Join YouTube Partner Program And Enable Video Monetization

Once you have sufficient videos you are in need to link your channel with YouTube Partner Program. Which is certainly a profitable way to earn money online. With the help of it one can easily monetize his/her videos. Once you turn your monetization on,you’ll see the videos views will start generating money.

Create Video Reviews

Each month over 1 billion people use it So, it’s a great platform to promote affiliate products simply by creating spectacular video reviews. Get your affiliate promotional link of particular product and add that link in your video description. Affiliate marketers are also doing the same thing to promote their offers and build their list.

Make Money On Youtube Simply By Creating Tutorials

Keep in mind that Youtube is not only a place for fun, entertainment and knowledge. It is in fact the easiest way to make money online. If you have any skill means you have expertise in any thing you can start sharing your knowledge in shape of Tutorials. 

There are numerous channels who shared different types of video tutorials on their channel and people are getting benefit from it.With the help of their huge viewership they earn a lot. Because there are different types of people on internet some of them love to read articles and some of them love to watch tutorials for getting instant knowledge.


Today’s topic is concerned with how to make money online with Youtube. The post include number of tutorials in the form of videos. By following these videos one can easily understand how to setup a channel and start making money simply and effectively form it. If you find this post useful then do share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and don’t forget to subscribe our Youtube channel.

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