How To Add Alexa Widget To Enhance Your Blog’s Ranking

Add Alexa Widget
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

As you all know that every blogger should work on two main things and they all want to achieve it as quick as it is possible i.e their Alexa Traffic Rank and they are also very much anxious about their Google page rank. But these things should only be getting when you are loyal with your blogging and every single step of yours is according to the rules which are set by Google. You should provide quality in your content which should be 100% unique means self made and it does not seem any violation regarding the copyrights. Do not copy and paste any content on your blog because after detecting such practice your website will be penalized so in this scenario always away from these silly mistakes.

Add Alexa Widget

I have already written that how one can increase his/her Google Page Rank after this I have decided to write its second companion which is very fruitful for blogging i.e. how one can get best ranking in Alexa. I decided to write this tutorial specially for those guys who haven’t know yet about it I hope this article will help them a lot. So, lets get started first of all your mind should be clear that what is alexa, how you can claim your website, and how you can add alexa widget on your website.

What Is Alexa

Alexa is basically a system whose duty is to monitor all the websites which are claimed in it and provides the complete details regarding those websites. In that it gives you a complete overlook about the Global traffic rank of your blog and also show you the number of backlinks which you got by different sources.  This system is set by Alexa.com which works under amazon.com. Every blogger has a dream to get some good ranking in it because it is very beneficial as it shows the reputation of your website or blog as well as it also plays vital role to increase your page rank because if your alexa ranking are getting better and better day by day then obviously your PR Increases.  Due to this other bloggers also show their interest on your blog and want to linkbuilding with your website. Online advertisers are also willing on your website for advertising purpose.

Claim Your Website In Alexa

The first thing which you have to do for claiming is to create its account. For creating the account go to this link http://www.alexa.com/siteowners/claim. Write the URL of your website or blog then click on “claim your site” button. After this you’ll be on new page where all the services are given choose your desire but I recommend you to choose free plan. Now Signup after doing this don’t forget to check your verification.

How You Can Improve Your Alexa Website Ranking

After claiming when you see your alexa ranking at very first time and in the very beginning you’ll be shocked to see your Global as well as country wise rank but don’t need to be feared it is normal that initially you have very poor ranking but with the passage of time or by following few tips you will improve your ranking.

1.         Update your website on daily basis with quality content also make few changes in your old content to refresh it.

2.         Make quality links with high authority websites.

3.         Optimize your Posts and Images properly.

4.         Install alexa toolbar as well as add alexa widget

5.         Show your best social engagement also promote your website on different forums, directories and social medias.

6.         Always try to do guest posting on different websites.

7.         Write articles for well known article submission directories.

8.         Writing article on alexa is also very beneficial in this scenario.

9.         Don’t try to buy paid backlinks or such services which offer visitors on your blog.

10.       Always use effective and proper white hat Seo techniques.

Installing Of Alexa Widget WordPress

As I have mentioned that there are many ways to check your ranking but here I only mention that how you can add alexa widget on your website. No need to worry the process is very simple you just need to follow the below mentioned steps carefully and successfully add alexa widget.

Step 1:

First of all you just need to login to your WordPress account >> Go to plugins >> Addnew.


Step 2:

After Addnew write Alexa Rank Widget in Search bar >> Click on search plugins.

Install Plugins

Step 3:

After search a detail will open you just have to click on Install now.

Search results

Step 4:

After that click on Activate Plugin.

Installing Alexa rank Widget

Step 5:

Go to Appearance Click on Widgets.


Step 6:

Go to Appearance and Click on Alexa rank Widget.

Available widgets

Step 7:

A new page will open in front of you with different options. You can set the widget on any position according to your demand choose the option and Click on AddWidget.

widget placement

Step 8:

After click on Addwidget you can see your Alexa rank Widget click on it then it will open some new options like the picture has shown below.

Alexa rank widget setting

Step 9:

Give some title then replace the given Url with yours now Click on save.

Widget title


Congratulates you have successfully add alexa widget on your blog or website now any one can directly see your ranking on your blog without going on any other website.


