Why Guest Posting Is Essential To Increase Blog Traffic

Guest Posting
Written by Muhammad Mairaj

Guest Posting is indeed more advantageous because it brings your blog to the next level as well as builds your own identity, authority and reputation in blogosphere. It is very useful practice for branding particular blog or website. By using this simple technique you can easily create a center of attention with totally different audience of different blogs.

Guest Posting

If your content has a potential to make some good impact on readers. So, it is the easiest way to turn these visitors into your regular visitors. Guest posting approach is very constructive to increase a good flow of traffic and to get associated with professional bloggers as well.

What Is Guest Posting

Today I am going to expound and trying to cover another amazing topic about guest blogging that what is a guest blog and what are its benefits for the ease of our readers I’ll embed a video tutorial in which I’ll show you each and every step that how to guest post on WordPress blog.

Usually one can write articles for personal blogs, but in guest posting we are going to create unique, informative and demanding content for other well reputed blogs who are well established in the world of blogging. In this way you can interact and connect with totally different audience. This practice is called guest posting.

Ambiguity About Guest Blogging

Mostly bloggers are mystified they might think that guest post is not useful anymore and it is just a waste of time. In 2014 Matt Cutts published a post regarding guest blogging. which shows that too much spammy guest posts on internet have negative influence of your blog Seo. Google has stop considering these. So, most of us think that one must keep away from this practice it is not beneficial any more. 

Google take this initiative because in past there are number of individuals who are active in this way. Just for getting the quickest and the easiest way to get dofollow backlink to rank their posts earlier in search engines.

At that time they do not focus about the quality of the content their main preference is to get backlink instantly. They share their content for the sake and greed of getting immediate links in this way.


Now the question arises in ones mind, if Google does not give any importance then why most of the top bloggers still accepting and publishing content to their own blogs?

Why they share their posts on other blogs?

Why you should too start publishing your content as a guest blogger on other blogs?

How to find pertinent blogs for guest post?

What are the benefits of guest posting?

Preferable Solution

In simple words, Pro bloggers still involved in such practice but they have changed their strategies literally.

  • In this way they can increase their blog traffic in a dramatic way. So, they start publishing and sharing their content on authority blogs. Just for getting quality traffic without having greed of getting benefit in shape of links in content or author bio.
  • Participate on authority blogs having good traffic.
  • With this method you can prove yourself that you are specialist in your niche, and in this way you can easily win the confidence of readers and you can attract more visitors pointing to your website or blog.
  • Once you have enough guest posts on different quality blogs you can see a dramatic change in your blogging career. You will receive numerous offers from different online advertisers for sponsored posts.

How To Guest Post On A Blog (Publishing Guidelines)

  • You can easily find guest blogging opportunities and blogs that accept guest posts.
  • Find quality blogs who accept guest post.
  • Huge list of pertinent websites or blogs through searching on Google. After reading the necessary guidelines and criteria of particular website who accepts your post as a contributor then your next step is to contact the admin.
  • Try to contact the admin of particular blog who accept guest post. Before contacting read out the publishing guidelines “Write for us page” thoroughly because this page contains necessary information’s for contributors.
  • Your guest Post must be like a master piece so, you must write in a way that people love to read your content in detail with proper concentration. The post title should be that much attractive that people feel passionate to read it.


Try to optimize your content in a way that Search engines love to index your article instantly. Don’t try to misuse this technique to get backlinks. If you like this piece of content do share it with your friends on Social media. 

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