Today I have shared with you an excellent tutorial which is about how to add alexa widget on your website or blog. In this article I am trying to provide the complete details and step by step guidelines through which everyone can easily add alexa widget on his/her website to improve their ranking. I hope you guys like my effort. Leave your valuable remarks in comment section also don’t forget to help your other friends by sharing this article on different Social Medias.


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  • Great tips for improving alexa rank but am not much sure if a good alexa rank really helps any site/blog directly. Nevertheless, nice tips and thanks for sharing about it.

  • Hi Mairaj,

    Alexa ranking matters a lot for every blog.
    Bloggers must concentrate as how can they increase their blog’s Alexa ranking. Consistency is the main thing which important for Alexa ranking. if you don’t update your blog for long time then your Alexa ranking will fall.

    It’s good to show your readers as how much work you have done to achieve your ranking for your blog. Adding an Alexa widget will let it happen for you.

    Great post.:)

    Enjoy your weekend.:)


    • Welcome once again Ravi its really great pleasure to see your precious feedback. I am 100 % agree with your opinion about Alexa ranking that bloggers must concentrate to improve their Alexa ranking for their blogs up ranking.

  • Alexa hasn’t being my top priority of late but I guess that must change. Some advertisers are much interested in it though.
    That was a nice tutorial and something many newbie bloggers will be grateful for.

    • Its really pleasure to see you again on my blog Emmanuel. Thanks for admiring my work. Yes you are right that mostly advertisers consider the Alexa ranking of your blog because it shows the reputation of your blog. Obviously this can be a good resource for newbies. Thanks again hope you’ll continue your visit on my blog and also share your affectionate feedback on my upcoming posts.

  • Is there any proof that adding Alexa widget helps to increase your Alexa ranking? I rarely seen top bloggers adding the Alexa widget on their site.

    • Thanks Rudd for your valuable feedback. You ask in your comment that mostly top bloggers did not add alexa widget on their blogs. According to my experience alexa should increase if you have installed its toolbar. most of the advertising network like Media.net also consider it as well as if you have poor Alexa rank then your ads will not approve. Alexa widget is important in this scenario that it easily shows your reputation among the world of blogging.

  • Hi Muhammad,
    Thanks for sharing his very well written post. I think that as long as people pay attention to Alexa Rank then we as bloggers have to give a bit of credibility.

  • Hello,
    It’s a cracking article really. Concisely written and full of useful advice and links. I’ll definitely be bookmarking and sharing. Thanks you for sharing.

    • Hi Rahman,

      A warm welcome to you here at etutoriablog. I am glad you liked this post and bookmarked it. In this tutorial i have tried to share simple steps though which one can Install Alexa Widget on WordPress website or blog.

      Thanks for your lovely comment, Hope to see you again 🙂



  • Hi Mairaj,

    This is a very elaborative guide which is pretty simple to follow if someone is wishing to add the Alexa widget. But just wondering whether this really helps in improving your Alexa rank.

    We all know that Alexa rank is not the most important ranking factor now a days, as DA & PA are gradually taking that place. But for many a cases (like for advertisers to target a site) the site’s Alexa rank plays a very strong role.

    Thanks for sharing. Take care 🙂

    • Hi Manidipa,

      A warm welcome to you here on my blog. Glad to hear your great words about the post,and liked this tutorial and view it as quite beneficial for those who want to Install Alexa Widget to their blogs.

      Thanks for stopping by hope to see you again 🙂



  • @mairaj
    Quite a good article well installing a alexa rank widget on your blog will surely help you to increase your alexa rank.
    Thanks for the article


  • Hello, Mairaj!

    Wow! I am seeing this post after two and a half year! 🙂

    And yes, you detailed it out the simplest way.

    Thanks for the share with us!

    And see me very often! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

    • First of all thanks for your lovely comment Adeel bro, yea i have tried by best to explained the whole process in a very simple way.

      hope it help out bloggers who want to add Alexa widget on their blogs.

      Once again thanks for your precious feedback, hope to see you again 🙂



  • This is a great article about alexa widget alexa rank widget on your blog will surely help.
    hope it help out bloggers who want to add Alexa widget on their blogs.
    So thanks for sharing such a awesome post.

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